Best Welding Sleeves Leather & Kevlar with Guide 2021

Best Welding Sleeves Leather & Kevlar with Guide 2021

Welding sleeves are essential when you are working in a sparky environment. Arms are the most vulnerable region during the welding and good welding sleeves will provide additional protection for arms against the spatter of the welding process.

Apart from high-end protection, welding sleeves are also comfortable to wear and could be worn in hot days. They provide the same protection as a welding jacket in small to medium range projects along with a lot more comfortability.

Where there is an ongoing welding process, there will be sparks and spatter in the workspace. According to the American Society of Welders, the chances of skin burns from a welding process increase up to 70 percent without wearing any protective equipment.

Therefore, it is wise to buy a pair of welding sleeves that will bear the sparks and burns for you. From my experience of welding career, I have chosen these top 6 welding sleeves from the market and presented their reviews so you can wisely invest in your safety.

6 Best Welding Sleeves for Extreme Protection

1.Lincoln Electric Black One-Size

Lincoln Electric Black One-Size 

As with all Lincoln’s products, these sleeves will provide productivity along with durability. I have been using these Flame-resistant welding sleeves for years and love the shielding capability. I loved the elastic cuffs on each end that keep the sleeves from slipping when you move your arm frequently.

Apart from a fixed position, these cuffs act as an extension of the sleeves and help cover more parts of the upper arm. With just 4 ounces, these welding sleeves are convenient to wear in the time-taking welding process.

Moreover, these sleeves are lighter to be used in summers easily. They work great for low amperage TIG welding, MIG welding, carbon arc, and plasma incorporated. Being 21 inches long, they are suitable for average height welders. These sleeves provide you lightweight and breathable protection at an affordable price and easily fit under your jacket arms.

Lincoln has manufactured this product from a high-quality fabric that promises longer life along with flame-resistant quality but it’s not good for extreme welding processes like high amperage stick and flux-core welding in the overhead position.

This pair of sleeves is especially recommended to starters who work with small amperage tasks and use different kinds of welding machines. Because of the features of durability, heavy-duty wear resistance, comfortable to use, I have placed them on top of the list.

  • Lightweight flame-resistant material
  • Resistance to heavy-duty wear
  • Durability for fabric sleeves.
  • These sleeves are useful for any welding process except stick welding

  • Sometimes, skinny for large arms
  • Not suitable for welding in the overhead position

2.Tillman 9215 FR Welding Sleeves

Tillman 9215 FR Welding Sleeves

Tillman 9215 welding sleeves are my second pick because of a wise combination of manufacturing material and unique quality. The forearm part constitutes of grain goatskin, which will feel soft to your skin and protect it from abrasions and flames to the maximum.

The upper arm part is composed of pure cotton wester FR7A, with which you need not worry about the high temperatures of the welding arc. This perfect combination not only makes the sleeves resistive to flame but also less bulk and breathable. Plus, the 2.24 inches wide bands are adjustable to fit around healthy arms.

For additional strength and heat resistivity, they are stitched with Kevlar thread. Let me tell you that this material is a significant component of bulletproof jackets for its remarkable strength. The actual arm coverage is also 3 inches lesser than our first choice, but with elastic bands’ extension, their total length becomes 22 inches approximately.

Tillman company has produced these sleeves intelligently for being lightweight using materials with different densities. Due to this feature, you can wear them under a welding jacket for hours. Though they are comfortable and durable, most consumers complain about the lack of finishing the product.

Some recommend that they need proper finishing as an improvement so as a solution, you can stitch and fix them yourself. My friend bought these sleeves, but he was unhappy as the elastic cover tore off at the leather part. Because of the flexible wear at ends, this material can feel skinny and tighten your arm for healthy arms.

  • Weight optimization through leather and FR cotton material.
  • Wide elastic bands to hold sleeves in place
  • Heat resistant
  • Protect critical areas from spatter and spark

  • Tight sleeves at the end
  • Stitching issues

3.QeeLink Leather Welding Sleeves 

QeeLink leather Welding Sleeves 

QeeLink introduced these trapezoidal leather welding work sleeves with 9 cm diameter at one end and 22 cm diameter on the upper back. Hence, your chubby arms can fit into these breathable sleeves, and there won’t be any problem in oxygen supply to your arms because of tightening. Buy these welding sleeves for maximum durability offered by their unique double-layer design.

