Best Welding Respirator Reviews 2022 – Top Picks


Best Welding Respirator Reviews 2021 - Top Picks

The best welding respirator is a personal protective gear against harmful fumes and chemical debris that is formed during welding. Almost 11% of American people including me are the victim of Asthma and other respiratory issues. This disease is really painful and you get tired of breathing in a couple of minutes. This was 2017 when I started using them on the recommendation of my doctor and got better with my job.

So now as I have started this blog, I really want to share awareness on this issue that all welders must wear masks and take care of themselves while working. With excessive work without the PPEs, our lungs develop asperities and we became dust allergic and can’t stand an environment full of gas and debris.

In this guide, I have searched the top respirators that can help you while working. There are many brands out there but only a few are suitable for welding operations. Before I start let me tell you these are handpicked and rated on the basis of their filter material, body type, and price tag. This will surely save you time and you can work safely.

So Let’s Start!

In a Rush Check my Favorite Masks for 2021

3M Rugged Half Facepiece
3M Rugged Half Facepiece Winner
Wide Range Functionality
Breath Buddy Mask
Breath Buddy Respirator Mask – Elite Choice
Elite Choice
Versatile & Top Quality
GVS SPR Elipse P100
GVS SPR Elipse P100
Slim form factor
Miller Half Mask
Miller Electric Half Mask 
Under welding
3M Full Facepiece
3M Full Facepiece Reusable
Various Filter

 6 Best Welding Fume Mask

1. 3M Rugged Half Facepiece Respirator – Winner

3M Rugged Comfort Half Facepiece Respirator

3m is one of the best companies which are producing elite class respirators at moderate prices. This unit is a very fine product to filter contaminated air for healthy breathing. The quick latch mechanism of this respirator is very convenient for those who want to rest for some time, so you can lose your straps and take a temporary break. This respirator is reusable as well as washable.

It is made up of a special type of silicone material which gives comfortability and avoids irritation. The half facepiece of this respirator gives you the room for fogless placement of glasses on your face. If you are a welder or any other worker who is looking for safe breathing in a contaminated environment, this product will definitely fulfill your requirements.

Note: the respirator comes with different sizes-small, medium, and large. So buy the size that will be compatible with your face.

  • Made up of Durable material called silicone Reusable and washable
  • Quick latch mechanism Effective airflow
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Easy fit and customization
  • Curved Shape covers all the mouth and noose
  • Straps are comfortable for everyone
  • Rubber is little Stiff


2.Breath Buddy Respirator Mask – Elite Choice

Breath Buddy Respirator Mask

Breath buddy is also a company with high-quality products. This lightweight, comfortable and colorful respirator comes with a pair of quality glasses, a pair of cartridges, and a pair of filters, so you don’t have to buy them separately and can easily enjoy the perks of the whole package.

This respirator is best for medium contaminated areas like light welding, woodworking, working in a dusty environment, and if you work with paints with foul smells and organic gases. The low profile and half facepiece of this respirator is so versatile that no fogging is caused if you wear any kind of glasses with it. You can use this respirator under the welding shield easily.

  • Good efficiency Comfortable
  • Filters, cartridges and a pair of glasses as a byproduct
  • Attractive Design
  • Don’t  cause any fogging
  • Best for welding and grinding
  • Expensive


3.GVS SPR Elipse P100 

GVS SPR Elipse P100 


Most decent looking respiratory gear comes with half face body. GVS is also one of the bestselling companies for respirators. This face respiratory mask has low profile filters that fit accurately without irritation on your face. Wearing stripes or bands of this respirator are really cool that is made up of elastic material that is easily well adjustable according to need.

This respirator comes with adequate filters that mean you don’t have to buy it separately and save your money. The small size of this gear avoids fogging of glasses, easily wearable under welding helmet or shield, and allows maximum sight view. This mask is a twin product of 3m half-face masks both are very fine.

  • Inexpensive
  • Strap can be adjusted
  • Slim form factor
  • Lightweight
  • Not Durable


4.Miller Electric Half Mask 

Miller Half Mask Respirator


Another half-piece respirator which is a mirror-shape of above GVS p100.body of this gear has an extremely low-profile design that gives your multiple opportunities like you can wear it under helmet shield and it avoids fogging of glasses.

It is also a very unique product that comes with filters that make me affordable. This is all-rounder gear that is being used for different kinds of professionals. I would not say much about it, because GVS 100p and this respirator have totally the same specifications but have different prices. I leave it to your own choice, so it is up to your taste, which to buy.

