Best Multi Process Welders 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks


Best Multi Process Welders 2021 - Reviews & Top Picks

Everyone loves productivity and the key to it lies in smart work & multi tasking welders. Our Guide for best multi-process welders is specifically designed to educate you about the most suitable machine.

We have reviewed all those welders; which are easy to master and provide versatility in the job as a beginner cannot spend so much over the works and will love if one machine is versatile enough to tackle more than one job.

Moreover, as a less skilled welder, an amateur will require the device to enhance the weld’s quality. So, there is more work on the machine side and lesser on the user’s side. Based on these factors, My Welding Yard presents this insight. You will indeed find a welder that can serve you best to start a career.

So, Lets Shoot,



Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter

  • Dual Voltage
  • 200 Amp Range
  • 2 Years Warranty





  • 5 Control Voltage
  • 140 Amp Range
  • 5 Years Warranty


Lincoln Electric K2185-1

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy

  • 88 Amp Output
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • best for starters


10 Multi Process Welder Reviews




Hobart is a renowned name in welding goods management. This welder is state of the art from Hobart. It is affordable, making it easy to own for starters. This welding machine can efficiently operate on a typical household current and has an output range from 25 amps to 150 amps.

It has five positions unique voltage control feature to provide stable arcs of any thickness. This machine can merely weld anything from 24 gauge to ¼” steel. Along with MIG welding, this machine can give remarkable FCAW (Flux Coated) welding. 

The duty cycle of 20% makes this machine exceptional to use. The controls are straightforward, that any beginner will learn them in seconds. This machine is a little heavy than regular welding machines. But don’t worry, long 10 feet gun and ground clamp leads do the trick, and you don’t need to drag the device all over the shop. It can be easily operated from a corner. 

This machine comes with proper equipment like a Dual-gauge regulator, quick select drive roll, and other things. Five years of extended warranty enables you to use the product without any worries in the head. This welder is designed to help you in carving quality arcs you’re your workpiece.

Low price, a wide range of applications, convenient input power, and easy controls makes this model from Hobart a top pick to start a MIG welding job. 

  • Affordable price
  • A comprehensive output range to provide versatility in applications
  • Long cables making the unit handy to use
  • Five years of extended warranty

  • Heavier than average machines


Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter 

WeldPro is not a famous name in welding goods manufacturing. But his machine is better than any good brand can offer. This model has an output rating of 200amps, making it suitable for heavy-duty products. 

This machine can provide quality MIG welding along with remarkable STICK welding and excellent TIG welding. This diversity of applications makes this unit from WELDPRO a good pick for jobs.

One of the best features of this machine is that it’s easy to manipulate the torch. This is due to the unique ON/OFF button that allows you to switch between automatic and manual wire feeding. The lightweight of 30 pounds makes this machine portable and easy to move. This compact machine can easily be equipped in a small shop.

This synergic machine can operate on dual voltages; at 110V and 240V. This product has an optional spool gun for aluminum guns. This machine has a second digital display making it easy to master and set the required configuration.

The digital features like VRD temperature indicator; and overload indication makes it convenient to operate. This machine even has an adjustable inductance setting. 

This is a multi-processing machine and can handle all kinds of tasks accompanied by the usual job routine. The package includes other necessary pieces of equipment like a Gas hose, Power adapter, and Flowmeter. The inverter is not the best in the market.

This model can still feature many useful applications like hardware decoration, car modification, and factory maintenance. It will help you to clean aluminum efficiently and is suitable for a wide range of metals.

Many settings not only make the job easy but also allows the amateurs to learn different techniques. This machine will surely take your welding abilities sky-high. 

  • Compact design
  • The output rating of 200 amps
  • Dual digital display and versatile settings for a comfortable experience
  • Can also serve for TIG and STICK welding

  • The inverter is not the best available in the market.


3.Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy

Lincoln is a name that requires no introduction. For over a century, they have been decorating the welding field with quality products. This MIG welder is specially designed for welding’s handy experience (as the word “Handy” in this model’s title suggests).

What it means is that this machine can provide the best welding arcs over any kind of workpiece. The lightweight of just 26 pounds makes this product easy to equip in any small shop.

