Best Welder for Beginners {MIG TIG Stick} Reviews 2022


Best Welder for Beginners {MIG TIG Stick} Reviews 2021

When you are a rookie and seek suggestions about the best welders for beginners, you are a little skeptical and don’t really know which product corresponds to your essentials?

Well, that’s where my welding yard arrives and provides you with all the necessary insight you need. This could be made simple by looking through hundreds of reviews for diverse brands and models. It’s a viable solution if you have lots of time, and it’s the only way to know the full story without a hands-on trial period.

In this trial and search process, most people do not look for the downside of the products. While we thoroughly research it and even reach out to our colleges to get their experience and finally craft this account.

It takes hours to complete the refined information of desired products and may stress out people. Do not be a hassle; we are making this hard work not to let you off searching.

Take an instant look at our quick comparison guide, or read through our ten in-depth reviews on each of the best starter welders available online. We have three top picks, along with eight other great machines you may like

PrimeWeld TIG225X

  • Combo Welder
  • Foot Pedal
  • Heavy Duty


AHP AlphaTIG 200X

  • AC/DC pulsing ability
  • Foot Pedal
  • Elite Features


Weldpro Digital TIG

Weldpro Digital TIG

  • Heavy Duty
  • Sloping utility
  • Ecnomical


10 Most Tempting Welders for Amateurs

1.Prime Weld TIG225X


PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp TIG Welder is the first rated among all other TIG welders in reason with its inverter-based machine. Soldering Aluminum ac/dc with PRIMEWELD is now more appealing, similar butter the AC arc sounds so clean and crispy.

The awesome features already built-in MIG/TIG welder, when tested on the steel in DC mode have verified its smooth working and consistency. TIG welder comprises of solid fillet welds. PRIMEWELD is sponsored with great power, control, and a 40% duty cycle.

The welder’s CK torch is top-notch, specifically for low amperage welding. It is nicely equipped with standard connectors inside out helps to prevent buying adapters. The feature of controlling the pedal in the 2t position is imposing.

This TIG welder works thriving with the people having little experience of welding and more often by using notable features of this machine; the hands-on welding would largely be improved. For beginners, it better proves challenging with its worthwhile features.

Talking about the machine designed, all parts are adjusted alongside knobs and switches that are held tightly in place. The settings provide easy setup and graphic representation on each knob guides in a better way to manoeuvre different jobs.

PRIMEWELD is a bit pricey, but its features are just impeccable in assessment with its high rates. This TIG welder offers 3 years of warranty and everything, including advanced welding jobs in art and middle manufacturing. This one is a terrific choice for beginner welders.

  • Fuse aluminium well
  • Combo Welder
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Flowmeter functionality is well made
  • Wide range of setup application
  • Definite operated at home
  • Offer CK torch with a flex head
  • Provide foot pedal with finger switch
  • Costly
  • The foot pedal is difficult to use.
  • Heavy machine

2.AHP AlphaTIG 200X

AHP AlphaTIG 200X TIG Welder

If you are not running out of the budget and want a better stroke machine then AHP ALPHATIG is one of the good choices to consider. A compact unit of AHP is now available with an upgraded version. The welder is lined up with an amazing Stick that is easy to manipulate while functioning.

The machine is exclusively designed for welding stainless steel and soldering aluminum quite appreciably. Speaking about the accessories, everything is accurate in accordance with their working with the exception of the ground clamp. More often, the foot pedal is comfortable to use.

A high-frequency torch is flexible that enables the arc to form without impurity and effort. It comes with a handy finger switch and plenty of settings like different square wave sizes, pulses arc, ramping up or down your amperage, and many more.

For both money and performance, ALPHA TIG is crazy good. We would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a home hobby welder.

  • AC/DC pulsing ability
  • Foot pedal is easy to work with
  • Provides handy finger switch
  • Offers well-constructed flowmeter
  • Various welder settings
  • Delivers long warranty
  • Expensive
  • Poor quality earth clamp

3.Everlast Power ITig 201

Everlast Power ITig 201Everlast Power ITig 201

Here we have EVERLAST POWER ITIG a dual voltage AC/DC TIG with a stick welder. The welder comes with a protected plastic case with shiny paint. If you are waiting for a comprehensive addition in a welder’s workshop, then EVERLAST is a good option though.

