Best Welding Clamps Reviews 2021- Buying Guide & Top Picks

Best Welding Clamps Reviews 2021- Buying Guide & Top Picks

Based on applications, different types of welding clamps are available. To do precise welding, you must choose a welding clamp that supports you in your job. After examining other products and reading many reviews, I have reached to these six welding clamps. They will increase your productivity by making the welding task enjoyable and more effortless.

Experts choose their clamps based on their manufacturing and strength. One single clamp cannot be used for all kinds of tasks. So, to select one available tool, you must clearly know your requirements for it.

For customers’ convenience, My Welding Yard has also included a buying guide at the end to assist you in your purchase. After reading this article, you will be able to buy one perfect piece of equipment for your work.


Bessey WSM-9

Bessey WSM-9 7-Inch Welders Angle Clamp

  • 8 lbs weight
  • Great for 90 degree hold





  • 1-12 inch size range
  • 2.2 lbs weight
  • life time warranty


Hobart Two Axis Clamp

Hobart Two Axis Welding Clamp

  • Great for T shape Work
  • light weight of 1.8 lbs


See our Favorite Welding Clamps for 2021

2.2 lbs
Bessey WSM-9
8 lbs
Hobart Two Axis Clamp
1.8 lbs
Capri Tools Clamp Set
4.55 lbs
1.35 lbs

6 Top Welding Angle Clamps 2021- Grip your Workpiece Firmly



It is a versatile pair of clamps used for assembly, fastening, gluing, welding, and automotive applications. TEKTON included many top-quality features to make these clenches out top choice. This C-style clamp is made from cast iron and has maximum strength.

Striking chrome-plated acme threaded screw turns smoothly without any hang up. Its six inches refer jaws provided full space between the jaws to firmly hold the workpiece’s width.

TEKTON provides a lifetime guaranty of all its tools. This clamp has just 2.2pounds of weight and plenty of robust applications. This tool is available in different sizes ranging from 1-inch to 12-inches. I will recommend a 6-inch jaw length as it can be used with average-sized workpieces and have maximum application.

But you can choose any jaw length based on personal preferences. 2-5/8” throat depth is ideal for all kinds of workpieces. These pincers’ finish is not subtle, and many customers have reported scratch over the tool or rough finish. See Also: Best Welding Tables 2021

But it is not a big problem as far as tools give ideal applications. Price is also affordable and cheaper as compared to other clamps in the market. I will recommend this product to everyone who is looking for a perfect c welding clamp with versatile applications.

  • Constructed with cast malleable iron
  • Special chrome-plated screws
  • Maximum strength
  • Lifetime warranty by TEKTON
  • A little heavier for some users
  • Rough finish

2.Bessey WSM-9 7-Inch Welders Angle Clamp

Bessey WSM-9 7-Inch Welders Angle Clamp

This is a heavy-duty clamp that will hold the workpieces at a precise angle of 90°. It has two ways of the swivel-mounted spindle that can serve many purposes and can be used in professional heavyweight tasks. This clamp is best used with thick and more decadent materials where other clamps can’t perform well. The maximum passage area of 3.5cm is suitable for most of the workpieces.

When you are working on developing precise angles, this clamp is ideal. It also has flat joints. This tool works swiftly and takes just 20 seconds to set a right angle joint or miter joint. You can use it for purposes like square tubing and holding angle iron plates. With an aluminum base, this material is hard built and don’t rust or wear out. You can use it for a long time and with all kinds of metals and pieces.

The manufacturing material is rigid and robust; it also weighs more, about around 8 pounds. I loved this clamp because its swiveling head allows you to hold two different sizes of materials. It costs a lot more than ordinary clamps, but believe me, this tool worth every single penny. You will never regret buying it.

  • Built with high-quality materials
  • Perfect for working with precise angles
  • Sets up faster than most of the clamps
  • Provide a lot of room to work
  • Very expensive
  • More massive about 8 pounds of weight

3.Hobart Two Axis Welding Clamp

Hobart Two Axis Welding Clamp

If you work with precise angles or flat sheet, look nowhere else than this angle clamp from Hobart. You can weld T-shape or miter angles with this clamp. It has a perfect 90° angle and opens up to 2.95 inches. Any workpiece will fit inside this tool.

