Eastwood TIG Welders 200 AC/DC Reviews & Guide 2021

Eastwood TIG Welder 200 AC/DC Reviews & Guide 2021

Gossips about Eastwood tig welders are making a lot of rounds in the market and many professionals are curious and really know want to about them. Eastwood offers very cheap welding gears and in fact, you might be happy for some time with plenty of features they come with but the whole enthusiasm gets faint when we discuss their quality and reliability.

Eastwood was established in 1978. Since then, it has been producing high-quality welding devices that are appreciated by fabricators all over the globe. Eastwood devices are manufactured according to industrial standards by including all the modern features; thus, they give precise arcs over any workpiece. 

Well, in this article, My Welding Yard will be exploring the Eastwood tig welders completely and this break down will surely clear everything fuzzy about them. This article will increase your knowledge about the Eastwood company and will recommend to you some top Eastwood tig welders.

Have a Glance at the Top Picks for 2021

Duty Cycle
Eastwood TIG 200 Digital
Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC

5 Super Eastwood 200 A Tig Welders

1.Eastwood TIG 200 Digital AC/DC Welder 

Eastwood TIG 200 Digital AC/DC Welder 

This machine has an output rating of 200 Amps and operates on an input voltage of 240V. It has unique controls for precisely timing the welds for repeatable productions. With DC TIG operations, you can weld stainless steel and other metals, while AC TIG output can help you weld aluminum.

A critical advantage that this machine has over the previously mentioned one is its 2T/4T switch. This grants you extra benefits while using the TIG torch and gives stable controls. Apart from excellent torch controls, it has a rocker style foot pedal that gives infinite amperage adjustments. You also get programmable setting options with this welder with factory preset configurations for easy settings of your arcs.

The interface is straightforward to use and has a digital display that any immature can efficiently work with. This model has digital settings like slope down/ slope up feature, Pre flow/ Post flow timer, and Spot timer for fine-tuning of your welds. With its digital function, you also get a remote control for programmable jobs. This model also comes with three years of warranty, ensuring a longer life.

  • The output rating of 200 Amps
  • Programmable functioning mode
  • Digital features like Slope-up/Slope-down, Pre-flow/Post-flow time, and Spot timer
  • 2T/4T switch for stabilize operation
  • Uses square wave inverter unit instead of IGBT technology
  • Does not comes with a foot pedal

2.Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC Welder

Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC 20565

With an output rating of 200 Amps, this welder can help you in all kinds of jobs, whether professional or home-based. It can operate on dual voltages giving a duty cycle of 60%. With this duty cycle, you can efficiently work on long-duration tasks without any problem. Using this model, you can weld a wide range of materials from gauge 24 to ¼” stainless steel. With its particular square wave inverter, you can also put precise arcs on aluminum with ease.

Along with precise TIG operations, this device also has the capability of STICK welding in both AC and DC modes. A High-frequency arc start will allow you to control your weld from the start. WP-17 style torch that this unit uses offers handier operations, and consumables are easily accessible in the local market. Surprisingly along with all these fantastic features, this welder only weighs 45 pounds.

For professional jobs, this machine has features like Post/Pre gas flow and clearance effect controls. The foot pedal is one of the best available and allows precise amperage controls. The manual that comes with this package is straightforward to follow, and users with zero TIG experience can efficiently operate this device. Three years of an extended warranty is just icing over the cake. This TIG welder from Eastwood will surely take your TIG welding skills to the next level.

  • The output rating of 200 Amps
  • A duty cycle of 60%
  • Easy to use the machine with simple controls
  • Three years of extended warranty

  • Does not come with an electrode holder
  • Uses square wave technology instead of IGBT inverter technology


This is a multiprocessor Eastwood tig welder that can give both excellent TIG and MIG welding operations. This machine has a dual input rating with 200 Amps of output rating while operating at 230V. With digital IGBT inverter technology, you get to weld steel up to 3/8″ thickness and stable functioning. The special spot-welding timer allows you to put the same spot welds on automobile restoration parts. 

The duty cycle is good enough to work on longer duration jobs. Cooling fan technology assists with working in extreme conditions. 