It has nine series air-cooled torch, a 20 series water-cooled torch, a 400-amp bronze ground clamp, stinger for stick welding, a foot pedal with an adhesive grit pad on top, and a ball-type gas flow regulator with a flexible hose. This is indeed a fine welder based upon its functionalities for both beginners and professionals.

Adding more to details, numerous settings are available like high-frequency startup and sloping features. Pulsation specifically aimed to solder stainless steel, mild steel, silicon bronze brazing, titanium and aluminum by means of different waveforms.

Everlast torches are compatible with standard torch parts and excellent consumables. Everlast’s customer service is extremely helpful. In short, this machine is a beast and highly recommended for a healthy budget.

  • Lined with clean starts and a stable arcs
  • Offers AC and DC power output
  • Provides welding for all metal types
  • Offers water cooled Compatible torches
  •  Equipped with a gas flow regulator
  • The operation is somewhat complex

4.Weldpro Digital TIG

Weldpro Digital TIG

Another most feature Weldpro Digital TIG welder holds subsequent locus in our list. Well define reason for placing TIG welder is its consistent working on steel and aluminum materials. The ‘fit & finish’ on the welder is outstanding. Weldpro has adjustable A/C duty cycle and is solidly put together.

For thin tools, the DC pulsation is fantastic.  Leading traits of TIG welder implicates ramps upslope and downslope, 30 to 70 % wide range of adjustable AC and has well-build argon regulator. Nevertheless high amperage output, the machine keeps itself cool and prevents overloading.

Well-found welder with smooth welding sound and appreciable power control uses most fit solid-state circuits weighing its machinery quite lighter. Metal made foot pedal is user friendly alongside 2T/4T arc control features, thus providing excellent penetration on the material.

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For not only professionals but also enthusiastic fellows, this machine works well in all modes. With its exceptional layout settings, the control panel is easy to navigate. The welder comes with ‘Euro Style’ torch of very good quality but is heavier to handle on.

Weldpro is expensive but rather heavy in comparison with its agile features. It offers a smooth warranty of two years favoring superb technicalities of Weldpro TIG.

  • Good  AC/DC pulsing capacity
  • Sloping utility
  • All round TIG welder
  • Handy foot pedal
  • Well build Argon regulator
  • Reasonably priced
  • Settings are difficult to alter
  • Poor TIG torch
  • Finger switch is missing

5.Forney 324 Welder

Forney 324 Welder

Moving further down to our list of TIG welders, presenting to you is an amazing little welder perfect for small jobs. Forney is a multi-practice welder that is fitted out with TIG, Stick, MIG welders and flux-cored options. The startup settings are easy to apprehend for both experts and beginners.

Forney’s lightweight feature has made it so easy to plug in almost anywhere and get working. Input power of TIG welder has a wide range of 120V to 230V. TIG welder holds maximum output of 190 amps supporting both DC and CV power inputs. Provides a duty cycle of 60% and prevents overloading.

Forney does weld steel but not quite well since steel is hard and thick. The case for welding aluminum by means of Forney is also reliable to some point. Nevertheless, the TIG welding function is well suited by this device.

The feature of digital display and automation affords exact settings for performing various jobs. I would highly suggest Forney as a great little welder for light jobs and thus portable.

  • Light weight
  • Reliable duty cycle
  • Portable
  • Excellent for light jobs
  • Affordable
  • Provides automation and digital display
  • 1/8 inch Rods are hard to strike
  • Rough arc strikes



Amico power has an advanced inverter technology with LIFT TIG welding machinery and smooth professional TIG Stick arc. The power source provides stronger and more concentrated stable arc. ARC 200 is designed as a welding machine with energetic traits and thus the arc can be adjusted to make it softer or harder.

TIG welder consist of industrial level design being compatible for numerous electrodes: E6010, E6011, E6013, E7014, E7018, etc. With the excellent welding competency, Amico welds thin stainless steel and other various metals. Switching voltages between 100~250V/50~60Hz input power, the automation features comes into play that detects the standing voltage for various welding jobs.

Heavy-duty cycle of 80 % warrants long time welding with comprehensive power cord up to 700 feet. ARC 200 comes in with powerful functions already built in including, anti-stick feature, thrust adjustment, current-intensity control, and automatic compensation for voltage fluctuations like over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-load protection.

