My Guide on Best Everlast TIG Welder & Reviews 2021

My Guide on Best Everlast TIG Welder & Reviews 2021

In recent years Everlast has emerged as a prominent brand in the field of tig welding due to its affordability and quality features. Everlast TIG welders are easier to use and offer many features that can help you in professional tasks. Besides heavy-duty jobs, Everlast offers magnificent light-duty machines for hobbyists or DIY projects. I have used Everlast welders in delivering precise welds over various kinds of metals.

Everlast was established in 2004, and since then, they have won the hearts of many welders. What I liked most about them is their stability, along with versatility. Most models can work on both AC or DC power sources and offer many configurations for achieving precise arcs. In this article, My Welding Yard’s Guide will discuss some of the top welders from EVERLAST to help you with buying a good TIG welder.


Everlast PowerTIG 200DV

Everlast PowerTIG 200DV AC DC Welder

  • AC/DC Powered
  • 60% Duty Cycle
  • IGBT inverter technology


PowerTIG 255

PowerTIG 255 Welder

  • 60% Duty Cycle
  • 2T/4T switch
  • Dual Voltage


PowerARC 160STH

PowerARC 160STH Everlast TIG WELDER

  • 35% duty Cycle
  • DINSE Style connectors
  • Dual Voltage


7 Top Everlast Tig Welder for 2021

1.Everlast PowerTIG 200DV AC DC Welder

Everlast PowerTIG 200DV AC DC Welder

Everlast PowerTIG can operate on dual voltages and gives an output of up to 200 Amps. For welding thin metals, this machine has as low as 5-Amps DC TIG welding options. It can give an output of both AC and DC form that expands the type of metals it can weld. Steel of up to 3/16″ thickness and aluminum of up to 3/8″ thickness can be welded using this model. This device has easy to understand interface with colored controls and handy dials.

This welder uses the unique IGBT inverter technology for stable operations. This can be used on the generator and certified as “clean Power” by manufacturers. There is a 240V outlet on the rare side for a water cooler. This model has Everlast’s unique DINSE style foot pedal that allows you to control amperage and enhances your productivity. The weight of 60 Pounds makes it robust with dimensions that can be held even in a small shop.

You’ll also get dual voltage (as with almost all Everlast machines) and digital inverter technology, making this one of the versatile welding machines. The large and high-quality torch is protected by a cover to work properly. All cords of this welder are as long as 10 feet for convenient jobs. Equipped with excellent AC and DC controls, this machine is highly recommended for industrial jobs for both single and multi-pass welding.

  • The output rating of 200 Amps
  • IGBT inverter technology for stable operations
  • 10-feet long cords for comfortable operations
  • Excellent controls for both AC and DC results
  • No memory options

2.PowerTIG 255 Welder

PowerTIG 255 Welder

Operating on both 120V and 240V, this everlast welder is a power-packed option for anyone looking for a heavy-duty TIG welder. Output rating is 250 Amps with a duty cycle of 60% that assure high duty tasks. This welder is manufactured for professional jobs with a lot of options like versatile AC waveforms. You can achieve advanced square waveform and triangular forms with this device. Along with these varying options, you also get more straightforward controls that can be operated conveniently.

A digital microprocessor is used to achieve adaptable pulses and memory options. 10Hz advanced AC Pulse mode enables penetration on thicker metals. I liked the range of material this welding device can cover. It works equally well on lighter as well as thick material. The unit also has a more convenient way to purge gas and set gas without initiating arc flow with a dedicated purge button.

Eighty-five pounds of weight is portable and quickly taken on the field for the job. Spot welding option makes this model exhibit consistent spot welds when tacking up or welding sheet metals. It has arc force control, hot start time, and hot start intensity for Stick welding.

Other features include a 2T/4T switch that provides more straightforward controls and slop-up and slop-down for easy switching, making it the right choice for different jobs. All cables are more than 10 feet long for more comfortable usage. All of this makes this PowerTIG255 an excellent choice & a best everlast tig welder for dexterous jobs.

  • The output rating of 250 Amps
  • 60% duty cycle
  • Additional features like arc force control and 2T/4T switch
  • Can operate on dual voltages of both 120V and 240V
  • Covers a wide range of material with adaptive controls
  • Expensive

3.PowerARC 160STH Everlast TIG WELDER

PowerARC 160STH Everlast TIG WELDER

This welder is mainly designed for beginners and helps in delivering artistic arcs with its top-notch features. It uses a particular IGBT Infineon module that is new in the market, enhances IGBT inverter technology’s qualities, and delivers sturdy arcs.

