Best Welding Shirts Reviews 2022 – Cool & Fire Resistant

Best Welding Shirts Reviews 2021 - Cool & Fire Resistant

Every welder will need the best welding shirt to wear. Apart from being durable, a welding shirt should be fire-resistant and comfortable to wear.

Welding is a job surrounded by so many stray sparks and harmful radiations. To do a concentrated welding job, you must be sure about your protection. Only then will you be able to concentrate on the work.

Apart from providing proper protection, a good welding shirt will keep you warm in winter and cold in summer. As it can be so hot under a leather welding jacket, your welding shirt must be lighter to wear and provide a relaxed feeling.

In this list, we provide you with a list of seven best products available in the market. If you are looking for a welding shirt, then you are in the right spot!

8 Top Flame Resistant Welding Shirts

1.Bulwark Men’s Work Shirt

Bulwark Men's Work Shirt


Bulwark offers a shirt that is made up of pure cotton and weighs less than half a pound. Being lighter in weight, this shirt will give a comfortable experience of welding. This shirt is designed carefully, keeping all the style factors in mind. You will look great in it. Its hemmed font and lined collars will make you look classy other than keeping you safe.

You can also choose between light blue, navy, khaki, and silver-grey between four different colors. But don’t think designers devoted all their attention to just fashion and look of this product. It is made from a 7-ounce fabric that is exceptionally durable and offers excellent performance.

The cloth is imbued with flame retardant properties but can be washed with chemicals. It is a perfect piece of clothing to wear on a working day.

As all the royalties come with money, so thus this one. It is far more expensive than an ordinary welding shirt. But believe me, you will never regret spending your hard-earned money on this thing of beauty.

It can perform feats that are far above an ordinary welding shirt. It is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a welding shirt to wear.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Stylish look
  • Flame retardant material
  • Easy to wash
  • Some reports of headgear not fixing in place

2.Wrangler Riggs Workwear 

Wrangler Riggs Workwear 


A welding shirt must be durable, protective against sparks, and look pretty when put on. Wrangle’s shirt has all of these traits.

It is made from 100% 7.5 oz. Fire-resistant cotton that is sewn by flame-resistant Nomex thread, making it an extremely durable and long-lasting shirt. It can be used for hours of the job without any worry.

This product comes with metal buttons and two durable pockets to keep the necessary goods near you. Besides being so helpful in the job, this jacket comes in six different colors and designs. You can choose freely to look great at work.

Some users find the sleeves not to be of right size and shape. They look a little awkward. But with its button-down collar and high visibility compliance label, you will not find a more professional looking shirt.

Manufactures have kept in mind minute details like the pencil slot when designing this shirt. Meeting the CAT2 and 2112 classifications, this welding shirt is all you need to wear.

You will need to be careful in size domain when buying it, but you can count the best welding shirt for if fitted right. It will let you work with concentration providing a classy look and advanced protection.

  • Flame retardant material
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Pockets and a pencil slot
  • Metal buttons
  • Sleeves are not of the right size and shape.
  • Some buyers don’t find the sizes to be right

3.Revco Flame Resistant Shirt

Revco Flame Resistant Shirt


Made with 8 ounces 100% cotton denim, a naturally flame-resistant material, this shirt is durable and comfortable. You can even use this shirt without a bulky welding jacket for light grinding and a small welding job. Two pockets attached to this shirt are handy in keeping your things in order and near you.

This shirt from REVCO is very affordable when it comes to the price sector. It is probably the best welding shirt for the money.

This shirt is treated well to meet the standards of ASTM F1506. It will remain intact even after 25 washes. It will help you with your welding job.

This shirt is very comfortable to wear. You can quickly wear it on a hot summer day. One important thing for the purchase of this shirt is to pay close attention to the sizes it offers instead of going with your routine.

Also, please don’t take it too much near the fire as some users reported turning brown. Keeping all these precautions in mind, Black Stallion from REVCO can become your ideal welding shirt.

  • Flame resistant properties are meeting the standards of ASTM F1506.
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Pockets to keep necessary pieces of equipment easily reachable
  • Sizes are not so good.
  • Fabric will start to turn brown under high temperature
  • Light Welding Operation

4.Carhartt FRS003 Welding Shirt

Carhartt FRS003 Welding Shirt


Carhartt always make valuable products. This welding shirt is also one of those premium goods. It is made from 88% cotton and 12% Nylon flame-resistant material with a triple stitched central seam.

