Best Welding Magnets 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Welding Magnets 2021 - Reviews & Top Picks

Welding magnets or magnetic welding positioners are used to hold the work-piece at the right place. They can provide several angles to work with and provide great assistance during the job.

Welding requires the work-piece to be held tightly, but it is not possible with mere hands. Clamps will not offer enough angles and positions to work with. Thus, the only solution to this problem is welding magnets. 

An excellent magnetic holder will be square and provide several working angles to the user. They should keep the work-piece stable even if the welder applies some pressure on it.

Choosing a good work-piece positioner is not easy and requires the buyer to know some basic constraints that govern a welding magnet’s quality. We have provided a list of the best models available in the market to help you with your purchase.

The myweldingyard’s buying guide will further eradicate your doubts about the ideal welding magnets. You will indeed find your magnetic positioner in this article.


MSA46-HD Adjust-O Magnet Square

  • 90 lbs strength
  • no batteries required


MFT10 Magnets

Strong Hand Tools MFT10 Welding Magnet

  • 18 lbs strength
  • 6 Magnets
  • Round Pipe Use


V-Pads MVDF44

Adjustable Magnetic V-Pads MVDF44

  • 18 lbs strength
  • V shape versatile applications


8 Top Adjustable Welding Magnets

1.Strong Hand Tools MFT10 Welding Magnet

Strong Hand Tools MFT10 Welding Magnet

 Usually, welding magnets are designed for large sheets of metal or big blocks but not every project you weld consists of. This model by strong Hand Tools is specifically designed to hold small as well as large metals.

They can hold up to 18 pounds. These little metals will fit in the palm of your hands but provide significant usage if you are welding small pieces like handles or pipes; and joints. This is the fastest way to provide grip in tack welding.

This holder has six magnets on a single tab to feature a firmer grip. You can position it in any way you like. The V-base of this model helps to accommodate versatile shapes. Round pipes, flat plates, and angled metals all can be gripped with this model.

These magnets are designed for the small to medium shaped object, but if you want to grab something longer; you can use two of these pieces or even three. They will enhance the welding experience by providing stable grips. You cannot find a better work-piece grip in the market. 

  • Can hold up to 18 pounds
  • Very small in size, allowing to fit anywhere without any hustle
  • Can be used with round pipes
  • Unique design with six magnets on a single magtab
  • Not suitable for working with large work-pieces

2.MSA46-HD Adjust-O Magnet Square

MSA46-HD Adjust-O Magnet Square


This product is exceptional for industrial tasks and professional jobs. It can offer a holding capacity of up to 90 pounds (40kgs). You can work on all kinds of projects with this model. It is a classy magnetic angle bracket that offers a quality job. It has a square shape but can also hold round pipes of up to 1inch diameter or lager round tubes. 

This model from Strong Hand has a select the ON/OFF switch. This offers a fast and effortless set-up. Turn the magnet off during set up and then turn on when you are ready. It will help in a swift set up. This On/Off feature and closed shape allows in the cleaning of this model easily.

You can use either side of this magnet for your job, making it extremely useful. The bits and pieces don’t attach to it if the switch is off. This is very helpful in cleaning this model for usage. 

This model offers the holding of metal pieces at 45° and 90°. It is ideal for almost every job coming to a welder. The lighter weight of 1.5lbs enhances the usage of this magnetic square. It is perfect for round and square tubes and flat stocking. You will love the kind of help it offers, making the difficult job of welding look very easy.

  • Can hold up to 90lbs of weight (40 pounds)
  • Special On/Off switch 
  • Strong and stable grip
  • The unique switch makes the set-up very easy and fast.
  • No batteries needed
  • Only two angles of work (45° and 90°)

3.Adjustable Magnetic V-Pads MVDF44

Adjustable Magnetic V-Pads MVDF44

This is another fantastic product from The Strong hand Tool brands. It is one of the best brands when it comes to innovation and affordable products. They offer low-price as well as useful products in this field. This MVDF44 is no exception. 

