Best Welding Pliers for MIG & TIG Welding Reviews 2022

Best Welding Pliers for MIG & TIG Welding Reviews 2021

MIG Pliers are an essential tool in MIG welding, also known as “Welpers.” A good welper can clean your nozzle, tighten your tip, and cut your wire. Good pliers can make welding jobs a lot easy for you and increase the quality of your work. As compared to other tools used in welding, welding pliers are relatively inexpensive and last longer.

As over 30 different types of pliers are available in the market, it isn’t easy to choose one that suits your need. Pliers are meant to be tough, heat resistant, and lighter to handle.

In this article, we have tried to gather all the best welding pliers available in the market; and reviewed them based on their quality and features. You will love this article if you are looking for a suitable welding plier for your job.


Capri Locking Pliers

Capri Tools Locking Welding Set

  • Hardened Steel
  • 4.5 lbs





  • Comfortable grip
  • 0.65 lbs
  • Hardened teeth


Strong Hand MIG Pliers

Strong Hand MIG Pliers

  • V Notch Design
  • 0.8 lbs


Our Selected Welpers for 2021

Hardened Steel
Capri Locking Pliers
Hardened Steel
Strong Hand MIG Pliers
Hobart 770150 Plier
Hardened Teeth
Channellock 360
Hardened Tips

7 Top Rated Welding Pliers Reviews 2022




IRWIN is a brand known for producing handy products. These pliers are no exceptions; due to their hammered design and excellent quality. They have an induction hardened cutting edge, which gives longevity and excellent cutting skills.

It can even cut through gauged MIG wire on the first try. The cleverly designed nose provides easy removal of spatter. The spring-loaded feature makes it easy to use with just one hand. 

These pliers are the best available in the market. They have extraordinary comfort covering and tight grip. The sharp tooth lines will help you to hold them tightly and firmly. The unique design will allow you to do your duty conveniently.

This tool is specially designed to offer easiness and quality in your job. The comfortable grip is easy to hold and handle for a whole day. They are heat resistant, so you don’t worry about the environment you are using them; or hot material. IRWIN’s lifetime guaranty is icing over the cake. These pliers are everything you need and will offer great use.

  • Hardened teeth
  • Sharp tooth
  • Cheap
  • Multi-functional
  • Grip is comfortable
  • Some users’ complaint of the tool arriving in grease

2.Capri Tools Locking Welding Set

Capri Tools Locking Welding Set

If you need pliers to hold the workpiece or any other material made up of wood, locking welpers is the best option. They give a tight grip and high duty. This package from Capri tools is a set of three pliers, all versatile in their job. This will let you hold any size workpiece in place without sliding as you do the welding job. 

These pliers are made of hardened steel, so they are rugged and can serve for a longer duration. The steel jaws give a tight grip, with tremendous pressure. You can also adjust the amount of pressure you want to apply. The most massive clamp has a width of 11,’ and the other two have 10’ each.

One 10” plier is a sheet metal clamp, showing the versatility of operations these pliers can serve for. These clamps are designed cleverly to give for a tight position grip.  See ALso: Best Welding Boots 2022

The locking set of this tool is excellent. It doesn’t move from its place until you set it free. The mechanism is easy to handle and comfortable to use. The handles are quick to lock and release, promising high duty and faster usage.

They can deal with great angles, and one year of warranty from Capri is assuring quality. These tools should be your first choice if you want to lock welding pliers.

  • Locking welding pliers to provide a tight grip
  • Manufactured from hardened steel
  • Three different tools for a wide range of jobs
  • One year warranty from manufacturers
  • Some users’ complaint of the product arriving in rust

3.Strong Hand MIG Pliers

Strong Hand MIG Pliers

If you want a robust and rigid pair of Welpers, then you cannot find a better product than this from Strong Hand. A strong hand is famous for making virtually indestructible tools; these pliers are no exception. 

Hardened cutting tools for fine cuts; the hammer is flat and hard, giving great jobs. This tool features coarse files in the tip for better cleaning of the interior of the MIG nozzle. The ergonomic design with a comfortable grip makes this product very handy to use. This tool also comes with a retention chain attached to your MIG welding; to prevent loss.

This is the best option for the fabricators to cut heavy-duty wires. You can easily cut sizes of 0.40” and 0.45” with this tool. This pair of pliers can provide jobs with heavy-duty flux-cored wires quickly. These pliers are highly rated and recommended for professionals. You will never get disappointed by the quality of this product. 

  • Robust design
  • Flat and round hammer
  • Sharp cutting tools
  • Retention chain
  • The chain’s quality is not good

4.Hobart 770150 MIG Welding Pliers 

Hobart 770150 MIG Multi-Function Welding Pliers 

Hobart is a renowned brand, producing hundreds of quality products in the market. Their products have been serving the fabricators for a long time. These pliers from Hobart are well built, have a lightweight, and are very cheap. These features give them a place at the top of our list.

This product from Hobart can serve a wide range of functions. You can use them to change the tip or work on the nozzle. They allow you to turn the fasteners without any effort. These pliers are perfect when you are connecting wire.

Hobart has designed them to give precise and clean cuts. Besides all these features, this tool is significantly hardened and can serve for a very long time. 