With a floating head, it allows you to work with two different sized metals of the same type. Rotating the spindle screw will help you in applying the right amount of pressure on your workpieces. This tool can also work with delicate and small projects of up to 75 mm.

Weighing only 1.85 pounds, it is built with heat treated metal and lasts longer. Heat resistant material allows it to work in severely hot conditions without damaging. The manufacturers have also made this welding clamp to be heat and corrosion-resistant.

The clamp shows you what the angle should be so you can work faster and be more productive. I will recommend this exceptionally designed tool for professionals and industrial workers for heavy-duty tasks.

  • Helps to weld precise angles
  • Rotating the spindle screw will help in applying the right amount of pressure.
  • Heat and corrosion-resistant material
  • Some consumers complain about not making the perfect angles

4.Capri Tools 3-Piece Locking Welding Clamp Set

Capri Tools Locking Welding Set

This is a three-piece welding clamp set with many applications in the welding and fabrication process. This package includes one 11” C-Clamp, 10” Sheet metal clamp, and a 10” general welding clamp. All of these clamps have hardened jaws to provide perfect clamping force. You can also adjust the pressure to accommodate the needs of the materials you are working on.

You can use these clamps to hold on to wood, metals, and other materials during various projects. Besides all these top-class features, it has an affordable price. They offer durability and can be used for a lifetime. I loved the quick-lock release feature that helps remove metal pieces from a firm lock. Jaw capacity of 1-5/8 inches includes a built-in wire cutter. Have a Look At: Best Welding Pliers

It has a turning knob to adjust the working pressure. These jaws can be used with all kinds of jobs, from small to industrial works. Capri tools also provide a warranty for one year against manufacturer’s defect. But you can conveniently use these pieces for 5 to 10 years.

In some products, jaws don’t line up, but you can make them perfect with a simple alignment. Altogether, these are ideal clamps to start with, and I will recommend them to beginners because this set will provide them with a lot of options if they don’t know what they exactly need.

  • Pack of three clamps
  • Hardened jaws for suitable clamping force
  • Can be used for a wide range of applications
  • Made from durable material
  • Some products arrive with inconsistent alignment

5.IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking C-Clamp

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking C-Clamp

If you are looking for a clamp to accommodate versatile shapes and materials, this IRWIN model can be a  great choice. It is manufactured from heat-treated alloy steel and lasts for a long time. It has a screw that can be adjusted to give you the best fit possible. This clamp has a 9.5inch wide throat with a unique locking system. It will keep a firm hold of the metal until you finish your job.

This tool has a swivel pad that delicately holds tapered projects without damaging the worked surface. Trigger release design helps in swiftly getting the workpiece off the device. The weight is a little heavier. But this is due to the thickness and hard-form of the material.

You will love the turn screw on this model that assists in applying the exact amount of pressure. The turning nob offers easy operation, and once set, it will stay in its position. This clamp is backed by IRWIN’s lifetime warranty. This is a very lovely grip clamp that is perfect for holding larger pieces.

It is exceptional for professional jobs and also during the industrial routine. It is best to use with Kreg jig to drill pocket holes. It will last for a long duration providing high-quality work.

  • 9.5-inch-wide throat
  • Manufactured from high-quality heat treat steel alloy
  • Swivel screw to adjust the accurate amount of pressure
  • Comes with a lifelong warranty
  • Heavier than average



This is a set of 4 F-clamps that can help you deal with all kinds of jobs. F clamps are useful in providing a tight grip to complete objects. They are used in the scenarios where the workpiece does not fit in the C-Clamp.

These clamps are made of steel bars and have rigid bodies. They can be used with any workpiece and provide a firm hold. A maximum jaw opening of 12 inches assures the fitting of any workpiece with any width.

The spindle is sprayed with black oxide and is resistant to rust and wear. It has a robust design and doesn’t break easily. With a clamping force of more than 815lbs, your workpiece is not going anywhere from between the jaws. Pivoting pressure cap holds items in place securely without wobbling.

The throat offers a depth of 4-3/4 inches to the workpiece.The arms are drop forged to provide minimal flex under heavy-duty loads. These clamps are perfect for almost every range of jobs and can be extremely helpful during your job routine.