Durability is innate in any Lincoln product. You don’t need to worry about the life of the unit. For further comfort of your head, this unit comes with a warranty of one year. This machine can operate on household input of 115Volts.

The duty cycle of 20% makes it ideal for low-duty tasks. The knobs on this machine are easy to master and helps in providing artistic arcs over metals.  Check Also: Best Welding Helmet

This model from Lincoln can provide an output range of 30Amps to 150Amps. It can weld any kind of metal from 24 gauge to 1/8” steel. This device comes with much additional helpful equipment like six contact tips, 3 pounds of the spool, a regulator, a gas nozzle, and a gasless nozzle. All of these necessities further enhance your experience of welding. 

Apart from having these remarkable features, this product is very low in price. It can be used with flex core, but you have to purchase shield gas separately. In a nutshell, this product has everything that a welder needs. If you are looking for a low-priced quality MIG welder, then you cannot find any better model than this.

  • Output ranging from 30 amps to 150 amps
  • Operates on the household voltage of 115V
  • Very affordable
  • Portable
  • Comes with all other accessories needed to draw quality arcs

  • Lack of gas gauge
  • Spool capacity is limited.




Miller is a prominent brand when it comes to quality products and durable gadgets. This machine from them is a state-of-the-art model. It has everything that a welder craves for. From handy input to the useful output range, this model is the best one can find. You can use it to draw precise welding arcs over any kind of material.

This machine can operate on a dual AC input voltage of 120V and 240V. It has an output range from 30A to 250A. This range is adequate to perform any kind of work. This welding machine has a duty cycle of 40% when operating of 240 V, making it your first choice for heavy-duty tasks.

This unit has a wire feed rate of 60 to 600 IPM. All of these features make this device suitable to weld any kind of material. It can draw perfect welding arcs on steel, precisely 24 gauge to 3/8” of mild steel and 20 gauge to 3/8” of stainless steel.

It can also weld aluminum from 18 gauge to 3/8” and a wide variety of other metals. This range and versatility of output is everything one wants.

This welder from Miller has an overheat protection unit to accompany the usage on hot days or if the machine gets hot due to excessive use. This machine weighs only 50 pounds making it essentially suitable for small shops and workshops. It is straightforward to handle.

Any starter can operate it efficiently; this feature makes this device an excellent choice for the beginner. It has easy controls; and advanced features like Auto Spool gun detection, Smooth arc start, Auto set TM. It comes with all other accessories needed to deliver quality welding works. The three years of the extended warranty from Millers is just icing over the cake. 

  • Wide output range from 30A to 250A
  • 40% duty cycle at 240V
  • Three years of extended warranty
  • Easy to handle and operate

  • Pricey
  • Advanced features may prove confusing to some beginners

5.Hobart 500554 Handler 190

Hobart 500554 Handler 190 

This welding machine is from the same handler series from which Hobart 500559 was (Our top product in this article). It has retable properties to that machine. This machine operates on an input AC voltage of 230 V.

This machine is designed to tackle any task. You can weld and repair steel, stainless steel, aluminum, including car fenders and farm equipment. See Also: Best Tig Welder 2021

This device has an output range from 25A to 190A. The wire feeding rating of 740 IPM makes this device practically useful in the industry. It is capable of welding metals from 24 gauge to 5/16” thickness. The high output rating of 190A makes this device suitable for welding, even rusted or painted metals. 

This model comes with initial settings for different wires, gases, materials, and thicknesses, making it perfect for any novice to adapt. Seven voltage selections and enhanced magnetic fields make this product more comfortable to control. This machine is designed to help starters delivering quality jobs. 

You will love the quick-change drive roll setting that helps in many professional jobs. You can purchase separately Spool Runner 100 that assists in wire feeding and enables you to weld the aluminum. The machine is more massive than average and weighs 79 pounds.

This issue can eradicate with the use of a portable welding cart. But this too will be a burden on your pocket. The short length of the power cord (only 6 feet) does highlight the problem of being difficult to move.

