Best Welding Helmet under $200 Reviews 2021

Best Welding Helmets under $200 Reviews 2021

This list is for all those welders who can’t spend more on welding helmets and have a strict budget under $200. Thus, anyone can find a reasonable hood from this list. The reviewed helmets are carefully examined and they will serve and do justice with their price tag.

A good welding helmet will protect against sparks and radiations along with comfortable fitting and handy usage. The welding process is incomplete without an excellent personal protection kit, and as a beginner or small shop owner, you will require your tools to cost you less and provide a quality job.

The welding job needs the worker to deal with different situations and play with different colors to hurt the eyes. You cannot weld a single workpiece without proper protection accessories. This list will help you in getting a quality helmet at a low price. It will significantly help beginners set up the shop or hobbyist; who can’t spend so much on a single tool. 


Jackson Safety Insight

Jackson Insight Welding Helmet 46131

  • 9 to 13 shades
  • Multi Mode



Miller Electric 282000

Miller Electric 282000

  • 7.22 sq inches view area
  • 3 Modes
  • Robust Design


TGR Panoramic 180

TGR Panoramic 180 View Welding Helmet

  • 8 to 12 Shades
  • 180 degree view area


7 Top Auto Darkening Welding Helmets Under $200

1.Jackson Safety Insight Welding Helmet

Jackson Safety Welding Helmet

This headgear belongs to the series known as safety insight by Jacksons. The ADF is of the size 3.93″ X 2.96″ with an un-obstructive view during all the welding stages. This helmet is lightweight and easy to wear with 9 to 13 shades of viewing lens to give you a clear optic quality of welding. 

The four independent arc sensors allow this helmet to change colors swiftly. This welding helmet is compatible with HLX100 and HSL100 shells. The helmet’s shell is designed cleverly to weigh only 6 ounces and provide no tension along the neck.

The Auto Darkening Filter (ADF) of this Helmet is highly responsive, and you cannot ask for a better one for such a low price. The headgear has an adjustable dial to meet the need of every worker. 

Jackson safety helmet features two separate modes for welding and grinding. Meeting the standards of ANSI 787.1 you can trust its quality. Two lithium-ion batteries come with this package and are required to power this helmet. Jackson Safety is indeed an excellent choice for average jobs & routine work.

  • Wide viewing area
  • Four different sensors that eliminate the risks of blacking out
  • Separate mode for grinding
  • 9 to 13 different shades with clear optic quality
  • The shell seems a little flimsy due to lightweight

2.Miller Electric 282000 Welding Helmet

Miller Electric 282000 Welding Helmet

Miller is a brand that has been producing many quality welding equipments for professionals. This Helmet features Miller’s unique precise light lens technology that enables this headgear to provide a transparent view to its user. This Helmet uses three sensors to deliver abrupt changes to vision due to a shift in the workpiece. 

Miller has included many advanced setting options in this Helmet to provide an enhanced welding experience to its user. The sensitivity delay setting and arc control settings enable the welder to provide precise welding arcs over the workpiece.

This headgear has three operating modes labeled as welding, cutting, and grinding. The 5-amp tig welding rating shows that this Helmet can be used in welding the thinnest material. This Helmet can operate on solar power as well as lithium-ion batteries. 

The 7.22 sq. inch viewing area is large enough to view any workpiece. The lens has an auto-trigger setting feature that turns the apparatus on as soon as the arc strike. The light weight of just 17 oz makes this tool the lightest available in the market.

The design is very comfortable, and you can wear it for the whole day long. This package comes with five outside lens and two inside lenses that can be used as a replacement. The three years of warranty by Millers is just icing over the cake. This Helmet has all the features needed for a professional headgear and can help in accomplishing welding jobs.