It is lighter than most of the shirts and comfortable. This FR work shirt meets all the standards of NFPA70E and CAT2.

This shirt is comfortable to be taken care of. It is machine washable. It can provide other features like moisture absorption, naturally enhancing the comfort of this shirt. The button-down collar and flame-resistant melamine buttons make it a durable choice to pick.

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This shirt will fit you fine if you are used to Carhartt sizes. It has two pockets with flaps on the front side to bring convenience to your job. It has extended sleeves plackets with two-button adjustable cuffs. All these factors add to the welding experience this shirt accounts for.

It comes in 5 solid colors: dark red, gray, dark navy, khaki, and medium blue. You can choose what looks good on you. It is a little expensive than average products. But it deserves the price tag it comes with. It is a premium pick if you indeed want a welding shirt.

  • Lighter in weight
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Machine washable
  • Flame resistant meeting the standards of CAT2
  • Naturally moisture absorbent 
  • Pricey than normal products

5.Bulwark Long Sleeve Shirt

Bulwark Long Sleeve Shirt


This shirt has a base layer design with extremely comfortable fitting. It is designed for close fit; the material has unique shrinkage properties meaning it will grab your body tightly. It is sewed from 90% cotton and 10% polyester, exhibiting excellent flame retardant properties.

The remarkable design of this shirt by Bulwark includes a tagless crew neck collar, hemmed raglan sleeves, and a contrast mesh side seam gusset. All of these features make this shirt a thing of beauty.

This shirt’s close fit will keep any stray spark away, ensuring the protective experience of welding. The superior moisture-wicking material of this shirt will dissipate precipitation and give a moisture management finish.

It has a vented panel to release heat. The professionals liked this shirt very much, and it is highly recommended for heavy-duty tasks.  

This shirt is designed for the everyday experience of welding and provides a breathable experience in summers. You will love its FR compliance label centered on the neck. All of these features make this product an excellent professional choice for welding. You can buy it for an enhanced experience of welding.

  • Breathable, comfortable fitting
  • Made from flame-resistant material
  • Can be washed easily at home
  • Stylish look with FR compliance label centered in the neck
  • It is not a cut-resistant shirt.
  • Some users’ complaint of shirt losing up after some washes

6.Carhartt Men’s Ironwood Twill Work Shirt


Carhartt Men's Ironwood Twill Work Shirt

Welders like this shirt very much as it provides extreme personal protection with its 100% cotton twill. This shirt weighs only 8.5 ounces and has a very generic design. The manufacturing material is dense and provides protection against sparks and penetrating radiation. This shirt is also durable and does not tear apart easily.

This shirt has a widespread collar along with two chest pockets. There are four different designs in which this shirt is offered; the khaki color is liked most by the users.

This shirt is machine washable and provides excellent protection capabilities even after a wash. But keep in mind that it has to be ironed after every wash.

The shirt gives a very comfortable fit and can be worn for all day long work. The sleeves feel a bit longer, but it won’t resist any movement. This hoodie offers adequate protection against sparks and has a lovely look. All in one, it is a great choice to choose for the daily routine of the work.

  • Comfortable fitting
  • Made with 100% cotton that provides quality protection
  • Four different designs providing a classy look
  • Machine washable
  • Two pockets for enhanced assistance during job
  • Sleeves feel a bit longer than average size.
  • Can be warm during hot summer days

7.Lincoln Electric K3113-L 

Lincoln Electric K3113-L 


With ASTM D6413 compliance, this welding shirt offers flame retardant capabilities. It weighs just 9oz and has an excellent sturdy black look. Special and unique anti-mildew and anti-static coatings make this shirt in-use for a more extended period.

The shirt is designed to be breathable during a hot summer day without compromising its protection abilities. The sweater is designed intelligently, making the shoulder area and elbow area a little thicker to resist the job site’s wear and tear.

Each cuff has chrome-plated metal snaps to offer adjustable experience. The flip-up cover can protect you against sparks that can target your neck. Recommended: Best Welding Helmets 2022

Lincoln has chosen fittings to be snap rather than buttons to ensure durability. Some users complain of the pocket lining that they can rip off easily. But Lincoln is one of the top producers in the welding industry.

They always make quality products. This shirt is no exception. You will love the shape and features this shirt can offer. It is no doubt the right product as far as quality is concerned.