  • Exceptional Protection against Cadmium, Manganese etc
  • Perfect fit with a welding helmet
  • Easy filter replacment
  • Over Priced


5. 3M Full Facepiece Reusable 

The 3M Full Facepiece Reusable 


Another lightweight and perfect designed gear from the 3m bands. If you are looking for full-face protection with healthy respiration then here is your quest filler. This respirator comes with a full face body which allows a maximum range of view with clear visibility.

The straps of this device are adjustable and easy to wear. A very comfortable respirator for professional welders as well as other workers who do their work in dusty, contaminated, and toxic environments.

Fullscreen of this one of the best respirator protects your eyes, nose, and mouth to make contact with outer danger. For this particular respirator, you don’t have to buy glasses and shield separately because this is the all in one product.

This respirator also comes with different sizes so you can buy according to your required one. Its silicone material is washable and effectively durable.

  • Super Comfortable
  • Various Filter Support
  • Full Mask Coverage
  • Size Range
  • Filters are orderd seprately


6.Honeywell 7190N99 North 

Honeywell 7190N99 North 

A very different and unique looking respirator made by honey Ball Company. This gear has a low profile distinct design that engages many professionals. Widely used for different needs. It has a reusable filter option. Filters are also different from all other respiratory masks.

It is compatible with your face but its straps are a little bit hard. Straps are not adjustable and cause irritation to the user’s face. Although it is a bit shortcoming but not a bad choice due to its low price. The material of this product is very durable. Easily wearable under welding shields. It causes no kind of issue when you wear it along with your welding glasses.

  • Super Filtration
  • Fits Amazingly
  • Great Price
  • Expensive

Things to ponder before buying your Mask

We have touched all the features of every product, just to give you an honest review. For your assistance, we have shared the information below about things to ponder before buying the best respiratory that will fill your requirements and needs.

Body material

This is the first thing you see when you are going to buy a respirator. The body always matters. Different companies use different kinds of materials to maintain their durability, comfortability, and design. Some use hard material which fits according to its shape and some companies use soft material. So, it is totally up to you, whether you like soft material or hard. There are plenty of respirators in the market so buy wisely.


The second most important you should consider is the filters of the respirator. There is a wide range of filters in the market. There are multiple things you should keep in my before buying, like do filters are available in the market. Some of the respirators are less expensive but their filters are most expensive than high-priced respirators.

The quality of the filter also matters a lot. There are options in some respirators for adding filters according to your requirement like if you work as a painter you can add light fitters but if you work as a welder you can buy high-grade filters.

Straps of Respirator

Material and adjustment of straps define easiness to wear and add to the comfortability factor of the product. There are many kinds of straps in the market like some are elastic and some are made up of silicone material. All have their own specifications.

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Before buying any of the respirators, ponder on their straps, because if straps are not adjustable the respirator does not sit properly on your face and causes severe irritation.

Quick-release Mechanism

 The most useful feature of any respirator is whether it has a quick-release mechanism or not. If it has; your life will become much easier. This feature allows you to partially remove your respirator from your face to take a quick short break from your work without removing the whole respirator.

This feature comes only in a handful of respirators; so, if you really like it then go for it. It is really a great feature.


It is also the most defining factor of the best respirators. If the respirator is not durable it will not work in the long run. The material of the respirator defines its durability.

If the material is good and of high grade, it will stand for a long time. So, more durability comes with a high price. So, it is up to your profession whether you are a professional welder or just an occasional welder.

Reusable or disposable

Basically, respirators are of two types: reusable and disposable. Reusable respirators are those that can be used for a very long span of time, like a couple of months and years. These respirators are easily washable. Filters are disposable and you can buy a new one from the market easily.

This respirator is commonly being used by almost all professional welders. The other type is disposable respirators that are basically non-reusable, so you can do it only once. These are very low-priced respirators; commonly being used by occasional welders, those who do not weld regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions by people (FAQs)

Should you wear a respirator when welding?

Exactly it is highly recommended that you wear a mask while welding. The constant release of gases and other harmful chemicals can damage your lungs leaving you with diseases like Asthma and allergies.

What’s the difference between n95 and p100?

Primarily the number ratings give the capability of the mask against dust particles and chemical vapors. The N-95 can protect up to 95% against the debris and smoke while the p100 can withstand up to 99% of the harmful environment.

Final Verdict

I hope you have now pretty much insight about these masks and would take concrete measures for your safety. The 3M rugged comfort & Breath buddy are the top of the class with extra protection against particles and harmful gases. Whether you are working with stainless steel or aluminum consider yourself protected.

In the end, I would say a healthy life is blessed by safety so never compromise on that. If you have any suggestions do let me know in the comment section.

Hello Everyone, I am James from Kentucky and been into this welding fiasco for 13 years in that time I have worked as a private welder and did most of the auto restoration work. In this recent, COVID-19 outbreak I decided to start a welding blog and share welding tips along with product reviews.

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