The unit comes with many accessories, including a shielding gas regulator needed for MIG welding jobs. However, this device only features DC TIG welding, which will refrain you from welding aluminum. To do so, you will need to buy a spool gun. A high-quality spool adapter will work with 4″ and 8″ spools of wires. 

Configuring the arcs with this device is straightforward due to its infinitely adjustable knobs and digital outputs. This unit is equally suitable for hobbyists and industrial welders; if you are looking for a welder with versatile can-do jobs, this unit is made for you. 

  • The output rating of 200 Amps
  • IGBT inverter technology
  • CAN perform quality TIG, MIG, and STICK welding operations
  • Easy user interface
  • Only DC output
  • No foot pedal to operate



If you are going to weld thick materials, then this unit from Eastwood is made for you. It has an output rating of 250 Amps while working on 220V. However, this welder can also work on 120V and can grant you an output of 140 Amps. You can efficiently work on longer duration jobs with its 60% duty cycle. As the name suggests, this is a multiprocessing machine that can give excellent TIG and MIG welding jobs. 

IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) inverter technology helps this unit to give you stable operation. You can a wide range of materials using this model, which includes everything from 24 gauge to ½” thick stainless steel. However, to weld aluminum, you will need an optional spool gun. The HF start will allow you to position the electrode and press the torch trigger to start the weld. 

Eastwood’s product has fully independent TIG and MIG gas systems, which promise spatter free precisely welded arcs. Rocker style foot pedal is more comfortable to operate even if you are new in this job. If you are an amateur or hobbyist, you will never get a machine with more comfortable controls than this welder.

Manufacturers have designed this model by keeping user’s convenience in mind. You will get plenty of room and side chains and hooks to hold your accessories. In a nutshell, this is an excellent device that will help you give artistic welds over a wide range of materials.

  • The output rating of 250 Amps
  • IGBT inverter technology for stable operation
  • Easy user interface for hobbyists.
  • HF start and Rocker style foot pedal assisting in getting precise welds
  • Not compatible with a foot pedal
  • Heavy welder



Our Last Pick is a small range device that can give precise arcs over short to medium-range materials, this is your machine. It has an output rating of 200 Amps with dual inputs, which can weld from 24-gauge materials to ¼” thick stainless steel. This model has only DC output, so it will not be able to weld aluminum. The duty cycle of 60% is excellent when working with long duration jobs. 

This unit can also give both positive and negative DC STICK welding. The best thing about this device is its working with thin metals. It has a minimum rating of 10 Amps, which can work with the most delicate materials. HF start helps in guiding your arcs from the very beginning. Eastwood has also included an arc starting option for Finger ON/OFF switch. 

The controls of this device are very straightforward, which can easily be used by starters or amateurs. Internal gas Pre flow and post flow of 0.5 seconds help in precisely giving arcs over your workpiece. This unit’s weight is just 18 lbs, which can quickly be taken from one place to another. This is one of the best machines for beginners or those who need a low duty TIG welder with lots of quality functions.

  • The output rating of 200 Amps
  • A duty cycle of 60% for long-duration jobs
  • It also comes with shielding gas for outdoor application.
  • Pre-Flow and Post-Flow feature for advanced controls
  • only DC output
  • Quality is bad to use in professional applications

Deep Breakdown of Eastwood Tig Welders

Why should you buy Eastwood Welders?

Eastwood welders are easier to use and have quality features. Most of their devices have high output ratings of up to 200 Amps. Eastwood has designed all of their welders by keeping user’s convenience in mind. Their devices have easy configurations and operate on dual voltage ratings. People with no welding background can use these machines for their jobs. 

How much Output rating Eastwood Welders Offer?

Output rating describes the type of jobs a welding gear can do. More the output rating of a welder, the thicker the materials it can work on. Most Eastwood models have an output rating of 200 Amps, which is suitable for welding a 1/4″ thick plate of steel.

However, to work with even thinner metals, Eastwood has a machine we covered in this article, EASTWOOD MP250I MULTI-PROCESS 250 AMP WELDER, an output rating of 250 Amps and can weld up to ½” thick plate of steel. So, you can choose any TIG welding machine by Eastwood, depending upon your applications. 

