Best MIG Welder under $1000 Reviews 2021- My Welding Yard

Best MIG Welder under $1000 Reviews 2021- My Welding Yard

MIG welding is a fundamental welding process that is a pre-requisite if you want to become a professional in the field of welding. MIG welding is the most frequently used welding technique all over the welding community. This article will help you choose a reliable machine at a price range of below $1000.

According to the American Society for Welders, a good MIG welder can improve the weld’s aesthetics by 90%. A good MIG welder should also serve for an extended period of time, as you don’t want to change your welder daily. Considering all these factors, My Welding Yard presents reviews to help you buy a MIG welder, which is lower in price and serves correctly in the field.

10 Top MIG Welders Under $1000

1.Hobart – 500553 Handler 210 MVP

Hobart - 500553 Handler 210 MVP

This machine is made to serve a versatile range of jobs, including small shop projects and heavy-duty industrial tasks. It can operate on dual voltages of 110V and 220V, giving a rated output of 210 Amps. This model has the best controls available in the market, allowing you to customize your arc completely. You can provide aesthetic angles over a wide range of materials using this unit. 

With this welder from Hobart, you will be able to weld materials of up to 3/8″ inches in mild steel. You can perform welding jobs on auto body, household repairs, or even heavier farm projects requiring extra power. You don’t need to worry about wire spools as it can work with 4-8″ spools of wire, offering you easiness in your tasks. 

Quick select drive wheel and infinite wire speed setting are two glamorous features, which can serve you as you may require. All the chords are more than 10 feet longs allowing you enough room to work freely. Three years of warranty from manufacturers adds to the value of this MIG machine. You can set the voltage at any of the 11 settings options, allowing you to weld in different scenarios. Altogether, this is the best offer you will ever get under 1000 dollars.

  • Dual Inputs
  • High Output of 210 Amps
  • 11 Voltage settings for versatility
  • Enhanced controls for apparent welds
  • Can work with different wire spools and on other materials
  • Infinite Wire Settings
  • Three years of warranty ensuring durability
  • Heavyweight creating difficulty in its movement

2.Miller Electric, 907612, MIG/Flux Core Welder

Miller Electric, 907612, MIG/Flux Core Welder

Miller has always come up with something unique, and this model also has some of the unique features available in the market. Operating at 120V, this device can give you an output rating of 90Amps. It’s is a low-powered machine that works on minimalistic voltage consumption and offers the most precise results. 

Using this device, you can work on 14 gauge to 18-gauge materials and some stainless steel fractions. The duty cycle is 20%, which is low compared to other machines but reliable during small jobs. The interface of this machine is amicable and straightforward for beginners to operate.

Additionally, this unit also has an auto-set option that makes the device set according to the conditions of the environment and required output. The machine is made robust and will serve you for more than a decade in the realm of work. It has thermal overload protection just if you exceed the welder’s duty cycle requirements and comes with a warranty of 3 years. 

This machine is not made for heavy-duty industrial jobs, but it can serve pretty well in small businesses and auto-repair. It has one of the best aesthetic effects for the arc. It is the best choice if you are looking for a machine that helps with small and light-duty tasks.

  • Robust design with overload protection
  • It gives very precise arcs over different workpieces.
  • Auto-set option to automatically adapt according to the situations
  • Low duty cycle
  • It cannot be used in heavy-duty tasks.

3.LOTOS MIG175 175AMP Mig Welder

LOTOS MIG175 175AMP Mig Welder

When you talk about powerful machines, then this is one of the strong contenders. With a high output rating of 175 Amps, this machine is equally useful in small and heavy-duty jobs. It has an aluminum wire feeder that can help you in stable operations. Spool speeds are also perfect when you are working with variable materials.

While using this unit, you can work with different grades of steel and aluminum. The input of only 220V is available, so you need to work in a double-phase environment. One of the best features of this MIG welder is the aluminum spool gun included in the package. It weighs 85 pounds and has a robust design with strong metal finishes. 