TIG welder is lined with fine components making it ideal for professionals and individuals. The simple machine with awesome features is good at this price range. Highly recommended for professionals and home hobby welders.

  • 5-200 amps working range
  • 50 to 60 Hz frequency range
  • 80% duty cycle
  • Prevents overloading and voltage fluctuations
  • Professional Stick ARC function
  • Affordable
  • Does not include a gas regulator
  • Does not welds aluminum

7.Lotos LTPDC2000D

Lotos LTPDC2000D 3-in-1 Stick Welder

Lotos is a non-torch plasma cutter with an excellent TIG welding function. By means of its plasma cutter and pilot arc, it cuts beautifully through even heavily rusted steel. In market, the refined version of LOTOS has separate gas intakes for argon as well as for compressed air.

The pathway of compressed air is built safely to adjust the regulator on the front panel. From the inside, the build quality of this welder (brown LTPDC2000D) is admirable. Lotos circuits are well laid out with numerous large heat sinks and heavy copper. Talking in depth, the configuration maximizes airflow over all components especially through the two massive Mosfet heat basins.

Plasma torch setup is super simple. Lotos is associated with a Stick welder and plasma cutter that works flawlessly even at full power. The machine usually comes with three consumables for the plasma torch, one installed and an additional two are available alongside. The stick welder of Lotos is about 6 to 7 feet or we can say it is a bit short.

The built-in ammeter works fine allowing precise power adjustment. The idea of machine efficiency can be sketched through its duty cycle of 60%. The owners of the TIG welders have found it a versatile welder with a wide range of practices.

In essence, Lotos is durable and entry level tig welder; customer service is helpful in solving several problems and thus is transferrable. Works great for non-professionals and infant welders who are about to start their careers in the long run. Highly suggested for standard financial plan.

  • Input power range is 110/220V
  • Wide frequency range of 50/60 Hz
  • Output power ranges between 15-200A
  • Portable in reference to light weight (41.6lbs)
  • Weld most types of metals
  • 3 in 1 plasma cutting, Stick and TIG practices
  • Reasonable at price
  • No Mig Option
  • Can cut materials thicker than ½ inches

8.Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG

Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG

Hobart is one of the user-friendly TIG welders that is easy to operate without much trouble. Set-up is easy and simple, by turning ON the unit, selecting the type of metals and adjusting thickness.  It is similar to Miller with same parts, accessories, foot pedal, ground strap, regulator and torch.

Both AC and DC power combinations are available in Hobart making it more useful to TIG oxidized materials like stainless steel and aluminum. The machine is secured with controllable amperage to work with more metals. The people new to this field could find this awesome machine more helpful and applicable for getting hands on practices.

Owning to the following features, Hobart lacks process of MIG and Stick welding. Although a great welder for a super price.

  • High quality TIG operation
  • Startup is easy to apply
  • Applicable for welding aluminum and magnesium
  • Duty cycle is 20%
  • Delivers input power of 230V
  • Output power series is 10-165A
  • Expensive
  • Does not offer Stick and MIG processes
  • Not supportive for heavy duty and industrial use

9.Miller Electric Maxstar STR TIG Welder 

Miller Electric Maxstar STR TIG Welder

The Miller Maxstar series is new arrival in TIG equipment welders with astonishing features and compatibility. Professional DC is aimed to show practices on stainless and mild steel materials.

By using Miller, aluminum job could be done but more often, the traffic is there in production environments, because of the problematic mix of helium/argon gases. The standby power switch put Maxstar power unit to sleep to conserve the power when not in use. You May Also Like : Best Plasma Cutter Reviews 2022

The Miller provides excellent settings to drive the TIG operations. Maxstar comprises of wireless remote, providing AC/DC power input to a long distance up to 30 feet making it feasible for industrial usage and application. One of the bright TIG machine affords the smooth amperage control while carrying out welding on different types of metals.

Miller carries efficient process for learners and experts. Miller is highly recommended in reason as it provides brilliant settings that could be stored in memory card with 3 years of warranty to its high working pulsation capacity.