  • The output rating of 190A
  • Multiple voltage settings for convenient usage
  • Quick change drive rolls setting.
  • Five years of extended warranty

  • Challenging to move (Due to heavyweight and shorter power wire)
  • Spool Runner 100 needed for aluminum welding needs to be purchased separately.
  • Only operates on 230 V AC

6.Forney Easy Weld 261 Multi Process Welder

Forney Easy Weld 261


If you don’t have too much space for accompanying a MIG welder, then FORNEY is the best choice. This welder in undoubtedly; the best portable MIG welder one can find. Designers have taken special care of starters in designing this machine. This machine weighs less than 20 pounds and has remarkable features.

This device can operate on a household voltage of 120V AC and can give an output ranging from 20A to 140Amps. These outputs enable the machine to serve in any light-duty job and deliver quality welds.

It lacks in the wire feed ride side with a low value of just 150 IPM. But this is not a big problem as far as you are dealing with lighter jobs that don’t require so many configurations. 

This device has infinite voltage control and helps in low duty tasks. It can weld metals up to only ¼” thickness. Cords are only 6 feet long, but this doesn’t create any problem as the weight is so low that you can quickly move the machine.

It can give you a duty cycle of up to 30%. This machine is not designed to accomplish any massive duty task but is best for lighter duty jobs. You cannot find a better portable welder that has so many features to offer. The low price of the machine and a year-long warranty is just a treat for the user. 

  • The lowest weight you can find in the market (Only 19 pounds)
  • Affordable machine
  • Operates on household voltage 
  • Accessible features enabling beginners to learn easily

  • It is not made for heavy-duty professional jobs.
  • Can only weld up to ¼” thickness

7.Lotos MIG140

Lotos MIG140

With an output rating of 140A, Lotos offers a convenient machine that can accomplish any task you encounter in a job’s daily routine. This machine can operate on a household input of 110V.

It is specially designed to do lightweight works; that is trickier to complete. The wire feed rating of 550IPM; is suitable for a range of wires.

With this model; you can feed solid steel ranging from 0.25” to 0.30” and flux core wires from 0.30” to 0.35”. It has a special value of 0.23”; if your job is somewhat more diverse. This unit gives a much more stable and durable experience of aluminum welding. 

This welder has a special 2T/4T switch for making your task easier. This switch helps you in releasing your finger for a long time welding arc. This device comes with everything required in a welding shop. It has a gas hose, two feed wires, a contact tip, a MIG torch, and a welding mask. 

Apart from all these features, this product is cheaper to buy. The one-year of extended warranty adds to the comfort of the user. You will not be disappointed by the quality of this machine. 

Lotos has designed this machine to give an enhanced experience of welding. It can do gas-less as well as gas tasks. Fabricators use this machine to provide an excellent knowledge of flux-cored welding work. The two digital displays help you in giving precise readings.

Lotos uses unique transformer technology to manufacture this machine; & it is an appropriate choice for everyone searching for a welder for his new shop.

  • Special transformer for easy setup
  • 2T/4T switch for delivering precise and stable arcs
  • Cheap product
  • Can operate on a household voltage of 110V

  • Some users’ complaint of wire feed issues



SUNGOLD is new manufacture in this field. But they have produced pertinent machines in this domain. This MIG welder is a reliable machine that can tackle all the hard jobs appearing in the area.

This device has an input rating of 110V AC with adjustable power options. It can adapt to any condition given to it and help in providing a quality job.

This machine’s output rating (150A) is sufficient for the entire task appearing in your shop. The automatic wire feed option makes the job very easy for starters. It also has a knob to control the wire feed rate.

The easy controls of this machine make the job very easy for users. This welder can deliver artistic welds over the workpiece.

SUNGOLDPOWER has accompanied this machine with many advanced features for a more comfortable and enhanced experience of welding. The torch has full ON/OFF safety controls. Automatic thermal safety saves the machine against overloading. It has four heat options ensuring durability.

This unit is best for welding steel and stainless steel. The package comes with a welding mask and welding wire. This device is ideal if you are going to work outside. It has ten feed speed controls for stable jobs. The low price of just $150 is a treat for the buyer. 