It is a set of 4 magnets, including two standard size v-pads and two large v-shaped magtabs. These four positioners are designed cleverly to adjust in tight spaces and offer strong grips to the job. When used all four magnets, it can offer a pull force of 18lb to the work-piece.

They can firmly hold circular, flat, and substructures. Each magtab consists of 4 magnets on the upper and the lower side that can hold the job stably and firmly. You don’t need to worry about the angle of usage when using this product. 

Ordinary magtabs hold at only 45 and 90 degrees of angle, but these have pivoting pins due to which it can provide grip at any angle you want. These are very helpful when working on a tricky job, but some users complain of magnetizing power to die out at immense heat.

This pack is shallow in price and is best for a routine of work. You cannot count for a better magnetic holder than this unit. 

  • Can hold up to 18 pounds
  • V-shape will allow working with the versatility of work-pieces.
  • Not limited to only 45 or 90 degrees
  • Four magnets per magtab; allowing firm grips
  • Not suitable for more massive jobs
  • Too much exposure to heat can destroy the magnets.

4.Arrow Welding Magnets 4Pcs 3”

Arrow Welding Magnets 4Pcs 3”

These magnets offer a grip of up to 25 lb. The plus point of using these arrows in your job is that they are straightforward to maintain and work with. They provide fast set-up and accurate holding abilities.

They come with a unique red coating that protects the magnets from rusting and scratching, offering durability and longer life. 

This model is quite sturdy and offers a firm grip. It will keep the work-piece in place even if the welder applies some pressure. You can concentrate on welding, worrying not about the placement of a job. This model also features a center hole for gripping during the appointment.

They can connect metals strongly, offering you a hand free experience of welding. This unit can also be used as a floater to separate the steel plates. 

These arrows can provide a working angle of 45°, 90°, and 135°. It may feel like a limited offering of angles, but it is adequate during the job; unless something unusual pops up.

These magnets are best for beginners as they offer durability and ease of use. This is the best combination of holders to provide you strong gripping power; so that you can draw artistic arcs over the job.

  • Can support ferrous metals of up to 25lbs
  • Special red coating for protection against rusting
  • Easy and fast set-up
  • Permanent magnets providing more robust grip capacities
  • Can only offer three different angles, which are 45°, 90°, and 135°
  • Some users complaint of this product not providing a holding capacity of up to 25 pounds, but only 16 pounds



The main job of any welding magnet is to keep the work-piece in place. During the routine of employment, there can come any type of job. The metal can be of any weight and size.

For different jobs, a fabricator must have proper tools. These six magnets are everything you will require to do your job. These will surely help you in drawing arcs over any kind of job. 

These six holders can offer multiple pulling forces to hold the metal stable. This package consists of two 25- pound magnets, two 50- pounds magnets, and two 75- pounds magnetic holders. They are enough to hold every metal you encounter in place firmly. Read Also: Best Plasma Cutter 2022

You don’t need to worry about the work-pieces grip, as these positioners display the most substantial grip. You can concentrate on the welding jobs; without focusing on the grip and angle. These magtabs can also be used as a floater to separate the metal sheets. 

These six magnets feature a wide range of angles to work on. You can easily hold the work-piece at 45°, 90°, and 135° with ease. These magnets can stick to any ferrous metal expressing a firm grip.

The metal casing outside the magnets will save it from rust and scratches. You will surely cherish the use of these vectors during your job.

  • Strong and rugged
  • A variety of angles to work with
  • Different pulling forces to use
  • Six different magnets for an excess of usage
  • Red paint tends to chip.
  • The smallest magnets are a little weak. 

6.Weldflame Welding Magnets

Weldflame Welding Magnets

The important thing that everyone wants in his welding magnets is the versatility of functions. No other product can give you more versatility than these positioners from weldflame. They can be used for any kind of job.

They provide quality duty in welding, soldering, assembly, marking-off, and pipe installation. These amazing magnets can also be used for floaters and hanging applications. Apart from all this diversity in function, these magnets are very low priced. Anyone can cherish their tasks due to the low price.

