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Best Lincoln Welding Helmet Reviews 2021 - My Welding Yard

Lincoln is a brand of prestige and crush of elite welders. The cool design and clarity of vision make their helmets, the best ones in the market. Here, we have provided a list of seven best Lincoln welding helmets so that any welder, who is looking for a headgear, can choose the best helmet for himself.

They protect the face and neck against the sparks and harmful radiations. So, it is necessary for every welder to include a welding helmet in his kit.

Lincoln is a very famous manufacturer of welding goods. In 1911, Lincoln manufactured the world’s first portable welding machine. Fabricators find Lincoln’s products very portable and long-lasting.

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Have a Look at The Beasts of 2021

View Area (In)
Lincoln 3350
3.74 x 3.34
Lincoln K4134-1
4.5 x 5.25
Lincoln K3419-1
3.82 x 1.73
Lincoln 1840
3.84 x 2.44
Lincoln 3250D
2.95 x 4.25
Lincoln K3282-2
3.78 x 1.67

7 Top Rated Lincoln Welding Helmets

1.Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet

Lincoln’s Viking 3350 provides 5 to 13 lens shades based on the intensity of the welding work. This welding helmet has one of the largest viewing areas of 3.74” x 3.34”. This helmet uses Lincoln’s special 4c technology that enables it to provide an optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/1. The lens is very durable and serves for a long time with extremely good TIG sensitivity of below 2 amperes.

Lincoln Viking 3350 works on solar power but it also comes with a lithium battery in case you need it. This helmet has special arc sensors to sense the arc light and adjust the arc length accordingly. The switching speed is a fraction of a millisecond.

ADF controls give its users more control to set the welding helmet for more efficient output. This product has an additional grind button with a green LED on the inner side to remind you to go back to the welding mode. All in one, this welding helmet by Lincoln has some of the top features that add professionalism and efficiency to your work.

Apart from having all of these features this helmet is of a ratchet type, which makes it quite comfortable to wear. This unique design has pads at both the front and backside. They adjust for mask height and eye distance providing an enhanced experience.

Lincoln calls it the X6 model that means it weighs at six different points in the head. Some users reported the light coming from the rear side of the helmet. Counting all the features provided by this headgear, you cannot find a more reliable and efficient welding helmet in the market.

  • Great optical clarity
  • Arc sensors help in adjusting the helmet automatically
  • Very comfortable helmet
  • Huge 12.5 square inch viewing area with additional grind mode
  • Lighter in weight
  • 3 years of warranty ensuring durability
  • Some users report that light can get inside the helmet from the rear side

2.Lincoln Electric K4134-1 Welding Helmet

Lincoln Electric K4134-1 Welding Helmet

This unique brown graphic helmet, also known as “The Lone Star” because of its resemblance to Texas is one of the best headgears available in the market. It has an external knob on the front side that enables you to adjust the shades of the lens.

This helmet is made of plastic and with its ratchet design; it fits comfortably allowing you to work with attention. It weighs less than two lbs. It has 9 to 13 shades of the lens. If you are a beginner in this field, then you cannot find a better welding helmet than Lincoln K4134-1.

This product is very durable and best for welding metals. It can stop metals from striking your face. It comes with two additional covering lenses that can be used on the inside and outside, wherever you like. This welding helmet works on solar energy so you don’t need to worry about the power.

Like Lincoln’s Viking 3350, this product also has an additional grinding mode that is quite useful. Similarly, there are two additional sensors on this helmet, apart from the electromagnetic sensors. Several ADF control features are also available in this product.

It is necessary to narrate the exceptional battery timing of this helmet. Once fully charged, it can serve for long 2800 hours. All, in a nutshell, this product by Lincoln is one of the best available in the market. With its top-notch features, it can help you deliver some of the most professional jobs.

  • Wider viewing area
  • Excellent for amateurs
  • Special sensors with a switching rate of just a fraction of millisecond
  • Optical clarity with special grinding mode
  • Longer battery timing than other headgears
  • Some users find it more fragile than other welding helmets

3.Lincoln K3419-1 Helmet

Lincoln K3419-1 Helmet

This welding helmet is best in the budget category. It has a large viewing area of 6.6 inches. Like Lincoln’s Viking 3350 it has 7 to 13 shade levels with an adjustable knob. It also has a shade level 3 grinding mode. This helmet is very lightweight with the lowest price range.

This headgear has only two sensors that can be easily blocked, resulting in trouble. The sensitivity and reaction time is fully adjustable granting professionalism for your job. It can be used for plasma and air carbon-cutting. It is suitable for TIG welding up to 5 amperes.

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This helmet runs on solar energy but it is easy to equip it with AAA batteries. It has a low battery indicating light that is rare in these models. With 1/25000th of second reaction time, this is one of the best helmets available in the market.

This welding helmet gives a very comfortable experience but some fabricators find it cheaply made. This is mainly due to polycarbonate manufacturing material. This welding helmet is hard hat compatible, along with CSA Z94.3 standards compliance.

It is a top pick for amateurs and fabricators looking for good headgear under 100$. This helmet will deliver a quality job for a lesser price.

  • Comfortable welding helmet with lighter weight
  • 7-13 lens shade modes with external dial
  • Big 6.6inch viewing window with special grinding mode
  • Cheaper than other products of the same type
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Only two arc sensors
  • Some users report of impact on the external knob

4.Lincoln Viking 1840

Lincoln Viking 1840

This welding helmet is the most comfortable to wear on our list. Like the K13413-1 welding helmet, it has a ratchet design, with a pivoting back that adds layers of adjustments. Like Lincoln’s Viking 3350; it uses 4C technology to provide an optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/1.