  • One of the Best AC/DC TIG welders
  • Storage of setup makes it user friendly
  • Low amperage of 10amps welds thin metal sheets
  • 100 % duty cycle at 175 amps
  • Run quality TIG practices
  • Sleep timer powers down idle machine
  • Uses input power range between 110 to 480 volts
  • Does not provide TIG Torch

10.Eastwood TIG 200

Eastwood TIG 200

Eastwood resides a well-defined corner in automobiles repair shops. A branded TIG welder for manufacturing tools, metal machinery, blasting cabinets and heavy tools for framing machines in restoration workshops.

The pulsating AC provide efficient quality TIG to weld aluminum. The Eastwood with a digital display, 60 percent duty cycle at 90 amps and pulsating both AC/DC power inputs delivers more features than other TIF machines in this price package.

With an industry standard WP-17 torch format, hih frequency TIG is capable of welding up to ¼-inch plate steel. The machines works smart enough to provide pre and post flow gas metering to put the shielding in place before and after the welding is active.

Most of the frequent users did not find a good pedal control by praising other welding capabilities. Eastwood is supportive for trainers and experts along with 3 years of working assurance.

  • Duty cycle of 60 percent at 90 amps
  • Has an industry standard WP-17 Torch
  • Preflow-postflow for cleaner welds
  • 12-foot torch connection
  • High frequency pilot arc
  • Support both AC/DC input power
  • 3 years of working assurance
  • Foot pedal control is not user friendly


Our Beginners Buying Guide

Hunting for a TIG welder: Follow Tips and Tricks

Welding gear consumes high power. There is always a need for an excellent machine to illustrate the purpose of your work, whether you are a specialist or an amateur.

Frequently, buyers only look for the elements they necessitate. In the market, you will come across such customers matching rates irrespective of the features performing various jobs.

Critical buyers also look for the physical appearance of the machine, including colour and design accompanied by the built inefficient functions to run the processes in an affordable price package.

The above factors would not aid you in the event of purchasing good welding equipment for your restoration shop. You should be aware of the dynamics playing a critical role in the purchase of tungsten welder.

We would try to fix such kinds of problems by explaining the right features to land you with an appropriate welder. An ideal TIG welder should comprise of the following

  • user-friendly with simple design
  • a wide amperage range
  • a high duty cycle
  • Weight and size
  • Digital display and automation
  • Budget
  • Essential consumables

Load power

The input energy is a driving force to any device. High input potential is essential for executing heavy tasks. Mostly, TIG Welders are equipped with inverter-based technology, programmed AC/DC pulsating capacity.

These TIG machines do not surpass the maximum working input power. A particular range is specified for a welder to process. Selecting the input power for any types of metal under consideration, you should be familiar with the power phase of the device for better operations without mishaps.

Steel and aluminium are the common materials we are mostly concerned with. There are other types of materials, including Stainless steel, mild steel and titanium. These materials are available with different scaling and consoles. Input power, such as direct current or DC source is supportive for dense materials.

For marketing your efforts, you should think about buying high power devices for hard and thick materials. For the materials like magnesium, low input power welders are suitable to TIG such less dense metals. Thus, here comes the alternating current power source that works for low-density materials.

If you can, try to find a machine that offers a combination of the two, both AC and DC input sources.

Duty cycle

Duty cycle demonstrates the continuous operating ability of a welder. It is usually expressed as a percentage or ratio of the total active time (conventional 10 minutes for welding equipment machines). It would be best if you looked for Machines with high DC that are suitable for dense materials as well as for industrial purposes. A good quality welder will save your time preventing the matter of overheating or overloading.

One of the necessary elements of a tungsten TIG welder is its efficient cooling system. You can use low duty cycle welders for home or light projects, thus reducing technical hitches. A power surge decreases the DC because the power input increases the rate of heating overworking the cooling system.

Low priced devices have a 20 % working duty cycle (DC). This duty cycle works properly for soft metals, in comparison with the expensive welding equipment, that operates for more than 6 minutes in a high-quality duty package of 60%.

Weight and size

Weight and size play a significant role in customers pursuing lightweight machinery. Hence, they prefer machines that reportable. For a drifting worker, you can have a machine that can be transported from place to place. Preferable devices for portability should weigh less than 100lbs.

However, if you would like to operate your tungsten welder from a specific stationed then heavyweight tungsten will work for you.