  • Three different operating modes
  • The light weight of just 17 oz. (482g)
  • Three arc sensors providing a lens speed of 1/20000 seconds
  • Large viewing area
  • Advanced setting options to configure the arc as needed
  • Too many options may lead to confusion

3.TGR Panoramic 180 View Welding Helmet

TGR Panoramic 180 View Welding Helmet

The design of this Helmet is one of its kind, with a wide lens of a panoramic view. You can freely rotate your eyes and view anywhere you like with this Helmet on you. This Helmet has four different independent arc sensors with varying settings like delay mode setting and sensitivity configurations. These superb features help the ADF to provide the reaction time of 10000th of a second.  Check Also: Best Welding Helmets 2021

The Grind will protect you against flying particles. This model uses True color technology to give an optical rating of 1/1/1/2. The 4.53″ X 3.35″ viewing area is large enough to view. This Helmet has an external knob to adjust between different shades. It provides the user with the privilege to change the lens shade from 8 to 12. 

This Helmet weighs about 3 pounds, which is a little heavy compared to other helmets but can be worn for hours of works. The ergonomic design doesn’t put any pressure on your neck and provides a very comfortable experience.

The headband is adjustable to fit according to the user’s preferences. Sweatband keeps you dry during a hot job. This Helmet is exceptionally good with all the quality features to make the welding job enjoyable.

  • Unique Panoramic Design
  • Optical Clarity Rating of 1/1/1/2
  • Adjustable design
  • Four sensors to provide a quality experience
  • Heavier than average

4.Antra AH7-X90-001X Welding Helmet

Antra AH7-X90-001X Welding Helmet

Antra AH7 welding helmet is made to accomplish any professional job with ease. It comes with the ability to do TIG, MIG, or MMA welding. Four different sensors made the reaction time of this Helmet extremely fast; just 25000th of a second. This lens has the best optical clarity rating in our list so far, which is 1/1/1/1.

This rating enables the worker to see the True colors and work in any environment. The ADF includes a dimming light LCD shutter that eliminates all the blurriness and obscureness in the air. 

This Helmet has three working modes that are Grind, Weld, and cutting. This Helmet has three different options like the “Sense” key to set the sensitivity, the “Shade” key to select the shade, and the “Delay” key to control the delay time of the active job. This headgear has minimal false triggering in sunlight and strong metal halide lights. The lens will never respond to LED lights. Have a Look at : Best Lincoln Welding Helmet

This Helmet has a perfect design that protects the face and neck of the welder against spatter and debris. This Helmet has an unusual shade 14 for youngsters or welders with sensitive eyes. Antra AH7 is compatible with a stiff hat or cheaters lens. The lightweight of 1 pound will give you a convenient experience of welding. Altogether, this Helmet will add pleasure and easiness to any job you tackle in a welding shop. 

  • Three different working moods
  • Optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/1
  • Four excellent arc sensors providing a reaction time of 1/25000 seconds
  • Striking shade 14 to deal with bright colors
  • Compatible with a hard hat and cheaters lens
  • The batteries are not so good.
  • Quality is not the best available in the market

5.Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Welding Helmet

Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Welding Helmet

If you are a professional fabricator, you must have encountered Hobart’s product at any point in a career. Hobart Impact Helmet has a viewing area of 7.05 sq. inches made from durable polyamide; it offers a lightweight and comfortable experience.

This Helmet can provide shades from 8 to 12, suitable for MIG, STICK, and TIG welding. Hobart 770756 has three different arc sensors on its body that can provide a reaction time of 1/25000 seconds. It has a special grind mode and a shut-off mode; the user can switch swiftly and stably between the two methods.

The material of this  helmet’ shell is impact-resistant that offers high-end protection in all kinds of jobs. Its an ideal choice for professional and industrial jobs.

It is equipped with Ratchet knobs that are relatively easy to operate with, even the gloves on. Hobart has backed this helmet with Two years of warranty so you can work without any worries in the head. This tool is certified by ANSI87.1 and can serve as a great help in all kinds of jobs.

