Best Jackson Welding Helmet Reviews 2022 – My Welding Yard


Best Jackson Welding Helmet Reviews 2021 - My Welding Yard

Jackson is known to produce value welding helmets that offer durability and excellent services. Every mask has its pros and cons, so choosing one out of myriads is not an easy task. To make this job convenient, we are giving you a list of the best Jackson welding helmets available in the market. The auto-darkening welding helmets are always supreme and have greater protection for the eyes.

Welding is a job that requires specific safety requirements to do a proper job. It is un-favorable and also reduces productivity to work without using any safety equipment. So, it is always profitable to make sure you’re adequately safe and then do work to give proper attention to your work. The Jackson welding gears are mostly affordable, and any rookie can rely on them for a great start.

See the Hand Pick Helmets of 2021

Jackson Insight 46131
2 Years
Jackson Insight 46129
2 Years
Jackson Safety 46101
2 Years
Jackson Fixed Shade 14975
1 Year
Jackson BH3 46157
5 Years
Jackson SmarTIGer 64139
5 Years

Top 7 Jackson Safety welding Helmets

1.Jackson Insight Welding Helmet 46131

Jackson Insight Welding Helmet 46131

This welding helmet consists of all the characteristics a sound product should have. It is convenient to wear, offers excellent sight over the work-piece and excellent shielding range. It has a very fresh glossy black look. But you can also have any customized look you want.

This model has excellent digital controls with separate modes for welding and grinding. The auto-darkening features are also appealing with its 9-13 variable shades lens. 4 × 2.5-inch window is just appropriate for any required job. It will be ecstatic over your head, giving you a comfortable and artistic experience of welding.

The clarity and excellent showing ability of its lens are perfect for any welding process. You can easily view the whole work-piece, and with the extra-clear glass, nothing is obscured. You can draw the welding arcs like you are not wearing anything over your head.

The pre-darkening feature is also notable. You can easily strap it to a hard hat if you are on a worksite. It is a product made for professional and industrial usage. This is the reason it is compatible with any HLX100 and HSL100 helmet shell.

It is lower in price than many other products. You can also buy this welding helmet just to fit windows and controls to your hood if they are broken. It is lighter in the pocket for that purpose too.

With its professional controls over sensitivity and delay adjustment, this helmet is everything one should need. It enables you to fit into tight spaces. Altogether this is an adroit welding helmet that can help amateurs gain professional skills and help professionals to do artistic works.

  • Top-quality wide lens
  • Comfortable fitting over the head
  • Lower in price
  • Four-well placed sensors
  • Excellent for tig welding jobs
  • Is compatible with other helmets like HSL100
  • Some users found the shell is thinner than usual

2.Jackson 46129 Insight 

Jackson 46129 Insight

The Jackson insight offers a helmet with top quality features and offerings. It has a very good lens with a broad view. Digital shade and superior sensitivity add to the quality of the lens. It has a reaction time button and lithium batteries. The batteries are solar rechargeable, so you don’t need to worry about any charging.

The best thing about this product by Jacksons is that it has an extended part to protect your neck. Along with your face and head, it will keep your neck away from spattering and sparks. The four sensors are well placed to stay auto-darkening feature work in the best way. It will also work if an obstruction is in the way.

This welding helmet by Jackson also has swivel adjustment. You can set the angle of the hood to provide quality work without any issue. The ADF Filter setup is also interchangeable with HSL100 and HLX100.

Some users of this helmet complain that they cannot fit a respirator in it. So, if you have to install a respirator, then you should look for a larger shell. But under ordinary conditions, this helmet is a beast amidst others. You will find it very supportive of your welding work. This helmet will surely help you in delivering some artistic welds.