  • Strong steel made structure.
  • Spindle is sprayed with black oxide for rust-resistance
  • Clamping force of up to 815lb
  • Offers high duty firm grip
  • Expenive

Buying Guide

After reading all these reviews, you may still be confused between options and may not decide which tool best suits you. Here we are providing you a buying guide that will enlighten all the features a suitable clamp requires so that it mats comfortable for you to choose a product that satisfies your need. 

Type of Clamp

To deal with a variety of welding jobs, there are different types of clamps available. They can assist you in welding, jointing, and forming straight sheets. It would help if you chose a style that best suits your needs. Following are the most common types available.


These are the most common type of clamps available. Like their names, they are shaped like the English alphabet” C” and are best for holding the material against the hard-surfaces. They come in various styles such as double anvil, quick release, copper-coated and deep reach. They are ideal for their low cost and versatile features.

F-welding Clamp

These clamps have the widest opening of all the clamps. They are best suited for large metal pieces and heavy-duty shapes. They are also known as “Bar-clamps” and have a bar that slides to adjust the condition. The f-clamps are best for working with tubing operations. They grip tightly and hold rough shaped materials correctly.

Two-Axis Clamps

These are also known as “Angle Clamps” and are best for working with precise welding angles. If you are welding flat sheets or miter joints of 90 degrees, they are best suited to your work.

The clamp has a handle at the bottom attached to a threaded screw, which adjusts the clamp to the materials being worked with like a miter joint. They help you to work swiftly with right angles or flat surfaces.

Locking Clamps

Locking clamps are spring-loaded tools that can hold different parts in place firmly and tightly. They can be useful to auto-body workers, machine workers, welders, and artisans to build and repair just about anything. These types of clamps are usually coated with corrosion and heat resistant coating. 

Clamp Size

The size of the clamp will determine the width of the working piece it can work with. You must know the size of material you will use the clamp for and then select the size of the clamp you will purchase. Different openings and sizes of clamps are available.

The portal can range from 1 inch to 18 inches maximum. According to the American Society for Welders, 11 inches is the most reliable for a welding clamp. I will also recommend this site to you for your jobs.

The release

This is the way the clamp will release the workpiece after the job is completed. Some suitable welding clamps come with trigger release features, and they can remove the workpiece in one go. These are best suited for working with one hand. The trigger release clamps are best to use as you you do not have to turn loose of the project to release the clamp. 

Material of Manufacturing

The manufacturing material is an essential factor and determines how you can use the clamp and even the tool’s durability. Usually, steel is used to manufacture the clamps, but some companies have included alloy steels to make sure longer life and heavy-duty operations.

Some tools come in coated with heat resistant or corrosion-resistant material. You must choose these specially coated materials to ensure the long experience of the instrument.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What is a locking C clamp used for?

Locking C-clamps help in providing tight grip to various metal pieces. They are the widely used type of clamps due to their strong grip and variety of operations. They can hold any shape of workpiece between their jaws. They are useful if you are going to deal with a variety of tasks where you are going to deal with different metal pieces and shapes.

What are welding clamps used for?

Welding clamps are tools that are used to temporarily hold the workpieces together during the welding process. This eliminates the use of hands to hold metal pieces together and provide great clamping force. The metal parts don’t move a bit until you free them from the clamps, this helps in giving the precise arcs.

What clamps should I get for welding?

The type of clamps you require depends on the jobs you will be using them. If you are going to weld miter joints than you must buy an angle clamp. C-clamps give tight alignment for different metal pieces F-clamps will help you deal with larger workpieces. If you are going to work with pipe tubing process, then you must go for pipe clamps.

Final Verdict

Clamps are useful welding tools to hold materials in place. They help in delivering specific welding jobs and make problematic welding tasks easier. We have reviewed the six best models available in the market and a buying guide to help you purchase.

If you are going to work with precise angles and welding square tubing, angle iron, or round tubing, you must choose an angle clamp-like Bessey WSM-9 7-Inch Welders Angle Clamp. It will help you in delivering the precisely angled joints.

But if you are going to work with versatile jobs and different materials, then a locking clamp will be better for you, like TEKTON C-CLAMP oLincoln Electric 300 Amp Grounding Work Clamp. After all, whichever tool you choose, you must consider your requirements. 

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