This tool’s gripping handle is small, and some users find it challenging to work with. The handle’s orange color is easily spotted, and the product looks like years old after just a week. But besides these small outcomes, the handle gives a very tight grip. The handle doesn’t slip out of your hand.

Due to their versatility in function, anyone doing electrical work, small farm jobs, or serving for the plumbing job. They have twelve different functions, making them a handy tool. You can surely rely on this product to give a thorough and quality job.

  • Multi-functional
  • Lighter in weight
  • Hardened teeth
  • Cheap
  • The handle is comparatively short.
  • The light-colored handle can be easily stained

5.Channellock 360 Pliers

Channellock 360 Pliers

Founded in 1886, Channellock is a leading tool manufacturer, providing its customers with quality gadgets to make the jobs a lot easier. This tool is designed to do the light-duty works like removing and brushing.

The thin nose can get into tiny places promising a thorough job. You can also grip small parts during plasma cutting, welding, or other jobs. This tool is specially designed to equip professionals with quality types of equipment. 

The cutting edge of this tool is laser treated, allowing its customers to cut hard metals. This product can give the cleanest cut in the market. The aggressive cross-hatch teeth and subtle machine groove ensure a comfortable grip and draw out wires. See Also: Best Welding Grinders

Groove nose is specially designed for superior spatter removal. The spring-loaded structure makes the tool handy and convenient to use. This product can also be used for hammering and tip removing and installing. The grip with grooves is tight and comfortable.

There is a thumb lock for keeping the workpiece in place once installed, but its quality is not so good. These pliers are not designed for heavy tasks, and the spring is also smaller in size, not allowing 360 degrees open as narrated in the title.

This tool is also expensive than standard products available in the market. Altogether this is an excellent choice for a welding plier but is not the best available in the market. 

  • Laser treated cutter for clean cuts
  • Groove grip for tight holding
  • Thin tip for delicate cleaning of splatter
  • Multi-functional
  • Expensive
  • Thumb lock is not the best.
  • Spring is of bad quality

6.Lincoln Electric MIG Pliers

Lincoln Electric MIG Pliers

Lincoln is a name that requires no introduction. They have been providing welders with high-quality tools for a long time. These pliers are made with high strength drop forged steel, ensuring durability and heavy-duty. This tool doesn’t wear out quickly. Any professional will love the toughness and hardness of this machine. 

Lincoln’s unique form-fitting handle is a treat for your hands. The unique ergonomic design evenly distributes the pressure ensuring comfortable hold. This tool has a wide range of functions like wire cutting, tip changing, nozzle removal, and installation, and many more. This product is convenient to use for a whole day without any issue. Apart from cutting and cleaning jobs, it has other uses as well.

The spring-hinged structure ensures that the tool returns to the initial position after you cut the handle. You will fall in love with the consistent opening and closing of this tool. The soft silicon rubber grips are very comforting for hands. The grip is also fire resistant and flame resistant; you can easily use this tool over any hot material. This is a perfect choice for welding pliers in your shop.

  • High strength drop forged steel made.
  • Sharp cutting edge
  • Form-fitting grip
  • Not suitable for cutting hard metals

7.Ion Tool MIG Pliers

Ion Tool MIG Pliers

This is a multi-functional machine assuring hammering, wire cutting, splatter removing, and nozzle removing and attaching. This is a durable and heavy-duty product designed sharply, taking into account all professional needs.

The unique non-slip, the riveted handle, is a blessing for hands. The rugged non-slip rubber on the handles ensures a tight grip even in sweaty hands. The high-quality strong spring keeps the tool in a concave shape. This product is excellent for welding, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and HVAC jobs.

Moreover, 100% of the customers ’ satisfaction is guaranteed by ION TOOLS. You will love working with this tool and attaining high-quality work.

  • Made with forged steel 
  • Riveted handle for best grip
  • 100% of costumer’s satisfaction
  • Quality is not the best in the market

Frequently Asked Questions

What are welding pliers?

Welding pliers are equipment that is used by welders for a wide range of tasks. They look like ordinary pliers but are much more robust and dutiful. They are used for tasks like wire cutting, work-piece holding, wire cutting, and hammering. They can also change sensitive parts of machinery like tip and can clean the nozzle.

What are MIG welding pliers for?

MIG welding pliers can serve for a wide range of tasks like machinery maintenance and work-piece holding. They have jobs like hammering, wire cutting, nozzle cleaning, and tip changing.  They provide useful duties during MIG welding to make the job a lot easy and professional.


These are the seven best pliers available in the market. They assure high duty along with ergonomic design. We have included all the products wisely by judging them on the factor of price, performance, and functions. 

As welding pliers are extensively used components in a welder’s shop, you must use it with good maintenance. It would help if you greased the tool regularly to avoid rust. It will help you to keep the equipment shiny and nice. 

By judging on all the factors carefully, we have Hobart 770150 MIG Multi-Function Welding Pliers and IRWIN VISE-GRIP 8-Inch MIG Pliers on our list, which are exceptional in their jobs if you are looking for a locking set of pliers. We have Capri Tools Locking Welding Set, which is the best available locking pliers in the market.

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