A duty cycle of 30% at 135 Amps is excellent when you will work with long-duration jobs and on hot days. All the chords of this machine are very rigid and long enough for you to work correctly. The manufacturers allow only one year of warranty, which raises questions about the durability of this device. 

  • The output rating of 175 Amps
  • A duty cycle of 30%
  • It comes with an aluminum spool. 
  • Leads are long and rigid.
  • Only one year of warranty
  • The heavyweight of 85 Pounds
  • Only input of 220V

4.Forney Easy Weld 261

Forney Easy Weld 261

The welder’s specifications are similar to any other good MIG welder but at very low precision. With an output rating of 140 Amps, you can weld mild steel of up to ¼ inches. This is a very lightweight machine with just 19 pounds of weight which proves to be very helpful when you are working in the field of a shop where the device needs to be moved frequently.  See Also: Top MIG Welder Under $500

The dials of this machine are straightforward to use and have infinite voltage and wire speed controls. You can weld different materials by using this machine up to the thickness of ¼” inches. All the wires are 8 feet long, and the handle also has an integrated design that gives a firm grip to the user. You can handle the wire spools of up to 10 kg with this welder. 

The consumables which belong to this machine are all very easy to find and replaceable when worn out. The whole package is backed up by one year of warranty to ensure safe working for the user. This is a perfect choice for a MIG welder if you are looking for one in the market

  • Lightest weight welder in the market
  • The output rating of 140 Amps
  • Meager price
  • The duty cycle of 30%
  • you can use it only for fluxless welding

5.Weldpro Multi-Process MIG/TIG/Arc Stick Welder

Weldpro Multi-Process MIG/TIG/Arc Stick Welder

This is a multiprocessor welding machine used for TIG and STICK welding tasks along with MIG welding. The MIG core is synergically intuitive and can provide an output of up to 200 Amps. Apart from all the incredible settings this unit can provide, it also has a wire feed rate depending on the amperage ratings you are using. 

This model from Weldpro can provide a duty cycle of 30% when working on 200 Amps. You can work with different wire thicknesses and can also weld on versatile materials. Controls are also straightforward and can be easily used by beginners. Dual digital displays help you to set the configurations easily. 

VRD high temperature and overload protection for the experience of working in severe conditions. Users can also adjust the settings of the inductance. It would be wrong if I don’t mention the 2T/ 4T switch, which allows you to set the start and end of the arc automatically during your work.

Leads are 10 and 13 feet long for comfortable working operations. Two years of warranty to help you work without any worries in the head. Altogether, this is a very supportive unit in all kinds of welding processes and different conditions. 

  • The output amperage rating of 200Amps
  • You can enjoy the 30% duty cycle with this device
  • 2T/ 4T switch for easier operations
  • Longer leads for convenient working
  • Two years of extended warranty
  • Synergic Settings (Needs to be side-stepped for best use)

6.HITBOX 200Amp MIG Welders

HITBOX 200Amp MIG Welders

This welder provides you with high-quality features at a low price. You can have an output rating of 200 Amps for both gas and gasless welding jobs. You can get all the operations like TIC/ARC/STICK welding with this system. Surprisingly, you will get a duty cycle of 40% at 200 Amps, which is unbelievable for a welder with this much small price tag. 

You can weld up to a diameter of 4 mm. The weight of this device is just above Forney’s machine, which is around 20 Pounds, and it can be used in places where you need to move the unit a lot. It runs only on the input ratings of 220/240V. The machine gives you top-rated operations, but it has a low life expectancy because of it. 

Only synergic functions are available, which means you will have a limited range of wire feed rates and other settings to adjust. HITBOX also has outstanding customer services, and this model is backed by a warranty of 1 year. You can impart artistic arcs over stainless steel, iron, and other materials using this welder.

This product is excellent to be used by amateur welders for DIY jobs or by professionals for precise working. All of these salient features at a low price are a winning trade for every user.

