Best Cordless Drill Reviews 2022 – My Welding Yard

Best Cordless Drill Reviews 2021 - My Welding Yard

Drilling is an important yet skillful job when you are a fabricator. But to select a good cordless drill machine is like climbing Everest without supplies A good machine enhances the output of drill operation by multiple times. There are numerous drill machines available, and new products are arriving on the market daily.

After a lot of hard work and reading, a myriad of reviews reached the six best machines in the market. We have categorized the tools based on power, run time, and torque under different loads.

If you are looking for a drilling machine for your fabrication job, this list will be a treat for you. I am sure you will get a driller after reading this article.

6 Best Powerful Cordless Drill for 2022



Dewalt offers an excellent machine for drilling that could take your fabrication skills to the next level. Dewalt’s particular brushless motor provides more durability and smooth running. These types of motors are friction-free and offer lesser heat-ups.

It has a high speed two different speed setting options. It is lighter in weight and offers extensive handling features to its users. This machine has an excellent drive option that lets you choose between drill, drive, and hammer.

The Li-ion battery with fuel gauge provides 33% more capacity. Moreover, Dewalt has an excellent phone app that allows you to check diagnostics like battery life, temperature, and several trigger pull. This machine is excellent for working in tight places as well as for versatile jobs. The comfortable grip allows extended balance and control.

This driller has an exclusive LED Spotlight Mode, which allows you to work in a dark time. The machine is excellent for tough and hard jobs. It is best for professionals. This machine uses a metal-791 chuck that is precise, smooth, and grips firmly.

This is a very good device for beginners and is equipped with easy-to-use to use features that don’t require any skills to master. Surely, you can rely on this machine to offer excellent work. The tool comes with a long warranty of 3 years that allows longevity. Overall, this 20V drill driver is a pertinent addition to the kit of a fabricator.

  • Light weight of eight pounds to ensure versatility in operation
  • Multi-mode drive to select between different working modes
  • Excellent Li-ion battery
  • Especial LED Spotlight mode
  • The chuck is finicky.
  • The clutch is stiff, creates a problem with delicate tasks


2.Bosch PS32-02 Cordless Drill Driver

Bosch PS32-02 Cordless Drill Drive


This 12-volt driller is better than anything else under this voltage range. It is one of two machines with brushless 12 volts motors. The drill delivers excessive power for a wide range of tasks. The maximum speed of 1300rpm and torque of 180-inch pound makes this tool a prime choice for professional and industrial jobs.

This device weighs only 2 pounds, so it is a treat for delicate tasks. This machine serves for multiple applications and is excellent for a fabrication workshop. You can rely on it to deliver artistic jobs and carve professional holes.

This driller comes with two Li-ion batteries along with a charger and carrying case. This is a machine used for professional jobs, and that is built to deliver professionalism. It has a distinctive slim-pistol grip profile that makes it easier to wield. The small size of this machine allows it to work in cheeky places where there is less room available.

This device allows two-speed transmission settings and incredibly 21 clutch setting options. These setting-options are useful if you work in different conditions. Bosch’s special flexible nylon body makes it usable for years without any problem.

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This is a driller you can use for hard industry jobs. The chuck of this machine is a little substandard. It creates difficulty while proper operations, so you have to always crank it manually after tightening. The customer support services are also not so excellent by Bosch. But for the price this driller offers, it is a must to make a choice.

A durable motor, long-life battery, ergonomic design, and enhanced working experience makes this driller one of the best available machines on the market.

You will surely be pleased by making it a part of your fabrication kit. It has other features like LED light support for darkness. It is an excellent choice for amateurs and pertinent pick for professionals.

  • Compact design weighing only 2 pounds
  • EC-Brushless motor with a maximum torque of 180 inch pound
  • Two speed transmissions
  • Strong body ensuring Longevity
  • Chuck is not of great quality, it loses on its own when using the clutch




If you work in an industry or a professional fabricator, then the main thing of interest for buying a driller would be its power. And no other drill machine can deliver more power than BLACK DECKER Matrix Cordless Drill. This device has a unique matrix quick connect system.

It is a part of that 20V device’s system offered by Black + Decker. Along with a powerful motor, this machine has a compact and lighter weight design. It is a machine that is suitable for any application and can meet all the needs of a professional fabricator.

The drill has a magnetic drill bit holder and comes with a good quality charger. It has a LED to work in darkness. This tool also includes a trim saw, Jigsaw, reciprocating saw, and router drill. The device has an ergonomic design and handier to use. It can deliver pertinent work with professionalism. Along with all these features, this machine has a meager price.

It is an all-rounder machine that can do a wide range of jobs. But providing all these applications this machine is neither a headache for your budget nor a migraine to your kit size and weight. With specific saws for particular jobs and a very powerful drill, this machine is one of the A-class machines present in the market. You should surely buy it if you are looking for a tough machine to do a wide range of applications.