  • Low price
  • Operates on 120V AC
  • Automatic thermal protection
  • Ten wire feed control option

  • It is not made for heavy-duty jobs.
  • Quality is not the best in the market.

9.Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 210 Mp

Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 210 Mp

This welding machine from Lincoln is everything a user will require. It has a high output rating of 220A when operating on 240V. This model can also run on 120V AC, giving an output rating of 140A.

This versatility in output extends the range of applications of this machine. This device can also be used for STICK, TIG, and even flux-cored welding. 

This machine has a digital user interface making it a lot easier to use. The large color display guides through the setup process, making it a lot easier for novice to start.

The push-and-turn digital controls make the operation of this machine comfortable. The simple settings of this machine make the job very easy. 

This machine has a wire feed rating of 500 IPM that makes the arcs stable and manageable. All-metal drive roll helps in delivering arcs on any metal. One downside of this product is that you have to purchase the SpoolGun separately; that is the need to weld aluminum.

This machine is expensive than typical machines. But Lincoln’s products always have something incredible to give you. This machine has only DC output, which means you cannot obtain TIG aluminum welding.

The three years of warranty is the icing on the cake. You will surely love this product and its features. It will take your welding skills to sky height.

  • Dual input options
  • The output rating of 240A
  • Can also deliver quality TIG, STICK, and flux-cored welding
  • Digital color setup for more accessible user interface

  • The spool gun needed for aluminum welding is required to purchase separately.
  • Cannot deliver TIG welding for aluminum
  • Expensive

10.Super Deal PRO Commercial MIG 130 AC

Super Deal PRO Commercial MIG 130 AC


Suppose you are a beginner than the price can be a deciding factor for your purchase. This package from Super Deal contains everything required for setting up the shop; at a low price. The MIG welder comes with a welding mask, spool wire, chipping hammer, 2.5M Torch, and two extra Tips. 

This model can operate on 110V AC input, giving an output of 120 AMPs. It provides the best job when working on 105Amps with a duty cycle of 10% and at 60Amps with a duty cycle of 35%. This makes the machine suitable for all low-duty jobs. 

The digital configurations have options to set wire feed rate and temperature control, enabling the machine to weld metals with different thicknesses—four levels of current setting flow help give proper welds. The interface is very user-friendly; any you can operate it in desired settings with ease.

The metal tip at the end of the gun makes your ordinary welds classy. The cooling fan and thermal overload protection unit help the machine to operate in any kind of environment. 

Apart from all these features, this machine weighs on 38 pounds and has a very portable design. You can easily contain it in your small shops or back garage. This welding machine is specially designed, keeping in mind the requirements of starters in this field. This makes this SUPER DEAL product the right choice for the user.

  • Portable
  • Cheap
  • Comes with many useful types of equipment
  • Thermal protection unit

  • Quality is not the best in the market.
  • Not suitable for low duty products


BUYING GUIDE & Important Factors

We have provided our reviews of multi-process welders which will help you neat your welding career. These products will change your experience in welding and offer a classical understanding of welding. We have chosen those products that will suit rookies and those who don’t know a lot about welding.

But for a novice, it is also tricky step to purchase a sound machine that will suit his needs. For this, we have provided here a buying guide that will make that purchase look easier. 

Three types of welding techniques are most common among welders. ARC/ STICK welding, MIG, and TIG welding techniques. For a beginner, there is no better choice than choosing all in one welder as it is versatile and provides strong welds.

Some MIG welds don’t do best in extreme weather conditions. Still, an advanced version of MIG welding known as Flux Cored Welding can do extreme climate conditions. MIG welding doesn’t require any prerequisite for the user to develop, and any starter can learn this technique in just a day or two. You will be able to deliver artistic welding services in a short time.

In MIG welding, wire creates a puddle and transfers heat to the workpiece creating a strong bond. Based on this work, there can be different types of MIG welding.

If the wire touches the workpiece to deliver the weld, this technique is known as a short circuit technique. When the wire is in contact with the metal, the metal starts melting due to the heat and creates a puddle with which other metal can bind. This technique is the least expensive and the easiest to give. You don’t require any special skills for this technique. 