There are digital controls inside the helmet to adjust the lens shades from 9 to 13. Excellent reaction time and DC TIG sensitivity of up to 3 amps make this product one of the best available in the market. This helmet comes with a bag and a lens protector.

This headgear has only 2 sensors, so chances are thick for you to flash yourself. The very wide window adds to the easiness of the job. The natural color lens provides excellent viewing facilities that deliver appropriate shading in accordance with concrete welding. Its special weight distributes the weight evenly throughout the skull.

The shadow of the lens could be improved to be slightly darker and the unavailability of any electromagnetic sensor creates difficulty in industrial jobs. This welding helmet provides top features for fabricators to weld and grind. You can rely on this product if you are looking for a quality helmet.

  • Lighter in weight with ratchet design
  • A wider viewing area with a top optical clarity rating
  • 3-years of long warranty
  • 9 to 13 shades lens with natural colors
  • Only two arc sensors
  • The shadow of the lens can be improved to make a slightly darker window
  • No electromagnetic sensors

5.Lincoln Electric VIKING 3250D 

Lincoln Electric VIKING 3250D 

Like Lincoln’s Viking 3350, this helmet has 4c technology providing. It reduces the risk of eye strain while improving visibility. It also has an optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/1 which eliminates blurriness and distortion. Its exceptional design gives an improved angle performance during welding. The viewing window is 12.5 square inch that gives a wide room for every sort of job. It is equally good for professionals and beginners.

Viking 3350 has enhanced operational features that make this helmet one of the tops in the market. It has 5 side-windows that will increase your peripheral vision a great deal while using this helmet. Anti-fog coating; assists in maintaining a consistent view.

This welding helmet weighs 1.6lb that is slightly heavier than other products of this realm. It also costs slightly more than the others. It has a very good solar-powered battery that when fully charge can provide for up to 3200 hours. It can work on grind mode providing great features.

This welding helmet has a unique design and exceptional features. These things combined together make a very good headgear. It is one of the top picks to be included in a fabricator’s kit.

  • 5 side-windows giving a great peripheral view
  • 4C technology providing exceptional optical clarity
  • Wider viewing window
  • Anti-fog coating for a consistent view
  • Solar-powered batteries with timing of up to 3200 hours
  • Slightly heavier than other products of the same kind
  • Expensive than others

6.Lincoln Electric K3282-2 

Lincoln Electric K3282-2

In accordance with ANSI Z87.1-2010 & CSA Z94.3 Compliant, Lincoln’s K3282-2 is one of the most stylish welding helmets available in the market. It has an optical clarity ratio of 1/1/1/1 with automatic ON/OFF features, so you don’t need to turn the device on each time.

This helmet has 9 to 13 shades with sensitivity and delay controls. It enables welding under different conditions.

This welding helmet is solar rechargeable batteries but it can also be equipped with AAA batteries. This headgear has an auto-darkening filter that can work with four different optical categories. There are two inside lens covers and five outside lens covers to protect the lens and the screen on the helmet.

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This welding helmet could be used with a hard hat. It weighs 2.74 pounds that is adequate for a product of this range. With its continuously variable shade lens, this product can enhance the working experience on a professional scale. It is a good pick if you are looking for a quality welding helmet that can serve for versatile jobs.

  • Optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/1 with sensitivity and delay control
  • Automatic ON/OFF modes
  • Multiple coverings over the lens ensuring durability
  • Special grinding mode
  • The viewing window is not so wide

7.Lincoln Electric K3320-2 Helmet

Lincoln Electric K3320-2 Helmet

The last on our list has a special design with an adjustable ratchet headband that can custom fit your head. The oversize sweatband improves comfort. It has a 7 to 13 shade lens. The ADF has a fast reaction time of just a fraction of a millisecond. The viewing port is 6.6 square inches. The optical quality is very good.

This headgear has a lightweight of just 2 lbs.  it comes with extra covers to protect the lens. The K3320-2 Eliminator meets full ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 safety standards compliance. There is also a test button for the ADF filter.

Some users report that machines do not hold tight while in use. Also, there are only two sensors, so the chances of flashing one’s self are high. There is an external dial for the lens’s configuration and selection of grind mode. The dialer is quite rigid and easy to be used while gloves on.

It operates on solar energy. AAA batteries can also be used in case of an emergency. The lightweight and comfortable fit of this helmet is notable. It is a good pick for beginners and also if someone needs a helmet for his garage.

  • Good Optical clarity
  • Big viewing port
  • The dial is quite rigid
  • 2 extra covers for lens
  • Some users report the headgear won’t stand tight
  • Only two arc sensors


Lincoln is a brand requiring no description. They have been producing quality welding equipment for years. When it comes to welding helmets, Lincoln is not behind any brand. They have produced some quality headgears. Some of the features in these helmets are remarkable like 4C technology that provides the clearest view of the workpiece.

We have given reviews to seven quality helmets available in the market; on the basis of the viewing area, reaction time, optical clarity, and durability. Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 is no doubted the best lincoln welding helmet by features giving the best optical clarity and other features. Lincoln Electric K4134-1 is another exceptional headgear. If you are looking for a quality helmet for yourself, then this article is a treat for you!

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