  • Clear and wide lens
  • Four well-placed sensors
  • Digital controls and reaction time control
  • Extra protection over the neck
  • Lower price range
  • Swivel Control to attain the right angle for your welds
  • ADF Filter fits with HSL100 and HLX100
  • A little heavier than other helmets
  • Too tight to fit a respirator in it

3.Jackson Safety 46101

Jackson Safety HXL-100

This welding helmet is one of the top products available in the market. It has a 9 to 13 shades lens with a large viewing window of 4 ×2.5 inches. It is carved with four very good sensors at just perfect places. They are designed to control the auto-darkening features even if an obstruction is in place. These independent sensors use lithium rechargeable batteries.

This helmet has probably the best auto-darkening feature that helps it to respond in the 10,000th part of a second. It then adjusts itself to give you the best views available. It has a lightweight of just 2 pounds and feels like a treat over the head. This helmet body is made up of Nylon so is exceptionally flexible, giving more life-time. It provides a comfortable welding experience with exaggerated skills.

This product comes with digital controls that are easy to control. Any amateur can set the settings to the perfect positions. The lens is very good as compared to other welding helmets. It can provide a clear optical view and the best experience for welding. Also, Have a look at Best Tig welding helmet

This is a product made for professional sites and industrial usage. Separate modes for welding and grinding make the job much easier. If you are a professional and looking for a helmet to cover your head then you cannot find a better thing than this. It can deliver quality, durability along digital features. Its low price range is icing over the cake. You will never get disappointed if you buy this product.

  • Best optical lens
  • Four independent sensors giving a reaction time of just 1/10000 seconds
  • Easy controls and settings
  • Lower Price range
  • Its headband can pull of your hairs
  • Reflections under the bottom of the hood can create a problem

4.Jackson Safety Fixed Shade 14975

Jackson Safety Fixed Shade Welding Helmet


This is the lowest priced Jackson welding helmet available in the market. You can buy it for below $50. It is just a basic model and has a fixed shade with no sensors or controls. You just put it on and start working. But unlike other fixed shade welding helmet, this product has the largest viewing area.

This helmet features a narrow shell design that enables its user to work in tight places. The thermoplastic made shield is very durable and can serve good in all jobs. The overall design of this helmet is awe-inspiring, and you can work with a hard hat on. It is very suitable for working in onsite jobs with falling objects around you.

One drawback of this helmet is that its inner helmet can start reflecting in the sun. It causes massive trouble in the light as you cannot see the work-piece clearly and sometimes entirely. This is simply a mask with a number 10 lens. It is very good for beginners but not recommended for professionals as you have to take it off and on many times in order to provide the best job.

It has extended design to protect your neck. The ultimate protection features make it quite famous among fabricators. The plate can be easily changed. It is adaptable to Jackson safety ADFs like Insight, Nexgen, and Truesight II.

So, if either of these is broken you can buy this fixed shad helmet and change the ADF as it is as lower in price than any other shield. This is best-fixed shade welding helmet available and perfect for beginners.

  • Very Low Price of just under $40
  • Lighter in weight
  • Very comfortable fit
  • Can be wore along with a hard hat
  • Just a basic welding helmet with primary features
  • The inner lens can cause reflective rays
  • Passive shade lens

5.Jackson Safety BH3 46157

Jackson Safety BH3


This is another top-quality helmet from Jackson. It has a curved front plate to reflect heat away and reduce fogging. This helmet has a very comfy design. You can wear it conveniently, and its rounded-outward base makes it easier for you to move your chin downward to see or any other movement. The rounded corners of this welding helmet make it easier to fit in the right places and provide improved impact resistance.

This product has a very high-end lens that has some top-notch features; it has a clear view along with a dial-type inside adjuster for sensitivity, delay adjustment, and, shade control. BH3 provides magnification filters, and it can be used with a hard hat on. The optical quality rating us 1/1/1/1, it is the best a person can buy. It gives a great view even if you are looking at the angles.

This welding helmet is expensive than other products. It has minimal sensors. Moreover, it is designed for welding only, meaning it cannot be used for grinding products which are quite hassling for the price tag it offers.

Nonetheless, it is a perfect looking helmet along with excellent optical features. This product comes with a considerable warranty for five long years. Like other products on our list, this helmet also provides extra protection over the neck.