Besides being durable, the heat and flame-resistant material, heavy-duty cowhide leather welding sleeves also provide superior protection from welding spatter and flames. The outer layer of leather is heat and spark-proof, and the inner cotton lining makes these sleeves comfortable. Moreover, these sleeves are best for stick welding as they fit on your welding sleeves to save you from welding slag.

These 18 inches long welding sleeves are stitched with US Kevlar thread, so these sleeves will noticeably resist tearing off at joints when stretched. Interestingly, there is a pay refund feature on buying these welding sleeves. Suppose you don’t find them comfortable while welding, you can take your money back. Like extra thickness but super soft, long-lasting, and Velcro adjusts sleeve design, the perks of these sleeves will surely make you keep these sleeves on your arms.

Showing you the other side, a customer told me the lining of these sleeves feels like plastic. Some buyers disliked it because it slipped from their hands when they moved arm frequently. A few complained that the elastic material was less flexible and ended up having marks on their wrists. As a tip, if you have small wrists, you should try wrapping a piece of cloth around your wrists to make them fit.

  • Double-layer design for enhanced protection
  • Refund option
  • Extra thick and soft

  • Stitching problems
  • Low material quality complains

4.Black Kevlar Protective Arm Sleeves

Black Kevlar Protective Arm Sleeves

Kevlar protective arm welding sleeves prove to be a fine choice for welders with long arms. These sleeves with a dream length of 22 inches will cover your arms as well as hand knuckles. Further, the elastic strips at the end of these sleeves will keep them in place no matter how much you move your arm. The thumb holes ensure that sleeves do not roll down your arm.

Since these sleeves constitute Kevlar, so you can work confidently no matter how hot or sharp the object is on which you are working. My colleagues used these sleeves and were satisfied by the protection and warmth these sleeves provide to your arms, especially in the winter season. Although these sleeves are pricey to some extent, their durability to the scratching aggression made us mention them in our favorites list.

Mostly, welders have shown their concerns about poor stitching. The elastic strip either tears apart or wraps the upper elbow area to secure its place. Plus, it might lose its elasticity as well. I have heard welders recommending not to use these sleeves in summer because of less breathability. We chose them as our favorites as they provide efficient shielding to tender muscles of the forearms and upper inner arms.

  • Leather patches for additional protection
  • Elastic Velcro straps
  • Warm
  • Resistant to abrasions

  • Not suitable for the overhead position or MIG welding
  • Poor stitching
  • Elastic strips tear easily and lose elasticity

5.West Chester Sateen Cotton Arm Sleeve

West Chester Sateen Cotton Arm Sleeve

These 5.6-ounce welding cotton West Chester sleeves serve best for small activities. Beginners buy it for minimum safety risks and increased productivity. These 18 inches long green sleeves come with ¾ inch wide elastic for a comfortable fit around your arms.

Most welders prefer to use these sleeves for welding processes in steel mills, shipyards, and torch work. They turn out to pass the vertical flame test method, i.e., ASTM D6413, to ensure ignition resistance.

My neighbor welder suggested that I not use these sleeves for dairy farms as they aren’t water-resistant. If you have very chubby arms, you might find them difficult to pull up your upper arm. One of my junior welders had thin arms, but still, he got curvy patterns of an elastic band.

  • Cheap
  • ASTM D6413 passed
  • Lightweight
  • Low cost

  • Suitable only for light welding tasks
  • The elastic band sometimes is too tight

6.Hobart 770570 Flame Retardant Cotton Welding Sleeves

Hobart 770570 Flame Retardant Cotton Welding Sleeves

The welding sleeves are made from breathable and flame-resistant synthetic cotton and have the appropriate thickness and yet, do not feel bulky. Additionally, Hobart FR cotton welding sleeves weigh as much as one-fourth of a liter of water. Therefore, you can apply all your arm force to your time taking work leading to better productivity. Their length is 19 inches, which is slightly short for an average-sized human arm, but it will cover your most of upper and lower arm.