  • Maximum output of 200 Amps
  • 40% duty cycle at 200 Amps
  • Multiprocessor machine with different welding operations (TIG/MIG/STICK/ARC)
  • Very lightweight
  • Works only on 220 V
  • Synergic settings
  • Low Life expectancy

7.Goplus MIG 130 Welder

Goplus MIG 130 Welder

This is the lowest-priced product in the whole market. But this machine doesn’t compromise on quality due to the lower price. It can provide lovely MIG welding operations and is constructed from solid stainless steel material. This welder has a maximum output rating of 130 Amps and limited setting options. 

It can provide four levels of current flow settings, easily adjusted using four different buttons. You can also change the wire feeding speed with the help of a knob. The machine is lighter in weight and has compact dimensions to be stored in a small shop. You can set the wire speed in any of the ten levels available on the scale. 

The duty cycle is only 20% at 90 Amps, which is not reliable for professional tasks. Additionally, you have to buy the warranty card separately. It can only work on the household input ratings. This is a kind of machine which is made for hobbyists and can be very helpful doing DIY jobs.

Leads are 5 feet long and create trouble for working. Only a 4-inch wire spool option is available for work. It may not be an excellent professional machine, but working with thin materials and small projects, you cannot account for any better model.

  • Very Inexpensive
  • It comes with other accessories like a welding mask.
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Only 20% duty cycle
  • Warranty needs to be brought separately.
  • Only welds on household input
  • Shorter leads are making the job difficult.
  • It only works with a 4-Inch wire spool

8.Lincoln Electric K2697-1 Easy MIG Welder

Lincoln Electric K2697-1 Easy MIG Welder

This is a classic welding device offered by Lincoln. It can provide you with all the essential operations needed in welding. You will get an output range of 30-140 Amps, which is reliable in many welding operations. Lincoln machines are always robust and very strong, and this welder falls for the same category. It has a firm structure and can be used for decades without any worry. 

All the setting options are easy to operate, and you can configure the device easily for required functions. It can only run on 115 V input ratings, which is good to go if you connect it to household plugs. It has a heavyweight of around 60 kgs which is not good if you will use the machine while moving between places.

A user can use it with 4-inch and 8-inch wire spools, and Lincoln provides three years of extended warranty with this machine. You can also perform aluminium welding with this spool gun. In short, this is a pertinent welding machine if you are looking for a welding machine that can provide stable operations under different circumstances.

  • The output rating of 140 Amps
  • Longer leads of 10 feet each
  • Robust structure for prolonged duration operations
  • It weighs heavier than other machines.
  • Only 115V input available

9.KICKINGHORSE F130 UL-Certified Flux Core Gasless MIG Welder

KICKINGHORSE F130 UL-Certified Flux Core Gasless MIG Welder

This is a new model in the market which has gained immense importance in recent years. It has a particular F130 module, which helps in continuously fine-tuning the arc and getting stable results. You can also remove the spatter and puddle effect of the arc by the special type of settings this machine can grant you. Stepless voltage adjustment helps you put the total control of the welding arc, and you can configure the arc to get precise results. 

Operating at 120 volts, this unit has an output amperage rating of 130 Amps. It can grant you a duty cycle of 15% at 90 Amps. You can weld up to 24-gauge soft steel materials and other materials up to a thickness of ¼ inches. You will get many modern features by purchasing this machine which will help you design the arcs in a better way.

Hot Arc start helps in starting the weld on rusty materials. Adaptive arc-force control provides enhanced weld bead wetting control which will help you in getting very efficient arcs. The Run-in feature can reduce and increase the flow speed of the arc to provide a reduction in the spatter of the welding arc. 

The machine is very compact and has only 10lbs of weight, and comes with a strong adjustable shoulder strap. By purchasing this machine, you will also get a chance to save a lot of space in your shop. Along with very good gas welding, you will also get gasless welding to apply to flux-cored metals.

The processor is one of the best available in the market with IGBT inverter technology, helping you save 80% of the energy during operations. Thus, by installing this model in your shop, you will also save fuel and power. 