A maximum output rating of 160 Amps with a 35 % duty cycle is estimable for almost all kinds of jobs. Manufacturers designed this unit with robust materials for prolonged usage, and it is backed with a 5-year extended warranty by the company.

You will fall in love with the 160a HF torch that has a built-in valve and smooth operation. Like PowerTIG 200DV, this model also has DINSE Style connectors. Foot pedal capability offers simple control over the full amp range, from 10-160 Dual Voltage. This is also the most portable model on our list with just 36 pounds of weight. I will recommend it to beginners because of its versatility with portability.

HOT start helps in drawing precise arcs. However, on this machine, you can fine-tune the power level you need so you get the precise welding arc that you’ll need. That helps improve the quality of your welds overall. The hose of this unit can be improved, but you can never ask for more with the low-price tag.

  • 35% duty cycle
  • 160 Amps output rating
  • 36 pounds of weight
  • Foot pedal offers versatility
  • Hose and stinger can be improved

4.Everlast PowerTIG 250EX 

Everlast PowerTIG 250EX 

This is another machine from Everlast made for heavy-duty tasks. The output rating of 250 Amps with a 60% duty cycle is everything you need for doing all kinds of jobs. This machine has unique Pre-flow and Post-flow controls for protecting the shielding gas. Controls are very handy with fully adjustable pulse controls, AC balance controls, and AC frequency controls. Like POWER TIG 255, this welder also has a 2T/4T switch for efficiency control.

The unit also includes a spot welder for perfectly timed spot welds on sheet metals. The IGBT inverter module reduces the size and weight of the unit and keeps it portable. It operates equally well on 240V single pass and three-phase power sources. This instrument can also apply subtle arcs over thin gauge metals like materials and has AC and DC welding options with as low as 5 Amps TIG welding options.

The model compromises certain modern features for giving precise results like arc force controls that reduce spatter and improve arc performance in short arc conditions. Improved HF starts circuit reduces maintenance issues. This Everlast Tig welder comes with a small starter kit, but tungsten is not included in it. This is one of the top options for delivering high-quality, precise jobs over all kinds of materials.

  • The output rating of 250 Amps
  • 60% duty cycle
  • 5-Amps DC welding options
  • HF start the circuit for reduced maintenance issues
  • 2T/4T switch
  • Tungsten torch is not included in the package

5.Everlast PowerARC 200STI

Everlast PowerARC 200STI

This is an ideal machine for first-time welders with a convenient design and handier controls. The IGBO inverter technology helps in applying literal welds. This unit can work on dual voltages with a 17 V torch that is significantly easier to use. It is a machine that can be used in many professional jobs like pipeline and construction jobs. It can also be used for low spatter welding functions and features a stainless class electrode for an enhanced welding experience.

Digital readout can be used for configuring arcs easily and explicitly. The primary DC Live Lift TIG capability of this unit also allows the unit to perform well on steel and stainless applications. This welder is mainly a treat for hobbyists and garage workers as it has so many helping features. Output rating is 140 amps is well for all kinds of jobs. Price is also low with all high-value features.

I loved the smooth welding job of this device and the simple controls. Quite working allows you to concentrate on your welding work. Usually, low-priced welders like this model have a low-quality ground clamp, but the ground clamp that comes with this unit have copper teeth and a copper band connecting the two halves and the clamp.

  • The output rating of 140 Amps
  • Can work on dual voltages
  • Low priced
  • Digital controls
  • the rubber/plastic leads and power cord looked cheap “made in china” stuff
  • Only a shoulder strap for carrying, no hard handle

6.Everlast PowerTIG 315LX TIG Welder

Everlast PowerTIG 315LX TIG Welder

This welding machine operates on 240 Volts and gives a high duty output of up to 315 Amps. It also comes with a water-cooled weld torch as well as other state-of-the-art accessories. Besides this, the unit has features appealing to any welder and controls suitable for any job.

Apart from these heavy-duty operations, this everlast tig welder has the capability of 10 Amps DC welding and 20 Amps AC welding for thin metals. IGBT inverter technology improves arc control while stable arcs.