It is a piece of excellent PEP equipment to protect your face and neck against spatter and sparks. This helmet should be your top pick if you have a good budget as it can provide you with some excellent features that others lack. This helmet truly holds the best Jackson welding helmet title.

  • Inside infinite dial adjuster
  • Vast shielding covering with special rounded design
  • Excellent lens clarity
  • Can be worn along with the hard hat
  • Five years long warranty
  • Expensive
  • Minimal sensors
  • Not compatible with grinding

6.Jackson SmarTIGer

Jackson SmarTIGer


This helmet uses balder technology for better vision; it has an optical rating of 1/1/1/1. It has a 9 to 13 variable shades lens along with advanced controls and setting options. You can control the sensitivity, delay adjustment for different tasks with enhanced vision and coloring.

This welding helmet has a rounded shape and smoother edges. It is made up of high-density lightweight plastic. It has an extended region to cover your neck. This helmet will surely protect your head, face, and neck against any spark and spatter. This hood has digital controls on the inner side, so they don’t get damaged while welding.

This helmet does not come with controls for grinding. Moreover, the rounded edge and shinier design can cause reflections that some welders find disturbing during the work. The batteries can be recharged with solar light but they are irreplaceable. You can Also Read: Best Mig Welder Reviews

This helmet by Jackson is fully adjustable for height, angle, and distance from the viewport. It can be used along with a hard hat. The SmartTIGer is very light and users can wear it easily for the whole day long. It gives a very comfortable welding experience. This helmet is a very good choice for amateurs and professionals. With its torch dancer design, it guarantees you an extremely convenient welding experience.

  • Two-piece shell design for easier cleaning
  • Advanced digital control with rounded design
  • Can be worn along with a hard hat on
  • Extended region to protect the neck with inside digital control to protect them from damage
  • Grind mode is unavailable
  • Rounded design can cause reflection
  • Batteries are not replaceable

7.Jackson Safety 46120  

Jackson Safety 46120 True Sight II


The Jackson True Sight II has the best optical rating available in the market. This excellent vision quality makes it very popular among many fabricators. This is designed for workshop usage where it is exposed to minimal damage. The huge area of 13 square inches makes it very comfortable to view through it and can easily do the welding job.

Instead of a huge viewing window and two AAA batteries, this welder weighs only 6 ounces. Its four-position adjustment makes it very comfortable to wear on, and you can wear it the whole day long without any fatigue or tiring. It has different modes for welding and grinding, and Torch mode makes it easy to be used in the dark.

This welding helmet shows you the true color of the weld puddle with an enhanced vision option. The large window ensures no blind spot while welding. The lens wins the battle with excellent brightness and optical vision.

The material with which this helmet is made is not of high duty. Also, the covering lens is $5 each that can cost you while working. But this welding helmet with its Balder True Color Technology and automatic shut-off and shut-on feature makes it a very impressive choice.

  • Many digital lens settings
  • 13 sq inch viewing area
  • Balder True color technology for a clearer view
  • Rounded design with light weight
  • Uses AAA battery size
  • Cover lenses are $5 each
  • Thin shell metal
  • A little bit expensive than normal helmets

Frequently Asked Question

Are Jackson welding helmets good?

Some are good, but they are not the best welding helmets available. They are lower in cost and thus are very popular among fabricators.

Do you have to turn the welding hood on & off when done welding?
Yes, in the initial stage it’s necessary that you turn ON the auto-darkening mode by then when the arching starts you will see the helmet automatically starts the auto-darkening mode.

Why can’t I see through my welding helmet?

Welding helmets are designed to serve the purpose of seeing the welding area. So, you can see while welding or in intense light but a normal environment, you cannot see.


We have given you the seven best Jackson welding helmets available in the market. For us, the top choices are Jackson 46129 and Jackson (46131). But this depends on personal preference and personal perspective. Nonetheless, you will surely find a welding mask that meets your needs in this article.


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