One pack consists of 8 magnets. 4 large positioners in the package can provide a pull-force of up to 50 lb. The smaller ones are ideal for light-duty tasks providing a pull-force of up to 9 kg.

Thus, these magnets can be used from the high duty to low-duty jobs. These amazing positioners can provide angles of 45°, 90°, and 135°, which are enough for any job you encounter. 

The only drawback of these magnets is the plastic that is the middle of each piece. With excessive heat, plastic can meltdown. Thus, a user should be careful in taking these magnets’ new fire. Other than this, these magnets are perfect and can be used for various jobs and functions.

  • Eight magnets per packet
  • Can hold up to 50 lb
  • Diversity of functions and jobs
  • Affordable price
  • Plastic in the middle can meltdown when brought near the fire.
  • Smaller four pieces only hold up to 9 pounds.

7.Hobart 770662 Welding Magnet

Hobart 770662 Welding Magnet

Hobart is a renowned brand in welding goods manufacturing. They have been producing quality products and have helped welders over time. These magnetic positioners are no exception. 

The price of this product is the lowest in the market. It is just less than $9, and any beginner can easily have it. But don’t think of the quality like some low price products. These magnets are unique and come in a pack of four.

These are four different magtabs in a single package. You can use them in a wide range of applications. These are not the strongest magnets available in the market, but they can supply adequate for the price tag they come with.

Each magnet offers a different angle to work with. You can have the 45°, 90°, and 135° positioning angle from these magnets; if you are going to hold the work-piece, this is not your product. It is designed to square the edges.

Many users complained about the low strengths of these magnets. But these are remarkable for starting up and other lighter jobs.

  • Low price
  • Four magnets per package
  • Features different angles to work with
  • Weak magnetic strength

8.Magnetic Corner Squares

Magnetic Corner Squares

The MST327 Corner square is easy to use side shaper. It provides a time-saving function and very easy to set up. These squares are best for external as well as internal welders. 

One package consists of 2 magtabs. They can provide accurate angles of 90° and 60°. You can use them with your mediocre projects to shape the corners. They are handy in tack welding as they can make the joints of particular angles.

If you are doing inside welding, then these shapers can hold the project from outside. Their versatility in applications makes them a hot choice for welders. 

These magnets can hold up to 30 pounds, making them adequate for small to average projects. These pieces are smaller in size, so you cannot use them with larger metal bodies. They can provide very well; one side corner relief. They are best for beginners as these positioners are versatile in function and easy to use.

The price of these magnets is just above $30, which some users feel a little overpriced for the functions they provide. You can get much better and bulky duty products for this price.

But these are best for shaping the edges and providing proper grip on small projects. You will love the finger holes on these for easy positioning. For all in one, this package is the right choice for starters or average shops which don’t overcome any heavy-duty tasks.

  • Two pieces of magnetic corner shaper per pack
  • Ideal for light-duty tasks
  • Finger holes for easy positioning
  • Easy to set up and use

  • Only two angle positions
  • They are not made for heavy-duty tasks.


Buying Guide

Welding magnets are small pieces of magnets used to position the metals in place before welding. This helps the welder to provide accurate welding arcs. Welding magnets can hold metal sheets, pipes, and other project pieces in place, providing adequate room to a fabricator to do the job. This eliminates the need for someone to hold the pieces in place.

Magnetic positioners provide accurate angles that are very important in professional jobs. These pieces are effortless to set up and provide an enhanced experience of welding. They also have other applications like used as a floater for metal sheets and used as hangers. They can also clear ferrous dust and spatter from the work-piece. 

Types of Magnet

Everyone knows how a magnet works. Each magnet has the South Pole and a north pole, providing attraction and repulsion to other metal objects. Two types of interests are used in magnetic positioners. 

Permanent Magnets

These types of magnets contain charged particles that provide a continuous magnetic field to other ferrous metals. Most of the welding positioners use permanent magnets.