  • Powerful 20-V MAX motor
  • Matrix quick connect system
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Cheaper than other machines
  • Special saws for special jobs
  • Sometimes create difficulty while changing accessories
  • Has a problem of heating up and shutting down while doing heavy jobs


4.Metabo HPT Cordless Driver Drill

Metabo HPT Cordless Driver Drill

Hitachi is a company known for delivering quality products in the field. The company later renamed Metabo. But believe me, the only name changed. Quality and consistency remained the same. This device can provide a torque of 400in/lb. It is a tool made to deliver durability and handy drilling to the user.

It provides full support to the user. For instance, it is equipped with 22 torque settings. You can set the torque to the required task. This machine also has a special precise drilling mode. No other device can provide more precision than Metabo Driller.

It has a very good LED to lighten the dark workspace. Variable speed trigger to respond to changing workspaces. One drawback of this driller is its batteries. They are expensive and last for shorter durations. Buy a new battery for this drill will cost you almost the same as buying a new drill.

If you are a beginner and looking for a machine that assists you in your job, then this is your drill. Its variable speed and torque modes are excellent to work with. For professionals and industrial tougher jobs, this machine delivers immense power.

It can carver hole through any metal or surface. Ergonomic design, Lightweight, High output power and special user control options, all added together make a meritorious cordless drill machine.

  • High torque delivering
  • 22 speed and torque setting options
  • LED light for dark spaces
  • Light weight and easier to handle
  • Sub-standard and expensive batteries
  • Sometimes trigger between variable speeds could get trickier


5.Craftsman Nextec 12-volt 

Craftsman Nextec 12-volt

Drills are mainly categorized by the torque they offer. For that quality, this Craftsman drill machine is one of the pertinent and serviceable machines. This driver has a maximum speed of 1300RPM and can deliver a torque of 195 lb-inches.

Lighter in weight, it can offer 18 different positions to adjust torque. So this machine has comfortable gripping and handling options for different screw sizes and scenarios.

This device has a unique 2-speed gearbox. So, this drill machine is equally suitable for starters as well as professionals. The integrated LED feature is also worth mentioning and provides better illumination over a workspace. This device comes without any accessories or tools. You have to spend extra money on chargers and batteries if you are buying this machine.

This driver also has a keyless Chuck design. You just need a simple tricky movement to add or remove the drill bit. It is an impactful design and worth considering for your purchase. This machine is best for every kind of job and has a healthy body that ensures longevity.

If you want a machine for house jobs or garage work than this should be your first choice. This device is a very fine drill machine with great handier controls and huge power offering. You will never be disappointed if you buy this one.

  • High torque of 195lb-inches
  • Light weight of only 1.1 pounds
  • Maximum speed of 1300rpm
  • Keyless Chuck
  • 18-position adjustable torque clutch
  • This device comes without a battery or a charger
  • Relatively expensive than other tools


6.KIMO Cordless Drill

KIMO Cordless Drill

Last but not least product on our list is a drill kit by KIMO. This is a proper drill men’s kit with 48 pieces, including a driller, charger and battery, drill brushes, and Carrying Bag. KIMO promises 1000 Charge-Cycles with this product.

The battery of this product is lighter in weight but has a huge timing and can last longer. This driver has excellent user support features like keyless chuck for faster changing of tools. This tool has a proper forward/reverse function for extended replace or removes controls.

This machine offers a huge torque of 280lb-inches. Separate supporting modes for driving and drilling make it user-friendly equipment. It has 2-speed methods for better control over the workpiece. Eighteen clutch settings make it one of the best control-providing machines.

This tool is primarily for house jobs or garage workshops. Its tools and drilling skills can enhance the daily tasks of a house or beginner fabricators.

It is lighter in weight and has a compact size for small-room jobs. Users can use it freely over any workspace with consistency. The handle is vibration-free, and the rubber covering provides a better grip. It can, for sure, deliver artistic work for you!

The maximum speed of 1350RPM makes this machine right for tough jobs, and an all-in-one pack at an exceptionally lower price accounts for a User-friendly approach. The scrubbers, screws, drills, and batteries, everything that comes in this kit, is perfect and reliable.

KIMO also provide very good best customer service feature. For all at once, this is an exceptional machine that one should surely buy if he wants all drilling tools in one place and look no further for anything.

  • High torque rating of 280lb-inches
  • Variable speed setting options
  • Magnetic bit holder ensuring keyless tool replacement
  • Comes with all the bits and pieces
  • Battery and charger are not of perfect quality
  • Drill bits that come along are of substandard quality


Important Considerations & Buying Guide

best cordless drill infographic

We have given you the reviews of six best cordless drills available in the market. But to buy a drill that suits you can be a hard job. So many machines are available in the market that they will make you dizzy if you try to choose one. So to write a buying guide that covers all sides of the purchase of cordless drill was essential. Here, I have tried to cover all aspects to light that are to be kept in mind before buying your tool.