Another technique uses a pulsed spray transfer of melting wire over the workpiece that, in the term, creates spatter for other metals to stick. These welds are clean, but they use too much splash. The machines that can deliver pulsed spray welding are expensive and can be difficult for beginners to operate. 

A more precise form of delivering MIG welds is globular transfer. In this technique, the welding wire melts at the nozzle tip and is dripped into the welding surface. This method uses argon gas and is expensive than the short circuit technique. Welders use this method for clean and precise welds.

Buying a MIG welder solely depends upon your personal needs. See clearly; what jobs you will take from your machine and how much you can spend. Here are some factors that will help you think:


All the functions that a machine can deliver depend upon its input rating. The input source is also crucial as it can decide the sockets with which you can use your appliance.

We have included most machines with an input range from 110V to 120V, so you don’t need a power amplifier device. But some tools work only on 240. They can create trouble when in use, so see the input method and rating of the machine you are buying.


The controls you will operate the machine can become a deciding factor if you are a beginner. You should buy a device that is easier to maintain and deliver the task. We have tried our best to enter all the products in this list that don’t have many advanced functions, as they might prove confusing for starters. 


The machine’s output rating can also be necessary for the tasks you will be using your device. High-duty tasks require a high value of output that most engines don’t give.

Most of the MIG welding machines can deliver a work of 150A to 180A. But some devices require output from 200A or more. You should evaluate the tasks you will take from your machine and decide whether a low output machine is sufficient for you or you need a high output device. 


The weight and size of the machine are significant. A low-weight machine is easy to handle and move. You can take it with you outside. But a heavyweight machine is difficult to move and handle. Unfortunately, most of the welding machines are bulky, and you will need a welding cart for them to move.

But we have also included some lighter devices on this list, seeing a small shop’s needs. Forney Easy Weld 261 is a lightweight weight machine that will fit in any shop you want.


The feed rate of the machine can be crucial in giving stable and precise welds. It determines the rate at which wire will be fed to the engine. It is measured in IPM (Inches Per Minute). A MIG welding machine can provide a feed rate of up to 750IPM. But it entirely depends on the type of job you are giving.

If your speed is high or low, your welds will not be precise. A machine with a broader range of feed rates can deliver versatile jobs and should be preferred. 


The duty cycle of a machine determines the time for which the unit can deliver a steady job. It is measured as per a 10-minute cycle. For example, a feed rate of 40% means your machine can work without rest for 4 minutes. A beginner will usually encounter small tasks that don’t require a high-duty cycle. But you should consider buying a machine with an adequate duty cycle.


Many machines include thermal protection in them, ensuring durability. A MIG welding machine can get hot, so it is wise to choose a safety precaution device to tackle this heat up. Many machines include fans for this purpose, but it is always good to choose a machine with an excellent thermal protection unit to help you out.


The price of the machine can become very important if you are just setting up your shop. You will not favor spending up a significant portion of your investment on one device. We have tried our best to include machines that are not so expensive so that any beginner can have them with ease. The warranty of the product will ensure durability. Most welders come with a deposit of up to a year.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Are gasless MIG welders any good?

Gasless MIG welding produces penetrating and gives remarkable strength but there are drawbacks too; like MIG welding produces plenty of smoke and it better suited for thick material.

Is arc welding easier than MIG?

MIG welding provides easier arc start and Maintenance, any beginner can easily draw arcs with MIG welding but the setup is more complex. ARC welding is suited for thicker metal and working outside.

Wrapping it Up

From these ten reviews and a lengthy buying guide, you can choose a product that best suits your needs. The buying guide will make a choice easier for you. But you must consider all the constraints before buying the machine. As a final product from our side, HOBART 500559 HANDLER WIRE WELDER and WELDPRO 200 AMP INVERTER MULTI-PROCESS WELDER can be of great help to you if you are an amateur. 


Hello Everyone, I am James from Kentucky and been into this welding fiasco for 13 years in that time I have worked as a private welder and did most of the auto restoration work. In this recent, COVID-19 outbreak I decided to start a welding blog and share welding tips along with product reviews.

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