  • 9oz FR material
  • Breathable during hot days
  • Special coatings
  • Fortified sleeves and shoulders
  • Pockets are not the best available in the market
  • The shirt can tear off after excessive usage

8.Wrangler Riggs Women’s FR 


Wrangler Riggs Women's FR

This shirt is specifically made for all the girls in this field. It is sewed from 88% cotton and 12% FR Nylon having a sateen finish. It gives a very comfortable fitting with a silkier feel.

You will love the softness it offers, which is usually ignored in most FR clothes. The product is exceptionally durable and can tackle the daily demanding routine of the work.

Its western style looks with snap-down buttons give a beautiful look to its user. Moreover, this shirt can be washed with a machine conveniently. Its closer fit to the body than most traditional work shirts make it an excellent choice to wear.

It is to be kept in mind that this shirt is a little more expensive than ordinary products available in the market. Cuff snaps don’t allow adjustment for wrist sizing.

It has two pockets and a pencil slot for assistance during the task. However, this shirt meets the standards of CAT2 and 2112.

With its variety of color choices, western look, and enhanced safety precautions, this shirt accounts for welding’s protective experience. You will not find a good shirt in the market than this remarkable beauty.

  • Sateen finish provides a very soft feeling.
  • Comfortable to wear and work with
  • Flame resistant properties
  • Variety of color choices with FR compliance logo on right cuff
  • It is not a cut-resistant shirt.
  • Some users’ complaint of shirt losing up after some washes

BUYING GUIDE for Welding Clothing

We have provided the eight best products available. But the purchase of a welding shirt requires the buyer to know some essential factors. Here, we have tried to point out and discuss all those important factors for the purchase of a welding shirt. You must keep these in mind before purchasing any welding shirt.

The material of Welding Shirt

The most important thing that governs the purchase of a welding shirt is its material. Most of the welding shirts are made of 100% cotton. Cotton gives a more superior feel over the skin, along with specific protective properties. 

Bulwark Men’s Flame Resistant Work Shirt is a lovely 100% cotton made shirt in our list. Some other shirts are made from a combination of cotton along with Nylon.

This offers enhanced protection and durability. Carhartt FRS003  is made from 88% cotton and 12% Nylon. Lincoln Electric K3113-L  is made with cotton twill that gives an exquisite feel over the skin.

Flame Retardant Abilities

American welding society says, “Welding cloth shall be selected to minimize the potential for ignition, burning, trapping hot spark, or electric shocks.” Many welding shirts are sprayed with specific chemicals to meet this requirement.

They can exhibit individual flame retardant abilities during the job. Once the sweater is certified, the manufacturer can print the “FR Compliance” logo on it. Search for this logo during the purchase of your shirt.

It should also be noted that the shirt should sustain its FR abilities after being washed. It is an essential factor and often neglected. Bulwark Men’s Flame Resistant Work Shirt and Wrangler 0862F5 Riggs Workwear Fire Resistant Shirt are two perfect Flame Retardant shirts.


A welding shirt has many essential things that can be important for you. For instance, pockets attached to a shirt can provide significant help during the job. The buttons of a welding shirt must be rigid and durable. They can create difficulty once broken.

You must be cautious about the size of your shirt. It should allow you the ease of movement. You should consider the maintenance of the shirt. Whether it needs to be ironed regularly? After considering all these factors, you can purchase a perfect welding shirt for your job.

Frequently Asked Question FAQs

Are FR shirts good for welding?

Welding is a job surrounded by sparks and UV radiation. So, it is better for welders to wear FR shirts. They are made up of fire-resistant material and provide enhanced protection against blisters and catching fire.

What kind of shirts do welders wear?

Welders should wear those shirts which can save them from sparks but also allow them to move freely and work comfortably. A welder should choose a shirt that is comfortable to wear, durable, and have protective measures against fire and sparks.

Why do welders starch their shirts?

Applying starch to clothes will reduce the damage to clothes due to sparks, spatter, and heat. It will save the welders from getting skin burns and damage. The starch act as a protective barrier for the clothe and save it for longer usage.


After reading eight reviews and a welding guide, you are ready to choose your welding shirt. It solely depends on personal needs and budget. We have already reduced the number from a thousand to just eight.

It is simple to choose one from all of these. As far as we can recommend, Bulwark Men’s Flame Resistant Work Shirt and Wrangler 0862F5 Riggs Workwear Fire Resistant Shirt can serve you well in your job.

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