Motor Design

The most important part of a drill driver is its motor. The motor is the one rotating the drill bit or doing other jobs. So, a drill bit is defined by its motor design and power. All other factors are secondary and can be ignored.

There are mainly two types of motors that a drill can have. Brushed and Brushless!

Every motor uses a combination of the electric and magnetic fields to produce rotary motion that, in turn, produces torque. Brushed motors use carbon motions in this task, but brushless motors have eliminated the need for these brushes in and thus dissipation of charges.

They use the internal circuitry of the motor to create torque. Brushless motors don’t have brushes that get used off or damaged, so in turn, they last longer. They also produce more power than Brush motors.

Drill machines that rely on brushless motors tend to be more efficient and reliable. They offer less frictional loss and produce lesser heat when in use. So, it will always be wise to choose a machine with brushless motors. Our list contains all the machines that provide these types of motors. So, we have made it easy for you to choose based on other factors.

Torque & RPM

Torque refers to the turning of a motor. It refers to the force a drill will apply while digging a hole. A machine with more torque can carve a tunnel through harder and tougher surfaces.

RPM rating is the rotations a machine will deliver in one minute. A drilling machine with a high RPM rating will produce finer holes and better finishes. Speed is essential while dealing with drills. Some devices also offer two-speed settings.

These types of machines have a trigger switch to change modes of action. It is made possible by a set of gears.   These types of machines are equally useful for all kinds of jobs. In our list, Bosch PS32-02 Cordless Drill and Metabo HPT Cordless Driver Drill offers these variable speed features.

In any purchase, Speed and Torque should be selected with precision.


A cordless tool is used only until its battery lasts. Usually, the battery of a drill machine can last for a couple of hours, depending on the task toughness and machine working mode. If your battery runs out earlier than your whole job ceases. It should be the main factor if you work in a workshop.

So, batteries should always be kept in extras, and a drill with longer battery life should be selected for usage. A good battery should last for a longer duration and offer more power. Usually, these types of cells are expensive. But some drills are available with cheap best quality batteries. For instance, our list has DEWALT DCD795D2, which offers a very good battery.

The voltage of Your Drill

More voltage means more power your drill will offer. It also means more torque for your job. But in turn, it thus means high payments. Usually, the voltage rating is printed on the batteries you are using.

The voltage rating of your machine solely depends on the projects you are dealing with. A machine will 12-14 volts that will be adequate for daily tasks or the tasks that appear in a small shop. On the other hand, a machine with a high voltage rating of 18-20V will be best for professional jobs.

They could do any tough or hard job. These drills can pierce through every hard metal and, in turn, deliver the best jobs. So, you should keep in mind your need to select a voltage rating for your machine.

Clutch of Tool

A Clutch is a part used to select the desired torque on your machine. It has different ratings on it, and you can change to a higher rating value when a maximum rating level is reached. The number of settings available on the clutch varies in different models.

It is better to select a machine with more number of settings on the clutch. It will be versatile in action and offers a broader range of jobs. In this list, Metabo HPT Cordless Driver Drill offers 22 torque-setting options.

Chuck of Driver

Chuck is another part of the machine that is worth mentioning. It is the part that holds the drill bit in place during operation. A good chuck should be vibration-free and offers a firm grip over the drill bit. The size of the chuck is also important.

A larger chuck can hold more significant bits in place. Another feature of the chuck is its tool changing ability. Many chucks use special keys to improve the tools. But there are other machines with magnetic chucks. They don’t use any key or tool for changing the drill bits. A chuck should be slip-less and wobble-less to achieve ultimate precision in your work.

Materials to Drill

It is most important to note the area of action of your machine, whether you are using the drill to carve holes in metals or concrete or just wood and lighter metals.

A drill driver with high input power will be good for hard metals and can pierce concrete and other metals. But most machines available are usually made for lighter jobs. So, you should note your usage and select a machine accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which 18v cordless drill is best?

Our list has Metabo HPT which is an excellent 18v Cordless Drill. But 20v drills will be better. You should go with Dewalt or Bosche if you are looking for higher powers.

Which is better brushless or brushed drills?

Brushless motors offer less friction and produce Lesser heat during their work. They are more efficient than brushed motors. So, you should go with these Brushless motors.


We have given you six drill machines with a comprehensive buying guide. This article will surely help you in your purchase of a Cordless drill machine. After all, it is altogether a user’s choice to pick one machine out of thousands of machines available in the market.

You should keep in mind your working duration, the jobs you will take from your driller, and the precision required in the task. We have clearly stated all these features in our buying guide and have written a detailed note on all of these so that it would be easy for you to make a choice. We hope that you get one ideal Cordless Drill Driver out of this list!

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