This unit also has enhanced features like pre-flow and post-flow controls for additional shielding gas protectivity. It also features a maximum 20-500Hz AC frequency and a pulse frequency up to 750Hz, to keep pace with the most demanding welding requirements. All of these features help in getting maximum stability and arc controls. HF start allows TIG to have improved starts for getting precise arcs.

When it comes to design, then it has a robust design with 100 Pounds of weight. It can weld up to 5/8″ of aluminum in a single phase. A duty cycle of 60% is best for long duration jobs. STICK welding tasks can also be achieved with this machine that is artistic and precise. This model is also available in 480V 3 phase input on individual demands.

  • The output rating of 315 Amps
  • 60% duty cycle
  • Can also do 10 Amps DC welding for thin metal sheets
  • HF Start and pre-flow/ Post-flow controls
  • Expensive as compared to other products of Everlast

7.Everlast PowerPro 256Si Welder

Everlast PowerPro 256Si Welder

Last on our list is a multi-process tig welder from Everlast. This model is also a perfect Plasma cutter with quick-change torches from TIG to plasma and back to TIG. Same as many other products on our list, this unit uses an IGBT inverter for stable operations. It has improved performance, reliability, and accuracy. Besides these versatile features, controls are more comfortable to use with comprehensive feature selection options.

It also supplies up to 60 amps of power to cut or trim up any metal to complete the task and features the longer life PT/iPT 60 torch. It’s ideal for repairs and maintenance chores when space and portability on the job site or repair truck are real concerns. Easy to use controls with touchpad control for process and feature selection.

The PowerPro series from Everlast is specially designed for improved performances and easy-to-follow features for hobbyists or amateurs. The starters kit includes a perfect foot pedal that can serve in a job’s routine. A water-cooled torch with DINSE style connectors is perfect for all kinds of heavy-duty tasks. In a nutshell, this is an excellent device from Everlast that can serve in all kinds of versatile jobs, and I will recommend it to beginners and starters.

  • The output rating of 250 Amps
  • Can be used as an excellent plasma cutter
  • Water-cooled torch for high duty jobs.
  • More comfortable controls for hobbyist or starters
  • Difficult to set-up
  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How good are Everlast welders?

Everlast welders are affordable and offer versatility in the job. Some of Everlast’s models have unique capabilities in terms of AC and DC welding jobs. Another aspect of Everlast is that it has the most number of choices for purchasing a TIG welder. They have welding devices for both low amps and high duty tasks. So, based on these features, Everlast is one of the top manufacturers of welding goods.

Are Everlast welders made in China?

Just like all core components in Miller/Lincoln, Everlast’s machines are also produced in China. Now, most of their welders are assembled in the USA, and they are expanding their network to cover more regions. Everlast has ISO certified manufacturing operation and is now making the USA and Canadian welders and Plasma cutters.

What does 2t and 4t mean?

2T/4T switch provides additional controls to the worker by enhancing the working of the torch. In 2T mode, you need to press the torch gun trigger to weld and release it to stop welding. In 4T mode, you don’t need to hold the torch throughout an arc; you need to press and release to start the arc and then again press and release the trigger to stop it.

What is IGBT in welding machine?

IGBT stands for “Insulated Gas Bipolar Transistors.” This is a high-speed switching device used in inverter-based TIG welders and helps in voltage regulation. They convert the utility power to high voltages and store them in a capacitor for further usage. Thus, IGBT based welders are better in fluctuating inputs and in giving stable outputs.

Final Say

Everlast is a reliable brand of welding goods manufacturing. It has come up in recent years with much high quality and most productive models. I have discussed seven of those based on my usage and reviews from the welding community. According to the American Society of welders, Branded welders serve 90% better than local ones. So, I will strongly recommend you to buy a welder that belongs to a famous brand.

And when it comes to brands, Everlast is the only one which produces high duty models at the lowest price. Their machines are also portable and can be held in small shops or your back garage. So, choosing a Best Everlast TIG welder for anyone who wants productivity and ergonomic design could be a sweet option. I have helped these welders by listing all the best products from Everlast in one place. So, choose one of these to take your welding skills to the next level.

Hello Everyone, I am James from Kentucky and been into this welding fiasco for 13 years in that time I have worked as a private welder and did most of the auto restoration work. In this recent, COVID-19 outbreak I decided to start a welding blog and share welding tips along with product reviews.

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