  • The output rating of 130 Amps
  • IGBT inverter technology to reduce the power consumption by 80%
  • Unique features like Hot-Arc start and adaptive Force-control
  • Fine-tuning the arc options available to add precision to the arc
  • Particular setting to reduce spatter and roughness in the arc
  • It cannot be used for high duty tasks requiring increased voltage and current ratings

10. YESWELDER MIG-250 PRO Aluminum MIG Welder

YESWELDER MIG-250 PRO Aluminum MIG Welder

This is a multiprocessor welding device from the YESWELDER, which can grant you suitable TIG welding, excellent ARC welding, and reliable MIG welding features. You can also enjoy MIG synergic settings and manual settings from the designers for added convenience. Unique dynamic control-set arc controls to soften the puddle during your welding operation are available. 

Unlike other synergic models, this unit is completely developed in a synergic set-up with a Synergic setting between the power source, feeder, and the gun. All these features add convenience for beginners, and this machine is an excellent start-up device for every welder. You will need to purchase the TIG gun separately for tig welding, and the spool gun feature is not available in this package. 

A high output rating of 250 Amps while operating at 220V is highly productive when dealing with professional-level projects. You will love the working of this welder in all levels of tasks in any environment.

  • The output rating of 250 Amps
  • 60% duty cycle while operating at 200 Amps
  • Very efficient machine with enhanced features
  • IGBT inverter technology
  • Synergic settings provide a limited range of available options.
  • The user manual that comes along with the package is not very good.


Above, I have given the reviews to the ten best MIG welders you can purchase below the $1000 range. But it is not entirely straightforward to choose a machine out of these ten that fulfils your personal needs. To further elaborate on the purchase’s facts, I am providing this novel buying guide to help you choose one machine that matches your requirements. All of the factors that are mentioned below must be paid special attention to while purchasing a MIG welder. 


The output rating of any welder is the most critical factor. It decided the type of jobs a device can be used for and the thickness of the materials it can weld. For DIY projects and welding light materials, an output rating of 120 Amps is quite enough for you.

But if you are going to weld thicker materials, you should look for a welding device with an increased output rating. An output rating of up to 200 Amps is usually enough for any professional level job. But there are many welders in this category that can help you get even more amperage controls and output ratings. You must understand the job requirements and output rating of your device before buying your product.


The input ratings of any machine are also significant. Input values define the domain of the jobs a unit can perform.  Most of the MIG welders have two input values and can be used on 120, and 240 Volts plug sources. But if you are getting a device that doesn’t have dual voltages, you must make sure that the type of voltage rating your product has is available at the shop or the place you will use it.  Also, there are special machines with industrial level inputs and three-phase inputs. An industrial professional should go for those models. 


Apart from the input and output ratings, every MIG welder has unique controls and setting options for additional help during the work. Hot Arc Start, T2/ T4 switch, and Anti-Stick arc are some of these configurations available. It would help if you were looking for more of these digital features in your device so that you may get satisfactory outputs at the material of interest quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Are there MIG welders that run too hot?

Some owners complain the welder is too hot. A good mid-range MIG, this is reliable, quick to set up, and strong you’ll weld. Thus, if you are paying enough money for your welder then you should not worry about any cheap features.

Is gasless MIG welding any good?

For thick metals and metals with rough surfaces, gasless MIG welding is a good option. Gasless MIG welders usually have high productivity and can be used outdoor without worrying about environmental conditions. However, for thinner metal and processes which require precision, you should choose a gas MIG welder.

What causes excessive spatter in MIG welding? 

There can be multiple reasons for spatter to occur in welds. One of the main causes of spatter is dirt and contamination present in the welding metal or the filler. Wire-speed is also very important when concerning spatter. Excessive speed or irregularities in welds can cause spatter to occur. So you should perform your welding procedure carefully and clean the surfaces before applying welds on them

Final Say

You have gotten all the best MIG welders available in the market, along with their Pros and Cons. At the end of these reviews, a buying guide can help you choose one ideal MIG welder for your purchase. As a final verdict, Hobart – 500553 Handler is an excellent MIG welding machine that can add precision and quality to your weld

Hello Everyone, I am James from Kentucky and been into this welding fiasco for 13 years in that time I have worked as a private welder and did most of the auto restoration work. In this recent, COVID-19 outbreak I decided to start a welding blog and share welding tips along with product reviews.

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