  • Large viewing area
  • Three perfect arc sensors
  • Impact-free design
  • Sensitivity and delay control settings options
  • A little heavier than usual products
  • The fitting of this Helmet is not so good

6.Forney 55708 Advantage Series 

Forney 55708 Advantage Series 

This Helmet is an excellent choice for advanced welders; made from high impact resistant nylon. Forney 55708 gives a very cool finish with a comfortable fit. This Helmet has a large viewing area of 7.70 sq. inch with an ultra-clear viewing area. The four different arc sensors enable quick changing of the lens with a response rate of 16000th of a second. 

The advantages series from Forney exhibit significantly user’s excellent features along with long-lasting performance. This welding helmet can be used for the TIG welding job of 8A. It gives an optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/2. The lightweight of only 16oz is easy to work with.

Like other helmets in our series, this Helmet also features a different mode for grinding. This headgear also allows the user to configure the usage entirely based on the job. The headband is adjustable and soft enough to provide a comfortable experience of welding.

Nylon gives a very lightweight look, and some consumers feel this Helmet gives a dirty, light look that is not good. It has a 5-point adjustable headband, but that too is not of the best quality. Many complaints about the headgear not fitting correctly or falling of the head are there. 

  • Optical Clarity rating of 1/1/1/2
  • Four different arc sensors
  • The lightweight of just 16oz.
  • Large viewing area
  • The quality of this product is not the perfect available in the market.
  • Headband loses out on occasions.
  • Some users’ complaint of ADF not responding in some jobs 

7.W10 HSL 100 Jackson Passive Helmet

W10 HSL 100 Jackson Passive Helmet

Some welders like passive helmets instead of advanced auto-darkening helmets because passive helmets are easy to use and work with. They don’t have too many confusing knobs or setting options. Jackson has provided these welders with an excellent choice in the passive helmets, which is this HSL 100.

This design’s shell is very good with a narrow design, which is perfect to work in tight places. The unique extended design gives long-lasting protection to your neck against spatter and radiations. This Helmet meets the standards of ANSI Z87.1. See Also: Best Welding Helmet for Money 2021

This Helmet is made from a rigid material that serves for a durable experience of welding. It is compatible with hard hats and ADF. It has the standard shade-10 lens that is excellent for doing all kinds of works.

best thing about this Helmet is that it is compatible with the advanced version’s ADF like Jackson’s NexGen or True Sight 2. This Helmet is the right choice for starters or those who want a simple headgear for their jobs.

  • Very cheap
  • Meets the ANSI Z87.1 standard
  • Shade-10 lens which is excellent for all kind of jobs
  • Narrow design can fit in tight places.
  • Just a passive helmet with a constant shade
  • Not suitable for professional jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Weld With Shade 5 Glasses?

Shade-5 helmets can be good for light works involving limited sparks; however, it is not dark enough for heavy-duty tasks.

How Dark Should Welding Glasses Be?

Mainly the dark shade you use depends on the kind of job you are dealing with. Usually, shade-11 is recommended for welding at 60-160amps and shade-12 or 13 can be used for higher amperage ratings.

Are Cheap Welding Helmets Any Good?

The quality of a helmet depends on the type of feature it is offering and the material it is made from. Certain manufacturers offer very good welding helmets at a low price. But you need to be careful in selecting one as most cheap helmets don’t last long.


Finally, we are at a conclusion about the best welding helmet under 200. I have made this list to include the hoods that will serve for a long-lasting and comfortable welding experience. Some of these helmets are the best helmets available in the market.

For me, the Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight Insight Welding helmet and Miller Electric Auto Darkening Welding Helmet are the two-best auto-darkening welding helmets available in the market. 

Hello Everyone, I am James from Kentucky and been into this welding fiasco for 13 years in that time I have worked as a private welder and did most of the auto restoration work. In this recent, COVID-19 outbreak I decided to start a welding blog and share welding tips along with product reviews.

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