Best Stick Welder for the Money 2022 – Buying Guide

Best Stick Welder for the Money 2021 - Buying Guide

STICK welds are used where strongness is required at a moderate price. According to the American Society of Welders, a good STICK welder can improve your work quality by as much as 60%. But choosing a good welding machine is not an easy job.

A number of manufacturers offer a versatile range in size, shape, and features available in a welding unit; it is a challenging job to select one out of them. Some factors on which your choice depends are determined by the type of work you will deal with, like the thickness of metals on which machine will be used and the type of material to work with, but other factors require some knowledge of stick welders.

This detailed article contains a lot of information about the best stick welders available in the market, in the end, you can also read a buying guide to purchase correctly. My Welding yard has designed this list to provide beginners with a pertinent machine that can take their careers to sky heights. You will surely get a stick welder that will meet your needs.

Stick welding is also known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW). It is a pervasive form of welding using an electric current to weld metals. Stick welds are useful when it is rainy or windy. Also, users choose this technique of welding because of its low price and no shielding gas requirement.

STICK welds are also less sensitive to paints and corrosion resistive. This technique is mainly used for in-home jobs or farm works. Some tough industrial jobs also require a stick welder. So, we begin with the top picks and then to reviews respectively!

Top 10 Stick Welders for Elite Job

1.EVERLAST PowerARC 140 


Everlast is known for manufacturing quality welders in the market, and PowerARC 140 TIG is another product meeting that level. It is a flexible welding machine with dual voltage input options, which are 120V and 240V. Lighter weight and compact dimensions make this machine very convenient to use. Along with the best stick welding features, this machine also offers exceptional TIG welding.

This model from Everlast uses IGBT inverter technology that offers high level immensely smooth D.C. arcs. It has an auto-adaptive start that allows a surge of output amperage at the beginning of the stick weld and makes sure that the tungsten electrode doesn’t get stuck when an arc strikes. Furthermore, this device also allows you to control the arc intensity to create artistic welds.

With a 35% duty cycle, this unit promises productivity when dealing with longer duration jobs. The device has a digital interface that enables the user to precisely set the arc requirements. Only DC output is available, so you can’t weld aluminum with it. The foot pedal is not present, as this model is designed for quality STICK welding only.

This Stick Welder comes with additional accessories like Argon Regulators, Electrode Holder, Work Clamp cable, and consumable’s starter kit. All this equipment accounts for the comfortable set up of the welder and grants productivity for starters.

Everlast also offers a 5-year extended warranty, which ensures durability and robustness in the machine. Overall this is a perfect machine, which should be your first choice when looking for a quality STICK welder.

  • Dual Input options: 110/120 or 220/240
  •  24.8 pounds
  • IGBT inverter technology for smoother arcs
  • Longer Leads for better use
  • 5 year long warranty

  • No foot pedal
  • Only DC machine
  • Limited output range: 10 to 140amps

2.Lotos LTPDC2000D 3-in-1 Stick Welder

Lotos LTPDC2000D 3-in-1 Stick Welder

This efficient device can provide competent STICK welding, Pertinent TIG Welding, and exceptional Plasma cutting features. It has advanced features like adjustable arc start, Deep weld pool, and adjustable arc current to help you get customizable welds. All of these features will allow you to generate arcs over a wide range of workpieces precisely while operating on a 120V or 240V input source.

It has resilient controls, and you can rely on this machine for your professional jobs. When it comes to arc welding, it is one of the best appliances available in the market. It has a wide output range of 10-200amps, enabling it to weld thin and thick metals with equal proficiency. This device uses a PAPST advanced cooling system that prevents overheating and allows usage in extreme conditions. It is equally suitable for conductive and non-conductive metals.

This machine can also be used as a TIG welder and prominent Plasma cutter and stick welding traits.

For plasma cutting, this machine has a pilot arc that can provide efficient non-touch plasma cutting. It can produce clean cuts up to ½” metals and be used on painted or rusty surfaces. It uses compressed air to cut metals like steel, copper, and aluminum.

For TIG welding, this LOTOS model offers H.F. start hand torch control, which will allow you to create the job by just pressing and releasing the workpiece. 

The foot pedal for this machine is to be purchased separately. But this Lotos welder comes with other equipment like TIG torchPlasma Cutting torch, Ground Clamp, and air filter regulator. 

3-in-one features with a special low price make for a must-buy machine. Three years long warranty is just icing on your cake—the best high-performance machine to buy and take your fabrication skills to a more advanced level.