The transformer determines the heaviest part of a welder controlling the weight and size of your machine. Nevertheless, such heavy welders are difficult to handle because of their messy clutches that could easily break while lifting. For better device handling, you must ensure solid clutches for backing up the welder’s weight.

Digital display and automation

TIG machines, we all know are operational machines appealing to all welders. One of the appealing features to such devices is their digital representation and automation. Digitization would conserve your devices from mishaps like automatic high-temperature shutdown and balance.

By maintaining these features, you are likely to make your device durable for better use. However, manual welders provide no harm to the keen or experienced welder. Highly digitalized and automated machines reduce the tasks by keeping the welder engaged and thus suits best to amateurs.

The digital display helps you to follow the manufacturer’s regulation in terms of voltage, power output, and preferred material.

The instance of both voltage and amperage, the accuracy of operation is also improved through digitization. If you want value for your bucks, you should keep all the following factors in mind while purchasing best TIG machines for your restoration workshops.


You must make up your mind regarding welding desires before drawing up your budget. Selecting welders for performing various jobs employing amperage range, and duty cycle are key considerations.

Furthermore, you may look for output power and good amperage control to prevent technical hitches. Different price packages are available for welding machines. If you are learning TIG welding, then you should go for buying a durable unit with a long lifespan.

Before buying a versatile unit that necessarily costs more, make sure that it would meet all your welding needs.

Essential consumables

Consumables largely depend on the type of welding process you are going to operate either a TIG welding, MIG welding or a Stick welding. There are, in essence, three types of consumables: cored wire, solid wire, or rod electrode.

Welding consumables are the filler bond that fuses two pieces of metal. In welding, four components are essential to welds like the metal itself, the heat source, the shield from the air, and the consumable. Heat source provides enough temperature to melt the metal.

The consumable then comes into play to join one part of the metal. Apart from functioning as a filler, in Stick welding, consumables also stabilize the flame an electric arc. In TIG welding, the process is followed by a melted metal as we don’t add any filler material. In Stick welding, an electrode rod is used.

MIG welding uses a wire consumable that a spool feeds the wire consumable to the weld joint.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I look for when buying a TIG welder?

One should look for the TIG welders that come with the amazing combination traits, for example, high duty cycle, type of load power (supporting both AC and DC power input sources), provides high-quality welds with automation, portability, and digital control of both load and amperage within a healthy price package.

Is TIG welder stronger than MIG?

TIG welding is generally stronger than arc MIG or arc welding methods because TIG welding produces cleaner and more precise welds. Different welding jobs may require different methods, while TIG is generally stronger and higher in quality, one should use MIG or another method if the job calls for it.

Why are TIG welders so expensive?

TIG welders of high quality are generally expensive than other welders. TIG is a slow process that uses a tungsten electrode by providing cleaner welds without using a filler. Tungsten has the highest melting point making it worth expensive. Since it does not require filler material too. This is also a part of the reason why many people invest in them.

Can you TIG weld without gas?

Welding without a shield for the weld puddle is not possible with ANY welding. TIG welding requires every piece of the process to be very clean, and 100% Argon is required as a shielding gas. Without a shielding gas, one will burn the Tungsten, contaminate the weld, and will not get any penetration into the workpiece.


As a beginner, you may find choosing a perfect welder a bit challenging. Numerous specifications and uses may add to a difficult decision regarding a suitable welder. Before buying a welder supportive to your needs, you may research and go for various product reviewed by customers using these welders.

Being an apprentice welder, you may want to stick to certain product types to ensure optimal value and use. Although TIG welding allows maximum versatility, it is not an easy technique for beginners. MIG techniques are much easier, but then you are limited in terms of material types. Learners may be better off opting for multi-process welders, as they provide a broader scope in terms of metal types and overall use.

 In Our List, we recommend the Prime Weld TIG 225X and AHP Alpha TIG 200x as top-notch machines and vouch for them as the best tig welder for the beginners. Let us know what you think in the comment section.


Hello Everyone, I am James from Kentucky and been into this welding fiasco for 13 years in that time I have worked as a private welder and did most of the auto restoration work. In this recent, COVID-19 outbreak I decided to start a welding blog and share welding tips along with product reviews.

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