These magnets can attract certain ferromagnetic substances like cobalt, copper, and iron. The magnetic strength of these magnets is extreme. Various factors can destroy the magnetism of these magnets. These factors are heat, intense impact, and even exposure to other magnetic fields. 


These objects don’t produce their magnetic fields, but they create the magnetic field from the electricity that passes through them. They form a magnetic field as soon as the power is turned on. The best aspect of using these substances is that we can control the magnetic field. All of these electromagnets have ON/OFF features.

Suppose the welding positioner contains this ON/OFF option, then it is advantageous. This option helps in setting up the work-piece and cleaning the fine metal shape. Our list includes Strong Hand Tools MSA46-HD Adjust-O Magnet Square, a perfect magnetic positioner with an ON/OFF button.

Holding Capacity

This is the most critical factor during the purchase of a welding magnet. There is a limit to the pull strength that a welding magnet can provide if you will use the positioners with massive duty projects, then this thing can be of trouble. 

Welding holders usually have a strength of 20 to 30 pounds. But it is sometimes not essential for large objects to stay in place. Our list contains magnets with versatile pulling powers from low to high duty tasks. Strong Hand Tools MSA46-HD Adjust-O Magnet Square is a perfect welding work-piece positioner with the strength of holding up to 90 lbs (40kgs).

Number of Angles 

You are going to use these magnets to hold the pieces in place. So, pay close attention to the variety of angles a particular product can offer. You will not be working on the same angles each time. Every task has its constraints and will require specific angles. 

Most of the magnets provide angles of 45°, 90°, and 135°. These are usually adequate for everyday tasks popping up in shops, but you will require more options for angles for professional jobs. Some positioners provide a 60° additional angle for diversity in usage. See Also: Best Tig Welding Helmet 2022

Our article also contains two products, Strong Hand Tools MFT10 Welding Magnet and Strong Hand Tools Adjustable Magnetic V-Pads MVDF44, 4pcs that have pivoting pins to set any angle of your choice. This is exceptionally useful in professional applications.

Material of manufacturer

It is imperative to note the material from which a welding magnet is manufactured. Usually, these are formed from metal parts and are suitable for use in any condition. But some welding magnets contain non-metal parts that are can create trouble during the usage. For instance, 

Strong Hand Tools Magnetic Corner Squares contains a plastic center that can meltdown when used near the fire. So, you need to be careful when purchasing this type of positioners.

People Also Ask FAQs

Can magnets be welded?

There is no theory behind not welding your magnets if broken, but the main reason you need to refrain from doing this is that intense heat can destroy your magnet. Every magnet has a Curie temperature above which, when reached, destroy the magnet (or theoretically demagnetize it). So, welding can ruin your magnet; thus, it is wise not to weld.

How do welding magnets work?

Every magnet has a north and a south pole that attract each other. Welding magnets also work like ordinary magnets; they stick to the ferrous material and keep them in place. The muscular magnetic strength of welding magnets keeps the work-piece stable and in the right place.

How do you clean welding magnets?

It can be troublesome to remove small pieces of metals from a welding magnet. There can be some methods to clean your welding magnet. Firstly, you can buy a cleaning mixture from the market.

Many products are available to name “magnet cleanser”; then, take a cloth and soak it in warm water and magnet cleanser. Then, wipe the surface of your positioner thoroughly with this clothing.

You can also clean your welding magnet with an air compressor. Fire it up and clean the surface with the blows of air. But to use this method, you need to wear protective goggles as metal parts can create colossal trouble if you get into eyes.


It is difficult to weld any metal by holding it with mere hands. Precision is an excellent factor if you are doing some professional job. For the kind of precision industries require, you need to use these shapers in your work. 

We have given reviews to eight best welding magnets available in the market. The buying guide at the end of the article will enlighten your thoughts about the purchase. For a quality job, Strong Hand Tools MFT10 Welding Magnet is a perfect welding positioner. Strong Hand Tools MFT10 Welding Magnet is the best value product on the list. You can easily choose your ideal welding positioner from this list.

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