  • 3-in-1 welding machine
  • Capable of deep and quality cuts
  • Wide output range: 10-200amps
  • 60% duty cycle
  • PAPST advanced cooling system

  • Shorter Electrode Leads: only six feet
  • Foot Pedal has to be purchased separately

3.Lincoln Electric CO K1170

Lincoln Electric CO K1170

As always, Lincoln doesn’t disappoint its users and presents a very productive machine to work with. This arc welder can weld all types of metals, making it an excellent choice for various materials. Lincoln K1170 is operated on 220 volts A.C. current and has a duty cycle of 20%, which is not the best but suitable for small to medium range works.

It can weld a wide range of materials, including all heavy metals like stainless steel and 16-gauge metals, with precision. This device is equally perfect for hobbyists and small shop holders. This Lincoln’s machine is very user friendly and has special features to help its consumers in their tasks. For instance, this device comes with built-in input-output plugs, so it just takes seconds to install it in your shop.

It has a select amp-selector switch that can set the amps quickly and ensures high-level precision. Lincoln K1170 is best for home jobs, farm works, maintenance and repair tasks, and light fabrication. It is 115 pounds in weight and terrific for the back garage works also it can help you in any SMAW task, and you can rely on this for artistic jobs in the most convenient manner.

  • Smooth arc
  • 225A Ac input
  • Good for almost all kinds of metals
  • Lower price
  • 40 A Range
  • 3 Years Warranty

  • Bulky design
  • Only 220V input



This D.C. stick welder from Sungold uses IGBT advanced full-bridge technology to give incredible outputs. It can operate on dual voltage, 110V, and 220V, and have a duty cycle of 60%, which is suitable for long-duration jobs. Hot arc start generates a peak of current when striking the arc, allowing you to provide smoother arcs and artistic welds.

This model from Sungold is occupied with numerous advanced features like Anti-sticking action accounts for easy removal of electrode preventing over rated output. Thermostatic controls check the temperature of the unit during your work and save from overheating of the welder.

It also offers overvoltage and under-voltage protection to ensure the durability of the machine. This machine will survive fluctuations in voltage and currents and will work for longer durations.
This machine has an output rating of 200A, which can be used to weld up to 25mm thick metals. Apart from these features, this machine has excellent power-saving characteristics and takes almost half as much power as another welder of this kind.

In this package, Sungold has included all necessary equipment used for weldings, Like an Inner Hexagon spanner, A.C. cables, and an 8-inch electrode holder. But cable wires are relatively shorter and create trouble during work.
This machine is cheaper, which makes it excellent for beginners. This machine has the features upon which you can rely during any welding task you encounter.

  • Extra features to ensure durability.
  • Dual voltage
  • Advanced IGBT inverter technology
  • Salient energy-saving features
  • Better value for money

  • Shorter Cables
  • Some machines encounter
  • Inaccurate LED readings

5.Amico ARC-160D Stick Welder

Amico ARC-160D Stick Welder

ARC-160 is a welder made for tough jobs and is very productive for professional use. It has a D.C. output of 160A with an 80% duty cycle, making this unit very reliable in time-requiring complex jobs. This unit is equipped with an IGBT inverter that ensures smoother arcs and prevents over-heating with the help of power reduction methods. This machine carves excellent stable welds and has special anti-sticking features that minimize spatter.

Unprecedented control for force adjustment over steeple plains that ensures straight weld finishes. This machine is straightforward to set up and most comfortable to use. With its accurate LED display, this welder will display all the necessary information in an understanding way during your job.

This device has a built-in capacitor bank, so any fluctuation in current or voltage is easily coped with. Dual voltage input allows you to operate it on 115 Volts or 230 Volts. This welder provides infinite amperage control to its users; thus, you can set the amperage rating to your desired value for better results.

This welder operates on D.C. source only and does not provide any other functions apart from stick welding. But it is as pure as the driven snow in stick welding, and It will surely take your stick welding skills to sky-high limits.

This machine has a lighter size and portable dimensions that can easily be moved from one place to another. Lower in price with one year of warranty, this STICK welder could be the one to equip the beginners.

  • IGBT inverter technology for smoother arcs
  • Dual input voltage facilities
  • Lower weight: only 15.4 pounds
  • Longer leads: 10”
  • 80% Duty Cycle at 160 Amp
  • Best budget stick welder

  • No multi-purpose function
  • Electron holders are lower in quality.
  • Operates on only DC source

6.Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder

Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder

Easy Weld 298 has 120 volts input rating, making this unit suitable for working with DIY projects. It is lighter in weight and smaller in size, which can be easily equipped in any small shop. This machine is also capable of tig welding, but you have to purchase the tig separately. This model has an inverter stick welder system, so it acquires lesser power and provides excellent output.

Forney’s Arc welder has a lower output range of just 90 Amps, which can weld up to a thickness of 5/16” inches. This device has an easy interface, which is suitable for beginners and hobbyists. You can switch between stick and tig welding easily if you are working on a job that requires both types of welds.