Type of output is also vital during TIG welding. To weld aluminum, you need AC output, which is available in most of the machines offered by Eastwood. So, you get the benefit of aluminum welding while purchasing Eastwood welders.

What are Multiprocessor welders offered by Eastwood?

A multiprocessor welder is a device that can perform TIG welding as well as MIG welding. This saves your money in purchasing separate TIG and MIG welding machines. New users and those who want to set up their new shops should focus on buying these multiprocessor machines. The hobbyist should also look forward to purchasing these multiprocessor devices. That’s why I recommend Eastwood as a brand of hobbyists. It has included everything a hobbyist wants in his machine. 

Welders use all multiprocessor machines from Eastwood in doing quality TIG and MIG welding jobs. They have high-quality TIG welding and don’t lack in performing MIG welding. So, I will surely recommend Eastwood devices as a brand for multiprocessor devices. And you should surely buy these machines if you are looking for both TIG and MIG welders.

What additional features do we get after buying Eastwood welders?

Eastwood units have infinite voltage and amperage controls. They have all the advanced features like Pre-Post flow. You can use this feature before welding starts shielding gas start flowing, eliminating any surge, and providing better shielding of tungsten electrodes. And using post flow, shielding gas continues to flow for some time. You can set the time from the configuration of this feature. This method of welding is beneficial in a situation where precise welds are needed. 

IGBT inverter is frequently used in Eastwood devices. IGBT stands for Insulated Bipolar Gate Transistor. This is a technology that helps the welder to give stable operations. Some inverter machines use older MOSFET inverter technology, which doesn’t facilitate voltage regulations. Using an IGBT inverter, you get high-quality voltage regulation and can give very stable welds. 

Apart from these features, Eastwood models come with all the equipment necessary to start a welding job. The user manual is elementary to follow, and you can set up your welding device in no time. As a whole, Eastwood machines have included everything a user would like to see in his TIG welder.

 How much Warranty Eastwood machines have?

Eastwood devices come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years, which is incredible with such a low price. Most other brand devices don’t have such an extended warranty, but Eastwood has backed up all its components with this warranty to give more edge to users.

Customer service is also excellent, but you have to wait for a little while claiming your warranty. Eastwood will surely return your money, but you have to go through several calls that need patience. It would help if you inform about the crack and its reason for occurring to claim your warranty. But in the end, you will be satisfied with Eastwood’s customer service and security. 

How much better do Eastwood TIG welders work?

Eastwood has designed their TIG welders keeping this factor in mind and gave a more straightforward interface to be used by beginners. It is also a fact that Eastwood has designed their machines to be lower in price, this factor introduced cheap parts in their welder’s body. These machines don’t perform better over a long duration of time. Beginners can take benefit from these welders, but it is better for professionals if they go with other high-quality devices available in the market.

Which users should put money on Eastwood devices?

Eastwood welders are easier to use and cost less; they are best suited for hobbyists and starters. 

Most Eastwood machines are multiprocessing, so those setting up their shops can buy one Eastwood machine instead of buying separate MIG and TIG welding devices. Furthermore, Eastwood models come with many accessories needed to start a welding job, so you don’t need to buy everything separately. 

Many people use metalwork as a hobby, and they enjoy welding in their back garages. They require a device that operates efficiently on the household power input and versatile in its job. The same is the case with small shop owners to rely on an Eastwood unit for their job. Moreover, students who want to learn to weld can use Eastwood models for their jobs. 

My Stack on Eastwood Welders!

I will strongly recommend Eastwood devices to starters, beginners, and hobbyists. Anyone who wants to save money in their purchase can buy Eastwood models. I have personally used Eastwood welders and was quite satisfied with their performance.

So, you don’t need to worry about what the internet says; Eastwood welding machines are quite helpful in any welding work. I have chosen the five best TIG welding machines offered by Eastwood and reviewed them under this section. You can read the reviews for further clarifying your self about Eastwood models. I have highlighted all the promising features of these machines to don’t feel difficulty in your purchase.

Hello Everyone, I am James from Kentucky and been into this welding fiasco for 13 years in that time I have worked as a private welder and did most of the auto restoration work. In this recent, COVID-19 outbreak I decided to start a welding blog and share welding tips along with product reviews.

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