Mostly, people who love this product use them in welding at their home’s welding yard. Once, my friend’s welder tested them for high-amperage flux core and stick welding but ended up with burns on his skin.

Mostly, welders praise these sleeves for being comfortable, highly affordable, and warm. Still, Hobart’s scope of these welding sleeves covers low amperage welding processes only as they stop the molten droplets of metals for a short time.

  • Less bulky
  • Cheap
  • Washable
  • Suitable for household welding chores

  • Only for low-amperage welding processes
  • Designed for large arms
  • Cotton does not resist heavy molten metal droplets

Buying Guide

You must be conscious of your safety when you are dealing with high-temperature arcs in the welding process. Adding welding sleeves to your safety kit is necessary. Here is a quick guide to deciding which welding sleeves will be appropriate to use:

Dangers to Avoid

  • The material can get very hot, and you need to take extra care. Furthermore, because of heat dissipation due to electrical energy, the welding arc temperature may also increase with time.
  • Some welding processes use shielding gases to reduce spatter and mess during welding. But high temperatures can cause gases to ionize since no gas is perfectly ideal. Chemical reactions can cause the emission of radiation, and you can get burn marks on your skin.
  • During welding, flames, sparks, and small, scalding metal droplets spread in the workspace. You need to protect your skin from the debris and spatter in welding.

Tips for choosing welding sleeves

  • Material selection

You must look for a suitable material according to the welding you do. For the high-amperage welding process, you need to go for thick and highly flame-resistant materials.

  • Durability

For this, you need to know how much the material of sleeves can bear flames or spatter. Moreover, it would help if you considered how clean their stitching is. The strength of the thread also used matters in this case.

  • Breathability

Mostly, while using leather sleeves, there is a problem of sweating, which can cause uncomforting because the sleeves slip off your arms.  Make sure the material is good enough to wear under a jacket arm for hours.

  • Cuffs

You might be surprised to see this thing as a consideration. Imagine you are welding in an overhead position and your sleeves run to your shoulders. How irritating and risky would it be for you. So, never forget to check the cuffs of elastic bands. You may check the size of the cuffs, or if possible, one wears them before buying.

  • Stitching

Most of the welders keep wearing sleeves during their working hours. And there is a lot of elbow movement involved, so sometimes your arms get stretched too. Check the sleeves’ stitching by pulling them at joints, so they don’t tear off soon after buying.

You would be thinking about what materials you should look for while selecting. Don’t worry; we have a short guide for that as well.


Leather is the right choice for making sleeves because it resists cuts and bruises. It has good tensile strength and offers excellent heat insulation as well. The leather problem is that it is not very breathable and not suited to use in the summer season.


Cotton is inflammable material. You would be wondering then how will it protect you from sparks and spatter. The answer is that it is processed to make flame-resistant synthetic cotton used in sleeve manufacturing. Though cotton sleeves can get holes from molten metal droplets earlier than leather ones, they are very lightweight and comfortable. Welders use them for their enhanced breathability feature.


Kevlar is the most robust material as compared to the above ones. It has high toughness and chemical stability at high temperatures. Because of its remarkable shielding properties, it serves for underlining the welding clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Are Kevlar sleeves suitable for welding?

Kevlar sleeves are suitable for welding because they offer high cut-resistance. Kevlar has high tensile strength that prevents it from tearing off, and it is chemically stable at hot temperatures.

What clothes to wear for welding?

The clothing material should be flame resistant. Mainly, the material preferred are FR cotton, leather, and Kevlar. Make sure your welding clothe is tightly woven and also protects against UV radiation. Also, look for welding clothes with long sleeves for better protection.


On the ending note and in the above discussion, we recommend using Lincoln Electric FR welding sleeves for maximum durability and comfort at a low price. Tillman sleeves are also competitive to Lincoln’s, but they offer almost the same features, practically double price. QeeLink’s welding sleeves are expensive than both of them but come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Comment below if you find it useful. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. Happy and safe welding to you!

Hello Everyone, I am James from Kentucky and been into this welding fiasco for 13 years in that time I have worked as a private welder and did most of the auto restoration work. In this recent, COVID-19 outbreak I decided to start a welding blog and share welding tips along with product reviews.

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