Manufacturers have tried to make the controls as simple as possible; thus, this device doesn’t have any extended features to confuse the amateur welders. However, you cannot rely on this model for professional jobs where precision is needed. This STICK welder doesn’t heat up early, which is useful during summer days. The quality of this machine is promising, and its robust structure ensures durability at a low price.

  • Only 10 pounds in weight
  • Good quality
  • inexpensive
  • Proper welding instructions come along with it
  • 120V/ 90 A output
  • TIG Capable

  • Small input and output range
  • Welds relatively cold
  • Short leads

7.AHP AlphaTIG 200x

AHP AlphaTIG 200x

AHP Alpha TIG Welder is a perfect welder that comes with a customizable setting mode where you can set your voltage, tip size, and many more. It has reliable STICK welding features and has Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) feature to generate pulses with variable widths. Because This machine has dual output modes, you can either select DC output mode or AC output mode depending upon your desired task. It is the best welder for steel and aluminum and can weld up to a thickness of 3/8”.

AHP AlphaTig is 69 pounds (5.6lbs) in weight, which ensures robust design but makes it difficult to move the unit. It has easy controls and suitable for an amateur. This machine can handle up to 3/8” thickness of aluminum and stainless steel with an output range from 10 to 200A.

It is a device made for tough jobs and professional work focusing on precise output arcs. It provides clean welds over your workpiece using features like HF start to depreciate spatter. The foot pedal is not of comfortable design; some fabricators find it difficult to weld with.

This welder also has a sequencer mode, and you can either choose 2T or 4T sequencer modes. 2T mode offers two cycles making the machine work until the button is not released. When you stop pushing the controller, the welder will stop working. In 4T mode, four cycles allow you to touch the electrode over your workpiece to start the weld and terminate without needing to press the button manually. 4T mode suitable for experienced welders.

Relatively big size, cozy finger switch, and pulse arc capabilities will help you achieve the desired best result. It is equipped with a digital display that allows you to configure the weld correctly and weld with precision.

  • Support both stick and tig welding
  • Digital display and customizable setting options
  • Dual voltage input
  • Affordable to buy
  • 60% duty cycle
  • Super Powerful Machine

  • The foot pedal is not so comfortable.
  • The instruction manual is not comprehensive

8.HITBOX 160A Inverter 

HITBOX 160A Inverter

This model has a high output rating of 200 Amps, enabling it to weld stainless steel, which is quite impressive as an arc welder. This welder uses unique Lift Function technology, which helps in easy welding operations along with artistic results.

This welder can offer more than an average stick welder and have a cellulose rod, a rod covered with organic material, and ensures that the melting of material is large enough for deep penetrations. Have a No-Load voltage of 78 volts, and With its 85% duty cycle, users can use it for higher duty tasks.

It has only 220 volts input, which is not available in some households. Moreover, the leads are only 5.5” long, emphasizing you to stay near the power source while using this machine. This machine has an output rating of 200Amps however it usually dies out at 170 Amps. But it is an affordable machine, and You should consider this if you are looking for clean future welds out of your hands.

  • Weight only 9.5 pounds
  • Lower price
  • Input Voltage 220 V
  • The output rating of 200 Amps
  • Can weld stainless steel
  • 85% duty cycle
  • Constant Power Control
  • Great for fabrication and construction

  • Input voltage only 220V
  • Electrode clamp Leads of only 5.5.”
  • Lower quality machine



Yeswelder ARC Welder is a powerful machine that can accomplish expert tasks with many advanced and pertinent features. This machine has an arc force design that provides a hot start and allows you to have the fairest results from the beginning.

This product is quite flexible in its usage and has dual input ratings that can work effectively on 120V and 240V A.C. source. An output rating of 125 amps with IGBT inverter technology is most suitable for lighter or thinner metals. It provides complete control over its output using simple knobs that are straightforward to work with.

You can set it wherever you like, between 20amps and 125 amps. It is very stable in its working and best for personal use and can efficiently complete back-garage chores and work on a generator. Like many other machines in this list, this YESWELDER’s welder has automatic compensation for voltage and current fluctuation. But as a bonus, this machine offers many other features like automatic temperature control, fan dormancy, and steeple amperage control.

This product can also provide exact tig welding, but you have to purchase extra tig for this job. YESWELDER also offers excellent customer service. For all in one, this is a perfect welding machine and can provide you with superb welds over your work-piece.

  • IGBT inverter technology for smoother arcs
  • Only 11 pounds in weight
  • 60% duty cycle
  • Can also be used for tig welding
  • Less Spatter
  • Auto Temp Control
  • 20-125 Amp

  • Cannot be used for tougher jobs requiring high output rating
  • Digital display encounters issues in some products

10.PRIMEWELD Stick Welder

PRIMEWELD Stick Welder

There is nothing more important than output rating while purchasing a welding machine, and no machine can give you better output than prime weld tig225. This welder has an output rating of 225 amps and is excellent for tough jobs. Along with copper, aluminum, and lighter metals, this welder can also weld stainless steel. It includes CK tig torch that can work efficiently and provide more refined finishes.

For stick welding, this machine has IGBT inverter technology. Along with that, this welder has PMW modulation that helps its users to draw smoother curves. This machine is equally suitable for professionals and people working from home. It can take your daily shop work to the next level.

It also provides cleaning controls over AC that helps in getting configured welding arcs over the work-piece. It is a versatile device and offers excellent working features over an AC frequency of 40 to 200 Hz. It is quite bulky in size, making it difficult to equip it in a shop.

The guide that comes with the welder is not so helpful. Also, the clamp is relatively thinner than the usual size. But this product comes with three years of an extended warranty, and For the price range, it is a treat for its buyer.

  • High output rating of 225 Amps
  • Can provide tig as well as stick welding
  • Advanced Inverter Technology
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Can work on both AC and DC power source

  • 90 pounds in size
  • Thinner electrode clamp

Buying Guide & Key Factors

We have provided you with 10 best stick welding machines available in the market. But to choose one out of these ten is not an easy task. We shall now discuss some major factors which are to be kept in mind while purchasing a stick welder.

As you know, stick welding is the easiest kind of welding. Stick welded metals are not affected by rain or storm. It does not use any external shielding gas. Stick welding is also easy to learn and implement.

It is handy in tight places. You can easily apply this type of welding over painted metals. A wide range of elements can be welded using stick welding techniques. For an icing over the cake, stick welders are inexpensive. In a nutshell, stick welding is the most appropriate and reliable form of welding.

The following are leading factors that should be kept in mind in any stick welder purchase:

Input Method

Input for a stick welder can be of A.C. or D.C. source. A.C. supplies are better and familiar as they offer more penetration. Some welders provide both options for input. We have PRIMEWELD TIG225X that can provide opportunities for input types.

The rating of input is also significant. Mainly 110v and 220v are two options for input rating. Both input options are available for a typical household. Many machines come with both options. EVERLAST PowerARC 140 TIG / Stick Welder is an excellent machine that provides both power source input.

Amperage Output Rating

The output range is critical while purchasing any welding machine. It is solely dependent on your applications. If you want an industrial machine or a machine for professional jobs, then you should look for a more excellent output range. An output of 200 Amps is suitable for any type of situation. In our list

Lincoln Electric CO K1170 AC225 Arc Welder is a machine having an output of 225Amps. It is equally good for aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Check Also: Best Tig Welders 2022

For lighter jobs, a lesser output rating is sufficient. Any welder with an output rating of fewer than 150 Amps would be good to weld lighter metals like copper, mild steel, and aluminum.

Additional Features

Many welding machines are equipped with some additional features that increase productivity and provide clean welding. Most of the welder uses an IGBT inverter that provides an excellent running experience to users. Other than that, control for Voltage and amperage fluctuations is also available in some machines.

Many machines provide fast cooling systems. Like, Lotos LTPDC2000D is a machine that uses the FAPT cooling system. This prevents the machine from overheating. Lincoln Electric CO K1170 is a machine that provides excellent features to work with. When you purchase a welder, you should consider buying a machine that offers additional support to work with.

Moreover, many machines provide additional functionality like tig welding and plasma cutting in addition to stick welding. In our list, we have Lotos LTPDC2000D, which has functions for tig welding and plasma cutting other than stick welding.

Personal Requirments

Personal requirements are also essential while purchasing a welding machine. The base metal thickness, welding position, and tensile strength required all depends on the user’s requirements. A user should select a machine that meets his requirement correctly. SO, before buying a device, see clearly what you are using that device for.

General Queries FAQs

Who Should Buy a Stick Welder?

Stick welders are mainly common among farmers, manufacturers, and infrastructure development. Beginners and amateur welders should also choose a stick welder for their jobs as it is an easier method. Usually, stick welding is used at a place where the final output is not a vital appearance-vice. As it is a rough method of welding, it does not provide a cleaner finish like tig welders.

Which is better stick or wire welder?

Stick welding is easier to do and provides greater finishes.

Is stick welding stronger than MIG?

Stick welds are stronger than Mig welds but Mig welds are finer than stick welds and have better looks.


We have provided you with ten stick welders and a buying guide to ease your sale. You can buy a machine that can help you in doing your tasks. This list has a top welder available in the market. You will surely get a good machine from this list that will meet your desired needs.

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